Cordyline fruticosa

7 Types Of Ti Plants (Cordyline fruticosa) For Your Home

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The ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa) is a beautiful tropical evergreen that makes a truly wonderful houseplant. There are many incredible cultivars of this plant, and the variety of colors and leaf variegation patterns that horticulturalists have been able to develop is quite astonishing. 

This article introduces 7 very different Cordyline varieties but equally wonderful ti plant varieties that you can grow in your home. So let’s meet these stars of the plant world.

Ti plants hail from tropical areas of Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. These plants are medium to large houseplants that are easy to care for. Their basic requirements are:

  • Bright indirect light or direct sunlight
  • Moist soil
  • A humid environment

For more detailed information, be sure to check out this article that outlines everything you need to know about caring for and growing these special plants. 


The ‘Florida’ cultivar of C. fruticosa is a dramatic-looking broadleaf foliage plant. This form has dark red and green leaves that take on an overall burgundy hue. Like many other ti plant selections, the color of the young growth differs quite markedly, and in this case, it’s hot pink to red.  

‘Black Mystique’ 

The purple foliage of this cultivar is so dark that the plant looks almost black. The color of the leaves does vary greatly with age, however. 

On an actively growing ‘Black Mystique’ plant, the new growth at the top of the plant can be bright green. The color changes progressively through copper and purple-toned leaves which merge into the almost black growth on the lower levels. The effect is really quite striking. 


This upright ti plant has an overall red coloration. Mature leaves may be reddish-green along the center of the blade, merging with a pure red at the margins. Young growth at the top of plants is often a bright, shocking pink color that is definitely an eyecatcher.  

‘Morning Sunshine’

The new growth of ‘Morning Sunshine’ is marked in dazzling shades of orange, pink, and green, reminiscent of warm dawn sunlight. Once mature, the foliage turns a solid lime green shade. 

‘Candy Cane’

‘Candy Cane’ is one of the most striking ti plants available. The foliage of this form consists of three colors, namely white, red and green. Young leaves are white with red margins, which is why the name of this cultivar is so fitting. 

As the leaves mature, they develop green centers, and the white and red stripes are pushed towards the margins. These plants should be sheltered from strong direct afternoon sun.  

‘Miss Andrea’

Like the previous cultivar in our list, this compact form of the popular ti plant has multi-colored foliage. ‘Miss Andrea’ is a little less vivid, however, but still has a beautiful painted look. 

The leaves of this form are marked in cream, green, purple, and grey hues which makes for a beautiful potted specimen. This form is known to be slower growing than other selections and does not grow quite as tall. 

‘Soledad Purple’

This popular form has glossy bright green leaves. When young, the leaves have a purple tint. 

This is an easy-to-grow cultivar that is relatively tough and works well for both outdoor and indoor planting.‘Soledad’ purple produces impressive inflorescences of beautiful, dark purple flowers. 


With so many beautiful foliage colors available, there is surely a ti plant to suit anyone’s tastes. They are long-lived and easy to care for, only needing regular watering and a fairly humid environment. If you have a bright space in your home crying out for a new house plant, why not fill it with one of these great cultivars? 

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