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Begonia Flower Meaning and Jaw Dropping Symbolism

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The begonia flower is a beautiful and cheerful plant that can be found in many gardens across the country. There are over 1,000 species of begonias, all with different shapes and sizes. The most popular types are tuberous begonias which produce long stems with clusters of flowers on them.

These grow in many different colors and shapes depending on the variety. There is a wide range of begonia flower meanings depending on the color, but they typically symbolize love, happiness, beauty, or gratitude.

What Does Begonia Mean? 

pink begonia

Begonia, as a whole, refers to an entire genus of perennial flowering plants in the Begoniaceae family. Native to warmer climates, they are often found growing as houseplants in cooler climates. 

The name was first coined by Charles Plumier, a French botanist, and then later adopted in 1753 by Linnaeus to honor Michel Begon, a former governor of a French colony that is now known as Haiti. 

What Do Begonias Symbolize? 

begonia flower meaning

The begonia flower is a symbol of love and affection. This beautiful perennial flowering plant has been used in the language of flowers for centuries to represent longing, desire, pleasure, and gladness.

One legend tells that if a woman wears her hair down she will be able to see the man she loves in her dreams; all you have to do is place your begonia between your breasts before bedtime.p

Tuberous begonias are often used to symbolize misfortune or impending bad luck, but they can also be used to express gratitude, peace, and harmony. The many meanings of begonias are quite diverse!

There are many begonia colors, too, so the meaning changes significantly depending on the color of the bloom. The color of begonia is typically pink, white, red, yellow, or purple. The most popular colors are red and white. 

Begonias can be either single-colored or bi-colored flowers. Purple begonias are usually reserved for funerals since they symbolize the death of love and loss of innocence.

red begonias in hanging basket

What is the Red Begonia Flower Meaning?

Red begonias can symbolize power, passion, and energy. However, in some countries, such as Venezuela and Columbia, giving someone a red begonia symbolizes rejection!

More often than not, though, the red begonia symbolizes love. Don’t be afraid to include these flowers in a decorative bouquet!

What is the Yellow Begonia Flower Meaning?

Yellow begonia flower has different meanings depending on what country or region they are from. In China, for example, it’s a symbol of good luck; but in some parts of Africa, it means that someone has died.

Yellow flowers are often used to signify joy, happiness, and hope. The color yellow can also mean new beginnings and fresh starts. 

What is the White Begonia Flower Meaning?

White begonias are a common flower that is often given as a gift for their beauty and symbolism. According to folklore, the white begonia is associated with innocence, purity and chastity due to its resemblance to the virginal white dress worn by Roman brides.

What is the Purple Begonia Flower Meaning?

Purple is the color of royalty and wisdom. It’s often used to represent spirituality as well.

These purple flowers are some of the most gorgeous flowers you can add to your flower garden, and they’re sure to stand out.

What is the Pink Begonia Flower Meaning?

Pink Begonia is a popular flowering plant that belongs to Begoniaceae family. It is a native of southern and central America and is commonly referred to as “the fancy begonia” because of its striking beauty.

The pink color of the Pink Begonia symbolizes gratitude and appreciation. It is frequently given as a token of appreciation or a thank you gift. Anyone who receives this flower will understand that they are highly valued and loved.

Did you know that depending on the shade of pink, the Pink Begonia also has different meanings? Let’s break it down a bit more.

Pale Pink Begonia Blooms

If the shade of pink is pale pink, it symbolizes pure, unadulterated love and gentleness.

Coral Pink Begonia Species

If the shade of pink is coral pink, it represents cheerfulness and a playful nature.

Deep Pink Begonia Meeting

Lastly, if the shade of pink is deep pink, it symbolizes passion and strong emotions. The Pink Begonia’s meaning can be personalized to suit the occasion or the person you’re offering it to.

Other Pink Begonia Meanings

Pink Begonia is not only known for its color symbolism but is also regarded for its representation of balance and harmony.

The Pink Begonia flower’s form and symmetry are pleasing to the eyes and represent balance and harmony. Pink Begonia is often used in decorating homes and offices to create a tranquil, soothing environment.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Begonia?

red begonias

Begonias, particularly the cultivar ‘Kimjongilia’, have cultural significance in North Korea, where they are worn as emblems. 

Some people eat begonias, which are sour to the taste. Caution needs to be exercised when doing this, since begonias have lots of oxalic acids. Nevertheless, begonias have long been used as both culinary and medicinal plants in China. They have a high vitamin C content.

What is the Symbolism of a Begonia Tattoo?

pale pink begonias

The beauty and elegance of the begonia flower have inspired many to get a tattoo. The popularity of this design cannot be denied- it’s all over social media! There are several meanings that can be interpreted from this design, but each person will have their own flower language interpretation.

For example, someone who has a begonia tattooed on their finger may just like flowers or the color pink. Someone with a begonia tattooed on their neck may want to keep things private, while someone with one near their heart may be trying to show that they’re open-minded and compassionate.

The tattoo of this flower has been seen on women who are seeking change in their lives or want to symbolize growth and resurrection. Begonia tattoos can symbolize love, beauty, and fertility. They’re also a sign of courage and determination to do anything for the one you love.

When Should You Give Someone a Begonia?

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Begonias are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. They come in a variety of colors, textures and shapes. It’s not just about red and pink begonias!

It is easy to find a begonia that matches your decorating needs as well as your personal style. But when should you give someone a begonia plant?

They are some of the most popular and versatile flowers for all occasions. It’s hard to find a time when begonias are not appropriate, but they’re especially great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, thank-you gifts, or perhaps just because you love someone. 

Should You Grow Some Begonias? Yes!

begonia flowers

Get your hands on some begonias – you’ll have flowers for any and every occasion. If you need more begonia container ideas, check our other blog posts.

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