Kayi E.

Kayi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and a major in Horticulture. She fell in love with plants after studying a course in Plant Physiology. In the past, she worked as a research associate in a plant tissue culture laboratory, primarily in the micropropagation of bamboo and other economically-important crops. She is now a staff in an ornamental nursery involved in production of plants for landscape and indoor gardening.

orchid soil

Potting Soil for Orchids – What Growing Medium For Your Plants?

Name a houseplant and an orchid will definitely come on your list. With overwhelmingly more than 28,000 species across the globe except for Antarctica, the orchid is one of the oldest yet still modern widely grown plants in many gardens and indoor collections.  You probably have noticed that many healthy and vibrant orchids do not …

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living soil

What is Living Soil?

The land comprises a quarter of the earth’s surface. We grow on it, build on it, and build almost everything from it. The soil is an essential part of the land. It is a non-renewable resource made up of minerals, organic matter, air, water, and living organisms. Looking deeper, there’s more about the ground than …

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