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Top 10 Florists in Seattle To Order and Send Bouquets Online

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Seattle is known for its lush, evergreen forests and its unlimited access to some of the greenest places in the country. You don’t even have to step outside the city limits, in fact, to benefit from the city’s gorgeous natural elements.

Many of these elements are brought to life in Seattle’s many flower delivery services. If you’re new to the city – or even if you’re a lifelong resident – it can be hard to find the right flower delivery service for your needs.

After all, there are dozens to choose from! We’re here to help you out with a comprehensive list of the ten best flower delivery services in Seattle, WA

The Quick Guide: Best Florists in Seattle

In a rush? Skip the full read. Here are the top ten online flower delivery services in the United States.

Best ForCompanies
OverallSeattle Flowers
BudgetBallard Market
FreshnessFlowers on 15th
Same Day DeliveryBallard Blossom
Classic BouquetsNeilsen Florists
Contemporary BouquetAcorn Floral
ArrangementsPike Place Flowers
SubscriptionsTrudy’s Floral Design
Luxury BouquetsTerra Bella Flowers & Mercantile
Exotic FlowersAlice’s Floral Designs

1. Seattle Flowers

Seattle Flowers is known for its elegant centerpieces, but that’s not all that this Seattle florist has to offer. Since it first opened its doors in 1947, Seattle Flowers has been a purveyor of the finest floral arrangements. You will experience excellent customers service here, as this flower delivery service has a reputation for always putting the customer first.

Plus, Seattle Flowers offers large inventories of flowers, making it easy for you to choose flowers for any occasion, be it a funeral, wedding, birthday, or anniversary. This florist even offers delivery, with local rates starting at just under $13. 


2. Ballard Market

Ballard Market is one of the most affordable places to buy flowers – regardless of the occasion. You can purchase flowers by the stem for a little over a dollar, letting you create a crafty, highly personalized bouquet for just a few dollars.

Ballard Market has an excellent selection, too. The flower department is more than willing to help you find what you need, but you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you lack a green thumb and aren’t sure what to look for, the expert florists at Ballard Market can guide you through every step of the process, from azalea to zinnia. 


3. Flowers on 15th

Flowers on 15th is rated the best flower delivery service in Seattle for freshness, but it has a long list of other accolades to mention, too. This florist might have a selection that is on the smaller side of things, but you’ll be happy there’s not too much to choose from when you see how beautiful the choices at Flowers on 15th truly are.

This flower delivery service has been serving the local community since 1990, offering gorgeous flowers, live plants, and other gifts to make any recipient smile.

Each arrangement prizes sustainability above all else, making sure each arrangement will continue to make its mark long after the flowers themselves have faded. Every bouquet and arrangement is designed by a local artist or florist, too. 


4. Ballard Blossom

Ballard Blossom is one of the most reputable flower delivery services in Seattle if you’re in the market for same-day delivery. In fact, the company has been delivering bouquets and arrangements by hand since 1927!

Ballard’s is the perfect spot for all kinds of arrangements, from baskets to corsages. You’ll love their fresh, seasonal flowers and their superior customer service. Delivery can be a bit expensive – prices start at $17.50 – so it may be worth paying a visit to the shop in-person the first time you order. 


5. Neilsen Florists

Neilsen Florists offers gorgeous and straightforward floral arrangements for just about any occasion. Known for its traditional styles and classic everyday florals, this company offers affordable arrangements starting at just $40.

Local delivery is available, with rates starting at just $14. You’ll be able to find something for everyone here, as nothing is overpriced and everything is designed precisely with you – the customer – in mind. 


6. Acorn Floral

Located in Magnolia, Acorn Floral is known for its superior customer service and remarkable designs. You can find just about any kind of contemporary arrangement here and you’ll love the story behind each bloom. Most flowers are locally-grown, so you can feel good about your purchase as you’ll be supporting a local grower.

What truly sets Acorn Floral apart, however, is that it incorporates a variety of gorgeous flowers and plants in its arrangements along with natural elements like feathers, shells, and even sea glass. You’ll find the perfect bouquet for the choosiest recipients at Acorn Floral.


7. Pike Place Flowers

The Pike Place Market can be distracting with all of its sights, sounds, and shops. However, if you have time to swing by Pike Place Flowers, we definitely recommend it. Not only does this flower shop have all kinds of stems for you to choose from, but it also has a lovely rustic storefront on the corner of First And Pike that looks like it’s straight out of the cinema.

At Pikes Place, you’ll have all kinds of options for funerals, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Delivery fees start at just $8, and this full-service florist has a reputation for excellent customer service. 


8. Trudy’s Floral Design

Trudy’s Floral Design is a super trendy floral boutique that offers free same-day delivery along with a large selection fo European-inspired arrangements. Here, you’ll enjoy prices as low as $45 per bouquet and customer service that is unparalleled anywhere else.

Known for its romantic flower bouquet, Trudy’s also has a helpful flower subscription service. Sign up for a subscription, and you can get flower delivery once a week (typically on Mondays). They’ll even replace your old flowers with new ones, getting rid of them for you and swapping out the vases. 


9. Terra Bella Flowers & Mercantile

Terra Bella Flowers & Mercantile is located in Phinney Ridge and is a great destination for locally sourced flowers, botanicals, and luxury arrangements. The florist is also well-known for its beautiful flower crowns.

Prices are affordable here, with most bouquets starting at just $45. It was one of the first flower delivery services in the country to adopt organic and sustainable growing practices, and many of the designs use locally grown flowers, too. Many growers are Certified Salmon-Safe – an indicator of great environmental sustainability – and local delivery starts at just $15. 


10. Alice’s Floral Designs

Located in the International District, Alice’s Floral Designs has one of the best selections of exotic stems. From jasmine to lilies and everything in between, you’ll love the fragrant aromas that waft through the air when you visit Alice’s.

Whether it’s an everyday occasion, a wedding, or some other special event, Alice has all kinds of flowers to make your dreams a reality. From classic options like roses to live plants, corsages, and everything in between, Alice’s Floral Designs on South King Street should be your go-to destination.


Why Same-Day Local Delivery Matters

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through Facebook, and you realize that you forgot your wife’s birthday. Or you’re chatting with a colleague and discover that a close acquaintance passed away – but you know you won’t have time to get to the store before the services.

What’s a busy – yet thoughtful – person to do? It’s simple. You need to consider a local flower delivery service, and you need to pick one that offers fast, same-day delivery (ideally at a low or discounted price).

Lucky for you, there are plenty of flower delivery services in Seattle that offer this amenity. Not only can you make up for your forgetfulness (or jam-packed schedule) without anybody having to know anything different, but you’ll be able to send blooms that are fresh and radiant, too.

With same-day delivery, you don’t have to worry about the blooms growing lump or lifeless in transit. Your flowers will be cut, arranged, and delivered with the greatest attention to quality and experience you can possibly imagine.

So quick! Stop procrastinating, and get in touch with one of the best flower delivery services in Seattle for local delivery – today!

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