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Top 10 Los Angeles Florists To Send Flower Online

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If you’ve ever ordered flowers, you know what a magical – or, conversely, frustrating – experience this can be. Choose the right florist, and you’ll be blown away by the colors, fragrance, and sheer beauty of your bouquet. 

Choose poorly, and you’ll likely be stuck holding a wilted bouquet of limp stems that do little to convey your feelings for the person for whom they were intended.

While the best way to select a florist is to ask your friends and family for advice – or to get to know a local florist after you’ve spent some time in a city – if you’re new to a city, or just passing through, that can be easier said than done. 

Here in Los Angeles, California, there are hundreds of flower delivery services to choose from. So how do you find the right one?

It’s simple. Consider our list of the ten best flower delivery services in LA, and leave the rest to your floral stylist.

1. Dave’s Flowers

Also known as Floral Design by Dave’s Flowers, Dave’s has served some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious clients for more than 40 years. Some big names? The Los Angeles Philharmonic and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, just to name a couple. 

Dave’s works hard to satisfy last-minute and custom orders, and isn’t just for the high roller among us. You will find a floral arrangement to suit any budget or style here. There’s a wide selection of flowers, including fresh traditional blooms along with orchids, succulents, and exotic flowers, too. 

Owned by a talented husband and wife team, Dave’s flowers is rated as one of the best in Los Angeles by Time Out and is located in East Hollywood.

Website: https://davesflowers.com/

2. The Hidden Garden Flowers

The Hidden Garden Flowers is a bit pricey – you’ll pay at least $75 for a bouquet of flowers – but trust us, it’s worth it. This florist has a gorgeous online catalog featuring creative and distinct designs. It’s owned by Amy Marella, a florist who began with a tiny storefront in 1999. 

Although she had limited experience in floristry, her hard work helped her succeed for the next two decades. 

Today, The Hidden Garden Flowers sells all kinds of individual arrangements along with specialized creations for events like weddings and funerals. The clean-cut designs have even been featured in a variety of magazines.

Located on West Pico Boulevard, The Hidden Garden Flowers is a highly charitable company that regularly gives back to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, UCLA Cancer Research, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You can feel good about your purchase when you shop here!

Just keep in mind that this flower delivery service is not open on the weekend, so you’ll want to place your order in advance. 

Website: https://hiddengardenflowers.com/

3. Empty Vase Florist

Empty Vase Florist is another flower delivery service that might be somewhat at the top of your price range – but is definitely worth the expense. This service first opened its doors in 1988 at its current location in West Hollywood. 

Step into Empty Vase Florist, and you’ll be reminded of a vintage Parisian flower market. The company specializes in supersized floral arrangements as well as run-of-the-mill bouquets and centerpieces. You can also buy unique items like succulents, orchids, and even topiaries.

Custom designs are available, as is local delivery. Just keep in mind that you will be expected to place a minimum order of $115 in order to qualify for delivery.

Website: https://emptyvase.com/

4. My Blooming Business Floral Designs

My Blooming Business Floral Designs is a more affordable flower delivery service in Los Angeles for you to consider. This one offers custom floral arrangements for all occasions, large and small, and has bouquet starting at just $48.

Located in Eagle Rock, this florist is perfect if you live in the Greater Los Angeles Area and want to choose from a large selection of floral arrangements. 

Call directly for customized orders or shop online for any of the company’s bouquet, floral arrangements, or other unique products. You can even buy succulents and gift items like personal care products, chocolates, and plush toys. 

Local delivery (including same-day delivery) is available, but prices are variable.

Website: https://mybloomingbusiness.com/

5. Playa del Rey Florist

Playa del Rey Florist has been selling flowers to the Los Angeles metropolitan area for more than six decades. Offering unparalleled professionalism and consistency in their blooms, this florist is not only one of Los Angeles’ best businesses, but one of the best in the country. 

In fact, the clientele list at Playa del Rey can speak for itself. This florist has celebrity customers like a handful of professional athletes and actors. You don’t have to be high-profile in order to shop here – nor do you have to have a sky-high budget. The florist offers arrangements priced as low as $48 and accepts a wide variety of payment methods. 

You can choose from a long list of award-winning floral designs or customize your own order. Playa del Ray also handles weddings and other events. 

Website: https://playaflowers.com/

6. Brenda’s Flowers

Brenda’s Flowers is one of the most affordable flower delivery services on this list, with bouquets starting at as little as $30. As a family-owned business, Brenda’s imports blooms from France, Holland, South America, Hawaii, and other top destinations. You’ll love the tropical nature of Brenda’s arrangements, and you’ll appreciate the large variety of both traditional and more modern options. 

Brenda’s Flowers has a professional staff that provides forward-thinking arrangements and personally-tailored customer service. The florist is open every day of the week and offers inexpensive same-day delivery.

Website: https://brendasflowersla.com/

7. Downtown Flowers

Downtown Flowers offers elegant arrangements for any budget. You can schedule a delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, with typical classic flowers and even succulents available. 

Visit Downtown Flowers’ website, and you can choose from a wide variety of arrangements. No matter the occasion, you are sure to find something that makes you smile! Parking and validation are available if you want to pick up in-store, but keep in mind that the shop is closed on the weekends. 

Plus, there’s really no reason to buy in-store when you can schedule a same-day delivery. With professional floral designs by Gabriel Soto that will exude beauty no matter what, Downtown Flowers should be considered a top destination when it comes to providing an upscale look to your flowers at an affordable cost.

Website: https://downtown-flowers.net/

8. The Conservatory Florist

Although the Conservatory Florist is not for customers who aren’t prepared with their pocketbooks, it’s still a great option and considered something of an affixture in Los Angeles. Been around since 1998, this florist accepts a wide variety of payment methods. 

With the higher price tag comes quite the reputation. The Conservatory Florist has an impressive reputation and has worked with dozens of prestigious clients. It is ranked as one of the best florists by LA Confidential, LA-Racked, LA Weekly, and Best of LA. 

You don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter arrangement when you buy from The Conservatory Florist, either. This flower delivery service has low delivery fees (as low as $15 in some cases) and will work closely with you to handcraft the bouquet or floral arrangement of your dreams. The company delivers throughout the entire Los Angeles area with a minimum $75 order for delivery.

Website: https://theconservatoryflorist.com/

9. BloomNation

BloomNation is one of the best flower delivery services in Los Angeles if you’re looking for local stems. This company is more of a “florist distributor,” working to connect customers with small shops all around the city. It’s not far from the century-old original Los Angeles Flower Market, which is the largest in the country and provides southern California with some of the best local blooms. 

BloomNation has branches (no pun intended!) in Chicago, Boston, New York, and San Francisco in addition to Los Angeles, so you’re not out of luck if you don’t happen to live in the City of Angels. Visit the BloomNation website, and you can filter by florist, city, and type of flower. 

Prices are variable, as are delivery charges – but some of these come with free delivery and are worth paying attention to!

Website: https://www.bloomnation.com/

10. Roses Only 

If you’re in the market for lilies or hydrangeas, chances are, Roses Only isn’t going to have what you need. But if a dozen long-stemmed red roses is what you have in mind, then look no further than Roses Only. 

This flower delivery service has been in business since 1995, specializing in what is, without a doubt, the world’s most romantic flower. Although roses are the cornerstone of this florist’s business, with blooms available in all kinds of colors, sizes, and arrangements, you can also purchase other small gifts like chocolates and stuffed animals. 

Roses Only has offices in Los Angeles and New York City, but also delivers around the country and even to some locations around the rest of the world. 

Same-day delivery is available in Los Angeles and New York City every day except Sunday, as long as you pay a $27.50 delivery surcharge.

Website: https://rosesonly.com/


You’re busy – and your schedule likely isn’t freeing up any time soon. However, one of the best ways to send a message to a loved one is to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether the occasion is Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or even the birth of a new baby, the right stems have the ability to brighten up anyone’s day. 

So how do you make the most of your time and still make an impact on those you care about? Choose a florist that offers delivery. Often, this isn’t free – but trust us, it’s well worth the investment. Not only will you not have to take time out of your schedule to visit a busy florist’s shop, but you can often get the exact same service and customization options without having to step foot in-store.

Some online florists even come with same- or next-day delivery, which is great news for the procrastinators and last-minute shoppers among us! 

There are so many benefits to choosing one of these ten best flower delivery services in Los Angeles. Consider giving them a try the next time you want to send a message that really speaks volumes!

*Featured Photo by dimabl/depositphotos

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