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Top 9 Florists in Jacksonville To Order and Send Bouquets Online

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Jacksonville is regarded as one of the most underrated cities in the state of Florida. As a city that receives ample amounts of sunlight and great weather throughout the year, it’s tough to argue that this city is worth a visit – or a permanent move.

Another great reason to consider Jacksonville as your forever home? There are tons of local businesses for you to frequent. From restaurants to nightclubs, shops to spas, there are all kinds of ways to interact with the local culture in this city. Jacksonville even has some of the best flower delivery services.

If you’re in the market for a new – or perhaps your first – florist, you’ve got to consider some of these awesome flower delivery services in Jacksonville FL today.

The Quick Guide to Flower Delivery in Jacksonville

In a rush? Skip the full read. Here are the top ten online flower delivery services in Jacksonville.

Best ForCompanies
OverallArlington Flower Shop
BudgetGladwell’s Florist
FreshnessTerry’s Florals
Same Day DeliveryRuby Reds Floral & Garden
Classic BouquetsGardner’s Florist
Contemporary BouquetsLaMee Florist
Customer ServiceDinsmore Florist, Inc.
PlantsSt. Johns Flower Market
ArrangementsLiz Stewart Floral Design

1. Arlington Flower Shop

Arlington Flower Shop has been around for more than eighty years, so it’s no wonder why this flower delivery service in Jacksonville is ranked as the best in the city.

Not only will you be able to find the most beautiful custom arrangement to decorate your home, but you’ll also rest easy knowing that all of the flowers and plants used in your arrangement were grown in-house.

This flower shop is unique in that it has its own climate-controlled greenhouse. Here, you can find just about any kind of plant imaginable. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just chat with one of the on-staff florists – they will probably be able to order it for you. All associates here are professional floral experts with a wealth of experience. 

Website: https://www.arlingtonflowershop.com/

2. Gladwell’s Florist

Gladwell’s Florist has been around for more than 50 years, and despite having an impressive reputation as one of the best flower delivery services in Jacksonville, it maintains wallet-friendly prices. Here, you’ll never pay more than necessary.

This affordable florist offers beautiful floral arrangements, excellent customer service, and a wide assortment of gifts for you to choose from.

While event delivery options are limited to the Jacksonville area, you can also find all kinds of floral arrangements in-store, too. The company handles custom requests and you’ll find that this florist is the perfect destination for the budget-conscious gifter.

Website: https://www.gladwellsflorist.com/

3. Terry’s Florals

Terry’s Florals is a family-owned and -operated shop in the heart of Jacksonville. This flower delivery service is often regarded as one of the best for freshness.

Although in-store pickups are available, you don’t have to stop by the store in order to benefit from this level of quality. The business also offers hand-delivery around the major metro areas of the city.

All arrangements are designed with you in mind, handcrafted from the finest selection of plants. Additional gifts can also be purchased for your occasion here, too. 

Website: https://www.terrysflorals.net/

4. Ruby Reds Floral & Garden

Ruby Reds has been a fixture in the historic Jacksonville area for many years. The winner of the Bride’s Choice Awards in the years 2009-2013, this reputable floral shop is known for its gorgeous arrangements for weddings and other events.

However, it’s also well-regarded for its same-day delivery options that are available to all customers in the Jacksonville area. The company has some of the best customer service and a remarkable selection. 

Website: https://rubyredsfloral.com/

5. Gardner’s Florist

Gardner’s Florist is one of the newer florists in the Jacksonville region, around for only two decades or so, yet has already garnered a major following in the city.

This flower delivery service has some of the best traditional bouquets, making it the perfect destination for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

You’ll find floral arrangements for all occasions here, along with a large selection of other floral offerings. Local delivery is available, as are custom arrangements. 

Website: https://www.gardnersfloristjacksonville.com/

6. LaMee Florist

Around for close to a century, it would be easy to assume that LaMee Florist specializes only in classic, traditional bouquets, and arrangements. That’s far from the truth, however.

In fact, this flower delivery service incorporates some of the most up-to-date and trendiest designs in its shops. You’re sure to find everything you’re looking for – and then some – once you step foot inside this down-to-earth shop.

Along with a wide selection of plants and floral arrangements, you’ll also find gifts here, which can be mixed and matched with any order.

Delivery is available for local customers, with all floral arrangements guaranteed to be as unique as possible. Each one is crafted by an expert florist with extensive experience in floral arrangement.

Website: https://lameeflorist.com/

7. Dinsmore Florist, Inc.

Dinsmore Florist has some of the best customer services out of all the flower delivery services in Jacksonville.

This company is known for its custom floral arrangements as well as its other gifts and related accessories. You will find anything you are looking for at this location.

In business for close to fifty years, Dinsmore Florist has all kinds of merchandise available in-store and also offers delivers around the world – you can shop either online or in-store. The company offers 100% customer satisfaction along with a superior quality product. 

Website: https://www.dinsmoreflorist.com/

8. St. Johns Flower Market

One of the newest flower delivery services in the Jacksonville area, St. John’s Flower Market opened in the early 1990s and offers all kinds of floral arrangements.

However, we’ve included this selection on our list of the best flower delivery services in Jacksonville because it also offers some of the best, healthiest, and most beautiful live plants.

When you shop at St. John’s Flower Market, you can rest assured that you will be greeted and welcomed by friendly, professional staff. Each member of the staff is a professional floral expert who will work hard to meet your needs.

Local deliveries (and further!) are available. Each bouquet and arrangement is hand-made to your unique specifications. 

Website: https://www.stjohnsflowermarket.com/

9. Liz Stewart Floral Design

Owned and operated by Liz Stewart herself, Liz Stewart Floral Design is another relatively new flower shop in Jacksonville. Despite only having been in business for about 15 years, Liz Stewart Floral Design is one of Jacksonville’s favorite flower delivery services.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of floral arrangements and bouquets for weddings and special events – as well as customized orders that are perfect for that one-time flower delivery.

Stewart utilizes unique add-ins in her arrangements for a one-of-a-kind display, with popular options including herbs, berries, and even branches.

Unfortunately, you won’t find add-on gifts like balloons, gifts, or baskets – but we can guarantee that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything at all.

Website: https://www.lizflowers.com/

The Best Reasons to Send Flowers in Jacksonville

If you’re asking yourself whether it’s appropriate to send flowers online, the answer is probably yes. There are so many good reasons to send flowers to someone you care about – we will tell you about just a few of them.

Flower delivery can not only help you express your love, making it the perfect choice for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, but it can also help you apologize or show sympathy. Sending fresh flowers is a great way to celebrate an accomplishment, but it can also help you lift someone up in a time of need.

One of the best reasons to send flowers? It’s sure to make your recipient smile. So no matter what the occasion or the need, consider sending flowers from one of these top flower delivery companies in Jacksonville, Florida. We can guarantee you won’t regret it. 

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