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Top 10 Florists in Boston To Order and Send Bouquets Online

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Pay a visit to Boston – or settle down for the long haul – and you’ll find that this city has a rich, dynamic culture. Although the town shares many of its roots with the rest of New England, it also has a unique vibe that’s all it’s own.

With a strong Irish heritage and a reputation for some of the best events, food, and music in the country, Boston also has some of the best (and proudest) small businesses. Each of these is worth your time and attention  – but none, perhaps, quite so much as the city’s many local florists.

If you choose to send flowers in Boston, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. So how do you select the right service? Consider our ultimate guide to the best flower delivery services in Boston, and you’ll be in good hands.

The Ultimate Guide: Best Companies for Flower Delivery in Boston Massachusetts

Boston might not be known as the city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean that life isn’t hectic! If you’re in a rush, skip the full read and consider these ten best companies for flower delivery in Boston, MA.

Best ForCompanies
OverallDavis and Sawin Florist
BudgetBack Bay Florist
FreshnessBoston City Florist
Same Day DeliveryChaba Florist
Classic BouquetsOlympia Flower Store
Contemporary BouquetsFresco Flowers
BonsaiBloom Couture Floral
WeddingsColeen’s Flower Shop 
Other EventsLouis Barry Florist
Holiday ArrangementsRouvalis Flowers

1. Davis and Sawin Florist

Davis and Sawin is ranked the best overall flower delivery service in Boston for one big reason  -delivery is absolutely free. If you’re a last-minute shopper and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for delivery, Davis and Sawin is the way to go. You’ll find everything here, from gift baskets to vase arrangements.

Not only that but Davis and Sawin, founded in 1949, is a staple in the local community. Not only does this flower delivery service really help out when you’re struggling to find a last-minute gift, but it gives back to the local Boston community, too.


2. Back Bay Florist

Back Bay Florist is an affordable premier flower delivery service that takes custom orders for all kinds of parties, weddings, corporate events, and one-time deliveries. This florist has an impressive online store along with a brick-and-mortar shop located on Massachusetts Avenue.

With its prime location right between Commonwealth Avenue and Newbury Street, Back Bay Florist has a large variety of cut flowers and live plants in stock. You can even find air plants and succulents here! Best yet, prices at Back Bay are reasonable, with custom flower designs starting at just $12. 


3. Boston City Florist

Boston City Florist not only offers free delivery, but it will also give you two free roses with each order! As long as your order is a minimum of $100, you can qualify for this special, one-of-a-kind deal.

This florist is known for its Dutch and exotic flowers, each arrangement of which is arranged by an award-winning staff. There are more than 16 types of beautifully colored roses here, along with all the other classic stems you’re used to seeing.

Boston City Florist has been a fixture in the community for more than 30 years. Offering undeniably fresh blooms and arrangements in both bouquets and vases, it is truly one of the best.


4. Chaba Florist

Chaba Florist is a small floral design company yet offers some of the best arrangements in the city. You can browse a curated selection of bouquets online or you can select small plants to go on your desk or windowsill.

This florist not only offers same-day delivery but has a personalized touch that carries through to all of its offerings. When you get your bouquet, it will be wrapped in silk paper, hand-tied, and part of another, smaller bouquet. How cute is that?


5. Olympia Flower Store

A family-owned business, Olympia Flower Store is located in the heart of Boston. This florist offers arrangements and flowers for all occasions, with bouquets consisting of delicate combinations of color, texture, and unique add-ins.

Although Olympia can create any kind of out-of-the-box custom arrangement for you, this flower delivery service is best known for its classic bouquets. A bouquet from Olympia is a perfect gift for any recipient – or even for yourself!  


6. Fresco Flowers

Fresco Flowers offers delivery to the entire Boston area along with many of the surrounding suburbs. This flower delivery service is known for its exotic flowers, helping to create some of the most eclectic and contemporary designs you will find in all of New England.

With plenty of flowers to choose from for any occasion, Fresco Flowers can craft the ideal arrangement for a wedding, holiday, anniversary, or even a funeral. Just keep in mind it’s only open on the weekends, so you’ll need to plan your shopping accordingly.


7. Bloom Couture Floral

Bloom Couture Floral can be found on Tremont Street in Boston’s famed South End. Here, you’ll find both traditional bouquets as well as arrangements in vases. You can search by flower type or even by price point. The online inventory is extensive!

Bloom Couture Floral is best known, however, for its more eclectic offerings. This florist offers specialty kokedama plantings (which are Japanese moss balls) along with several different types of bonsai.

In addition, Bloom Couture Floral offers custom arrangements. You’ll be able to find the right fit for anybody on your gift list.


8. Coleen’s Flower Shop

Coleen’s Flower Shop is located right in Boston, in the Dorchester neighborhood. Owned by talented floral designer Coleen herself, this flower delivery service has been in business for more than 36 years. You’ll find all kinds of wedding designs and everyday flower arrangements here.

Plus, there’s top-notch delivery. Although same-day delivery is not available, flowers are hand-delivered as early as the next day.


9. Louis Barry Florist

Having been in business for more than 35 years, Louis Barry Florist creates some of the most lovely arrangements for weddings – but is also known for handcrafting some of the most gorgeous displays for other events, too.

Whether it’s an anniversary party, a corporate gathering, or a memorial service that has you on the hunt for delivered flowers, Louis Barry Florist is the way to go. You’ll love the fresh floral bouquets and centerpieces that this flower delivery service has to offer.


10. Rouvalis Flowers

Shop at Rouvalis, and you’ll love what you find. This flower delivery service is not only an excellent choice for everyday bouquets, but it is also one of the best at providing detailed, customer-focused holiday arrangements.

This florist has all kinds of seasonal blooms, with new arrangements available each quarter. The Rouvalis signature collection was also quite popular and is available year-round.

In each collection, you’ll find both high- and mid-range picks. There are even orchids and succulents, both of which will last a lot longer than your standard stems.


Best Questions to Ask Your Florist 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a florist for one-time flower delivery to your crush or if you’re planning a massive event that will require thousands of blooms. It’s crucial that you find the right fit.

To do this, you should ask your florist (and yourself!) some key questions. For starters, how long has the florist been in business?

While there are plenty of newcomers taking the floral industry by storm, a solid reputation can help you figure out whether a florist is right for you. You might also want to ask whether the services that the florist offers match up with what you are looking for. If the florist in question specializes in succulents and you’re interested in a more classic bouquet, it’s probably not the right fit.

See if you can review the design portfolio of your florist. Sometimes, this is even available online so you don’t even have to stop by the store. Excellent customer service is also a must-have feature. Spend some time chatting with your florist to get a feel for their personality and willingness to accommodate your questions, needs, and style.

With a little bit of dedication – and by paying attention to our above list of the top flower delivery services in Boston – you’ll find the perfect florist in no time.

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