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Top 10 Chicago Florists To Send Flower Online

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If you live in the windy city, it’s easy to find yourself swept away by the wealth of options when it comes to flower delivery. After all, this city, a tourist’s paradise, is filled with art, food, music, and unending beauty. You’d be a fool to think that it doesn’t offer some of the best flower delivery services, too!

No matter what your preferences or personal tastes might be when it comes to flowers, you’ll find everything you could possibly want in this city.

Here are the top 10 flower delivery services in Chicago, Illinois for you to consider. 

1. Flowers for Dreams

Flowers for Dreams is a vendor that will help you feel good about your purchase – both in what your dollars provide for you, and what you can give back to the community, too.

When you place your order, you’ll receive a bouquet or arrangement with a unique design that’s based on the customizable theme you select online. You can also get the freshest flowers, all sourced with locally-grown flowers that are crafted by local artisans. 

Whether you’re looking for a modern, organic, or artful arrangement, Flowers for Dreams offers it all. This company has some of the most unique offerings, too – nothing is cookie-cutter by nature. 

When you receive your thoughtfully crafted, hand-styled delivery, you will likely be delighted by the fact that the flowers are wrapped in recycled and recyclable materials. They’re also delivered by hand, each with a handwritten note. If you’d like, you can even add a vase made out of reclaimed wood or vintage metals to add the perfect finishing touch to your order. 

These flowers are remarkably inexpensive – you can send flowers next-day to someone in downtown Chicago for less than $40 (that’s including delivery and all applicable taxes, too). If you live outside of Chicago, you might still be eligible for free delivery – this company delivers to Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs, too.

And if that wasn’t enough to seal the deal, how about this? For every purchase you make, Flowers for Dreams will donate 25% of its profits to local charities, like the Chicago Women’s Health Center, Alive Rescue, and Chicago Parks Foundation.


2. Dilly Lily

The name might be funny to say, but Dilly Lily is no laughing stock. This florist has a wide variety of colorful, compact floral designs crafted with the best quality blooms. Although this company has a relatively small selection, you’ll appreciate the low prices (as little as $35, in many cases). 

The company has a large team of in-house floral stylists that maintain the company’s unique aesthetic. Only the highest-quality flowers are used in Dilly Lily arrangements, and although the company is one of the most traditional Chicago delivery services, it prides itself on unconventional arrangements. If you’re looking for a bouquet that’s somewhat outside of the box, Dilly Lily is the way to go. 


3. Ode a la Rose

Ode a la Rose, as you might expect from the name alone, offers bouquets reminiscent of the best that Paris has to offer. Bouquets are all hand-delivered in the company’s signature box, which includes a water-filled container to prevent your followers from becoming damaged or dried out while in transit. 

Each shipment of flowers is arranged in the traditional French style before the box is filled with rose petals and tissue paper. Before the flowers are delivered, the outside of the box is even headed with an additional rose for an elegant and romantic presentation. 

The company offers a wide array of gorgeous flower arrangements, each of which blends beautiful foliage and flowers for the most luxurious array imaginable. Prices start at less than $50, with free and same-day delivery available in many cases. In addition to Chicago, Ode a la Rose also operates in New York City and several other Northeast metropolitan areas.


4. Flora Chicago

Flora Chicago creates custom arrangements and bouquets that are perfect for all events and occasions. You can get same-day delivery as long as you order before 2 pm, with prices starting at just $50 per order. 

Located on the corner of Wolfram St. and Southport Ave. in Lakeview, Chicago, this company is co-owned by Kate and Sarah. Combined, the two have decades of experience in floral design, horticulture, and landscaping. 

As a result, Flora Chicago has a unique aesthetic and a specially crafted artistic touch. The company stands out among other flower delivery services in Chicago because each arrangement is crafted with the client’s mind.

There are no stock photos of floral designs here- instead, you’ll be able to customize your order by choosing the flowers, style, budget, and color palettes you’d like to stick to. You can also purchase items like potted plants, succulents, orchids, and even terrarium plants here. 


5. Ashland Addison Florist

Ashland Addison Florist is a flower delivery service in Chicago that truly caters to the masses. With prices ranging from $35 all the way to $500 or more, this company offers subscription services along with specialty flower delivery services. 

This family-owned florist opened its doors in 1932 and is located at the corner of Ashland and Addison (hence the name) in Chicago. Despite several generations’ worth of growth, this business remains strong, with the family offering arrangements that can be customized for any occasion. 

One of the biggest selling points of Ashland Addison is its cozy, welcoming storefront. Stop in to breathe in the rich aromas of the fresh flowers for yourself, or place an order online. But a visit to the shop might be well-worth your time – they also sell baked goods!


6. Marcel Florist

Marcel Florist offers a wide selection of affordable flowers for all occasions. Delivery fees vary depending on where you live in relation to downtown Chicago, but this local florist has a wide variety of arrangements, many of which start at less than $50. 

Regardless of your event, intention, or occasion, Marcel Florist is a top pick. This company can provide same-day flower delivery in Chicago, even when you order as late as 4pm! 


7. Steve’s Flower Market

Steve’s Flower Market has bouquet starting at as little as $33, making it a budget-friendly option for any shopper. Whether you’re in need of floral delivery for your wedding, a funeral, or a special event, Steve’s is one of the best places to consider. 

You’ll get personalized service the minute you walk through the door (or swing by the website). You can pre-order a standard arrangement or you can create a  specially crafted design depending on your whims. Every flower that winds up in your purchase will be hand-inspected, hydrated, and personally selected to make sure it is of the best quality and longevity. 

The company buys flowers in bulk directly from the growers, so you’ll get wholesale prices with a luxury look and feel. Place an order as late as 1 pm, and in most cases, you’ll still be eligible for same-day delivery for most places in Chicago.


8. Fleur de Lis Florist

Fleur De Lis Florist has a smaller than average selection of blooms for you to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on quality. This company was established only in 2011, and despite its young age, has some of the best customer service and satisfaction ratings around. 

Designs are beautifully crafted, designed with thought from start to finish. The company has a reputation for low-maintenance, low-profile arrangements that are easy to care for and comprised of the freshest stems imaginable.


9. Diamonds Treasures

Diamonds Treasures isn’t the least expensive flower delivery service you will find on this list, but it has one of the largest selections. With floral arrangements that are personally tailored to any occasion, this downtown Chicago florist delivers a wide variety of stems and bouquets for you to choose from. 

They don’t stick just to flowers, either. Diamonds Treasures also sells cookie bouquets, candy baskets, and other novelty items. You can pick up in store or have flowers delivered right to your door. 


10. The Bouqs. Co

One of the country’s most trusted names for fresh flower delivery, The Bouqs Co. has a reach that isn’t just limited to Chicago – it also offers services throughout the rest of the United States, too. 

Why is Bouqs so great? This company sources its flowers from farms that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, Bouqs only cuts the exact stems that they intend to sell. This reduces waste and lowers costs for you, too. You’ll love the arrangements and bouquets produced by local artisan flowers. 

Plus, shipments are quickly, cleanly, and efficiently shipped. You can get same-day delivery – providing as little as two hours of notice! While delivery pricing for same-day service can be a bit steep, you’ll save a ton of money if you’re able to plan ahead. The company also offers a subscription program, which offers even further savings. 


How to Select the Perfect Flowers – Each and Every Time

Although it’s practically impossible to go wrong when you buy flowers from one of the delivery services we’ve mentioned above, there are a few pointers you should follow for the best results. 

For example, you’ll want to choose classic blooms and arrangements if you’re new to the game and aren’t really sure what you should be looking for. Some good options? Roses, peonies, or orchids. You can still get the exotic or romantic effect you’re looking for, but you won’t have to run the risk of getting an arrangement you’ll hate.

Another option is to consider choosing a theme or special package from one of the florists we’ve told you about. These people are experts at what they do, and they know exactly what it takes to create the perfect arrangement, no matter what. 

Whether you’re looking for a bouquet specifically for Valentine’s Day or want to spruce up your Christmas table with a gorgeous centerpiece, these top ten companies to send fresh flowers in Chicago will get it right for you – each and every time.

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