Philodendron Xanadu

How to Grow and Care for Philodendron Xanadu

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Philodendron Xanadu (also known as Philodendron Winterbourn) is a common and affordable houseplant that is popular throughout the world. This exotic plant is easy to grow and does not require support to grow into a fine specimen. 

Read on to learn how to grow and care for your own xanadu philodendron houseplant. 

What is a Philodendron Xanadu Plant?

Philodendron xanadu is an evergreen plant from the Araceae family. These terrestrial aroids are native to Brazil and Paraguay. While it is still commonly referred to as a philodendron plant, this species is now officially known as Thaumatophyllum xanadu.

It is a popular landscaping plant in tropical and subtropical areas and a fantastic houseplant everywhere else. It bears a resemblance to the well-known split leaf philodendron but does not grow to the same large size. 

It is an upright species that does not climb, although it can develop long aerial roots. The long petioles are often reddish in color, and each individual leaf can reach about a foot (0.3m) in width, and a few inches more in length. The mature plant can exceed about 3 feet (0.9m) in height and 5 feet (1.5m) in width. 

Does Philodendron Xanadu Bloom?

This species rarely blooms indoors but it can produce an inflorescence consisting of a purple-brown spathe and cream spadix. Although interesting, the flowers are not particularly inspiring and this plant is really grown for its fantastic foliage rather than its flowers. 

Is Philodendron Xanadu Toxic?

Like other plants in this genus, the tissues contain irritating crystals of calcium oxalates. These can be very dangerous if swallowed and may even irritate sensitive skin. As such, this plant should be kept away from pets and children. 

How to Care for Philodendron Xanadu

Xanadu is a relatively easy houseplant to care for, so don’t worry if you’re just getting started. This plant will thrive in your home if you provide it with enough light, an appropriate watering schedule, and a well-drained growing medium. 

Read on to learn our xanadu philodendron care tips to keep these house plants green and growing. 

How much sunlight does Philodendron Xanadu need?

This species is a little more tolerant of direct light than other philodendron varieties and may enjoy some direct morning sunlight. Bright but indirect light is probably ideal, however, so provide this plant with as much medium to bright indirect indirect light as you can in an indoor setting. Too little light will cause the stems to become elongated when growing this indoor plant, and too much light will cause the foliage to change color to yellow leaves.

How Often Should I Water Philodendron Xanadu?

This plant enjoys a moist but not wet growing environment. Maintaining a precise level of moisture is not necessary but you should guard against allowing the plant to dry out completely or staying saturated for extended periods. 

Feel the soil with your fingers. It’s time to add water when the soil is almost dry to the touch at a depth of an inch (25mm) or so. Water the plant to the point where you see water draining from the bottom of its container. Provided you have this plant rooted in well-drained soil and potted in a container with drainage holes, this schedule will keep your plant hydrated and happy. 

What is the Optimum Temperature and Humidity for Philodendron Xanadu?

Xanadu can be grown outdoors in zones 10 and 11, but in cooler climates, it will need to be grown indoors full time or at least during the colder months. These plants grow well in average home temperatures provided you keep them away from cold draughts or hot areas near furnaces or stovetops. 

While increased humidity will certainly benefit this plant, the species seems to tolerate the relatively dry conditions in our homes without any trouble. 

What is the Best Growing/Potting Media for Philodendron Xanadu?

This plant is not particularly picky when it comes to growing media but there are a few important boxes that need to be ticked. Most importantly, the medium should drain well to allow excess moisture to leave the container. A fairly chunky consistency is also ideal to allow good air circulation to the roots.

A regular indoor potting mix should be just fine for this plant, but you can also amend this medium with perlite and orchid bark to improve drainage and aeration. Be sure to plant it at the right depth, keeping the soil line consistent with its previous container.

Does Philodendron Xanadu Need Fertilizer?

This beautiful plant will benefit from a light application of fertilizer when it is actively growing, especially in early spring. Plants that are not producing new growth during the cooler times of the year will not need to be fed. Use a balanced fertilizer for indoor plants at a diluted concentration. 

Does Philodendron Xanadu need Pruning?

During its lifespan, the xanadu philodendron will regularly shed and grow new leaves. Dying leaves can be pruned off for neatness. Dying leaves do not need to be removed right away, but do not allow dead plant material to decay on the soil surface as this may attract pests and disease. 

Common Pests and Diseases of Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendron xanadu plant is relatively pest and disease resistant but any plant that is under stress can be vulnerable to attack. Avoiding overwatering should be your first priority, but regular monitoring for pests like aphids and scale is also advisable. 

How to Propagate Philodendron Xanadu

This tropical plant is relatively easy to propagate from stem cuttings. A cutting of about 6 inches (15cm) can be rooted in either water or soil, with or without the use of root hormone powder.


Does Philodendron Xanadu need sunlight?

Philodendron Xanadu prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate moderate shade. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the dark green leaves.

How often do you water a Xanadu Philodendron?

Water a Xanadu Philodendron when the top inch of soil feels dry. Allow excess water to drain away, as soggy soil can lead to root rot.

How to make Xanadu bushy?

To encourage bushy growth in a Xanadu Philodendron, regularly prune any leggy or straggly stems. Additionally, provide it with bright, indirect light, maintain consistent watering, and fertilize occasionally during the growing season.

Will Xanadu grow from a cutting?

Yes, Xanadu Philodendron can be propagated from stem cuttings. Take a cutting with several leaves and root it in water or well-draining soil. With proper care, it should develop roots and grow into a new plant.

*Image by jcsmilly/depositphotos

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