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Magnolia Flower Meaning and Symbolism of All Colors

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Did you know that there some fossils have been discovered and they are from the Magnolia flower? This proves that they have been around for at least 100 million years, thus, magnolias are considered as one of the first flowering plants that had ever evolved on Earth.  

It’s truly impressive, especially if you consider that the basic composition of magnolias has not changed at all, so, the magnolia trees and flowers that were created millions of years ago and were discovered almost hundreds of years ago, have still the same composition as Magnolias of today. 

This characteristic also adds a special layer to magnolias. It is fair to say that all plants have a message that makes them who they are. So, how did magnolias survive all these years?

What’s so special about them? What is the true meaning of this type of flower? Knowing this could lead us to know many more interesting facts about magnolias, but also about ourselves. 

Questions like ‘’Why do you like a certain type of flower?’’ or ‘’What color of the flower do you prefer and what does this say about you?’’ tend to show some answers once you start learning about the meaning of flowers, which is, in this case, about the magnolia flowers.

Lastly, magnolias are beautiful flowers that get a lot of attention. Keep on reading and find out the real meaning of magnolia flowers and its symbolism.

What Does Magnolia Flower Symbolize?

magnolia flowers
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Because of its resistance, magnolia flowers tend to live for many years. This is why one of the symbols that Magnolias represents is endurance. Magnolias are not delicate flowers, even though they may seem like they are. 

In fact, they are known for adapting to different climates, and they have had to go through a lot, especially if they have lived for millions of years.

They also represent eternity and long life, because they know that once they bloom they will continue to bloom for a long time. 

In addition, magnolia flowers can also be symbols for purity and dignity and they are one of the most frequent flowers to be sent to the parents of a newborn child since both characteristics are associated with a person’s origin and birth.

What Does Each Color of The Magnolia Mean?

The magnolia petals have many different colors, and each one of them has its unique meaning. They are:


pink magnolia branch

Pink petals represent the feminine side, and they are often associated to love goddesses such as Aphrodite or Venus. They also bring a sense of welcoming into any house.


white magnolia

White petals represent the moon, and they are often associated with the lunar goddesses such as Selene or Artemis.


yellow magnolia

Yellow petals represent the sun, and they are often associated with the solar goddess such as Medusa or Sunna.


purple magnolia bud

Purple petals represent royalty and religion, this is why it can be seen throughout religious rituals. 

What Does a Magnolia Tattoo Mean?

magnolia tattoo drawing

Apart from the meaning of the flower, a magnolia tattoo can also be explained regarding the color that was used for the flower, and these can be the meanings:


It represents innocence and spirituality, so, a magnolia tattoo in this color is trying to send a pure message filled with kindness and innocence. It is also a strong reminder that peace starts with oneself.


It is often associated with friendships, this color truly represents what happiness is all about. Having a yellow magnolia as a tattoo can also mean that you are trying to express your love and affection towards yourself, and others.


This color is connected to love and romance. If the magnolia is pink, it can also become clear that you cherish love and you are also kind to others.


This color symbolizes both passion and romance, and, if it’s combined with magnolias, then you will get an eye-catching sexy and beautiful tattoo. It is a reminder to be loving and to be loved. 


Purple is often used as a way of showing dignity or feelings of spirituality. A magnolia tattoo of this color can also mean that you are a gifted person and you are truly connected to yourself.


What Are the Botanical Meanings of the Magnolia Flower?

Magnolia flowers have been used throughout the centuries in traditional medicine from all parts of the world. Nowadays, magnolias are also used in modern medicine, either in the form of powders or pills. Magnolias have also been associated with congestion in the chest, menstrual cramps, lung problems, or even digestive issues.

What Is The Meaning of The Name Magnolia?

Etymological speaking, the name Magnolia comes from the French botanist who discovered that plants belonged to families, and his name was Pierre Magnol (1638-1715). 

How Long Will Magnolia Flowers Last?

Magnolia blooms usually last for two weeks in spring before they start to fall off. However, it will all depend on the type of climate they are in. On the other hand, Magnolia trees can last centuries. 

What Does The Name Magnolia Mean For a Girl?

Magnolia is not a popular name but it is definitely a gorgeous name. It can mean dignity, spirituality, and peace. The Magnolia tree is very strong, thus, the strength of the character is often associated with this name.  It’s one of the common flower names for girls.

What Does the Magnolia Flower Symbolize in the Feng Shui?

Magnolia flowers are associated with the Yin, which is also the feminine side. Also, when a Magnolia tree is outside a house, this means that it’s attracting pleasant, calm, and restful energy inside the owner’s home. However, if the tree is planted in the backyard, then it means that wealth is gradually coming your way.


In today’s world, Magnolias are very popular because of their fragrance, petals, and even trees, which are hard to miss. Magnolias also have useful benefits so a person can take advantage of them and implement these flowers in their everyday lives. 

However, when it comes to the language of flowers, what attracts people the most about Magnolias is their meaning, because these flowers represent a wide range of things. The magnolia flowers have a plethora of positive symbols associated with them and this makes them a special and meaningful flower.

*Photo by were-photography/depositphotos

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