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Agave Tequilana: How To Grow and Care

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The Agave tequilana (also known as Weber’s Blue Agave or tequila agave) is a succulent plant native to North America, specifically Mexico. The Agave tequilana plant is from the Asparagaceae family of plants. It grows really fast, and they have large and pointy rosettes that resemble swords.

They are better known for being the base ingredient to one of the most famous distilled spirits in the world: Tequila, which has been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Are you ready to learn more about the Agave tequilana? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this succulent plant!

Basic Facts

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The Agave tequilana succulent can grow up to 5 feet in height and width, and it prefers to be fully exposed to the sun. Their maintenance requirements are minimal. In fact, you don’t really need to do much if you would like to have one in your garden! 

You just need to place them in a perfect location where they can receive lots of direct sun. They don’t need much water either as they are very tolerant of drought climates. 

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How to Grow and Care for an Tequila Agave

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If you are considering getting an Agave tequilana plant, then what are you waiting for!? This succulent has a nice and shiny pink flower when it blooms. It is a beautiful yet easy-to-care plant that will surely catch everyone’s attention while also making your garden (or any outdoor areas) an exceptional place.

Here’s how you can take care of it:

Water Needs

The Agave tequilana succulent needs minimal water. Make sure that you place the right quantity—don’t overwater them! The soil shouldn’t be entirely filled with water, quite the contrary, you just need to make sure the soil is damped and moist. 


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You could propagate the Agave tequilana succulent by using its cuttings or leaves, but you can also grow them from seeds, albeit, it could be more challenging doing so, and you will usually have to wait a long time for it to start developing correctly.

If you are propagating the agave succulent from leaves or cuttings, then try to cut the largest leaf. This way, you will make sure your plant will be strong enough to survive and grow healthily. Use some gardening scissors or a small knife for this step.

Ideally, you should wait a couple of days before replanting this leaf to heal itself and form a callus that will help it grow more once you finally replant it and place it in a new pot or area.

On the other hand, if you are propagating agave plants by using seeds, then you need to make sure the soil is well-drained. Try to add some compost first, and then you can plant the seeds.

I wouldn’t recommend you plant agave from seeds, as it will take a long time for you to see the plant. However, if you are very patient and don’t mind waiting, then you should plant it this way! 


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This succulent needs lots of space because they develop some rhizomes under the soil. If you are considering getting an Agave tequilana plant and don’t have much outdoor space, try to get a big container to place them there safely.

Also, make sure the place you choose receives lots of strong sunlight throughout the day. If you are planting indoors, then place the pot near a window. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Agave

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Can I use the agave succulent plant for making tequila?

Yes, of course! However, your Agave tequilana plants will have to be at least eight years old. You could make tequila, pulque, and mezcal, which are all alcohol spirits made in Mexico, from the succulent agave plant.

However, brewing the Agave tequilana plant is not an easy process. You would have to know how to make it, distill it, and many other processes related to the creation of alcoholic spirits. 

Can I use the agave succulent plant for making soaps?

Yes, you can! In fact, you could make cleaning products and soaps if you use the Agave tequilana’s pulp and fibers.

Is the Agave Tequilana succulent toxic?

Unfortunately, yes it can be. This is why you shouldn’t consume it at all; otherwise, it could affect your health. If you would like to make some alcoholic spirits, then always do so with a professional person as this process could be really complicated to get right. 


If you are looking into ways of having a varied garden, then why don’t you get some Agave tequilana’s succulent plants? They are affordable, easy to care, and they don’t require much attention on your behalf.

And the great thing about growing succulents? They look great and, thanks to their spiky leaves, they will deter animals away from your garden! 

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