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11 Flowers That Represent Healing You Can Gift Others

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Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional, healing is something we all need at some point in our lives. For many of us, the right words can be hard to come by when trying to express our support and good wishes during these times. 

Fortunately, nature has gifted us with beautiful blooms that are perfect for conveying our love and care. This is where flowers that mean healing come in.

Read on to learn about some of the most symbolic flowers for healing, strength and growth.  

Which Flowers that Symbolize Healing and Strength

Gift giving is a special way of showing appreciation and spreading joy. A bouquet of colorful flowers, like daisies, is an especially meaningful gesture for anyone who’s going through a tough time, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. A bouquet of roses also symbolizes healing, strength, and hope.

Plants, in general, are attractive gifts that give the appearance of growth during difficult moments and inspire a sense of renewal when added to home décor; they bring comfort with each passing day as they strengthen and blossom. 

Giving someone these brightly colored flowers not only shows you care but can also be quite uplifting! Here are some great choices. 

Jasmine Flower

jasmine origin

Jasmine flowers are celebrated worldwide for their beauty and sweet fragrance, but they represent much more than just physical charm. For centuries, jasmine has been used to symbolize healing and strength. 

This aromatic flower is often used in traditional medicine to ease stress and illness – a practice that dates back to ancient Greece. 

In the language of flowers, jasmine represents privacy, gracefulness, and good luck – making it one of the most powerful symbols of all the blooms. As such, jasmine can not only provide relief when in need, but it can also be a source of spiritual inspiration.

Calendula Flowers

orange calendula

The calendula flower has been utilized for centuries due to its healing properties. It was believed to have a special bond with the sun that allowed it to bring energy, strength, and vigor into various products used for medicinal purposes.

Many cultures used the calendula flower in poultices and ointments for treating wounds, antiseptically cleansing injury sites, and promoting skin regeneration. 

As such, this vibrant orange or yellow calendula symbolizes healing, not just on a physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual level. Its bright brilliance is known to be a reminder of hope and that brighter times are surely ahead.

Passion Flower

light blue passionflower

The passion flower is renowned for its healing properties, helping to bring strength and courage to those who need it. Its distinct features of five petals make up the symbol of a cross, highlighting its religious connections. 

Historically, many have believed that gazing at the beauty of the passion flower will bring peace in times of difficulty. 

Across many different cultures, the symbolism of passion flower has come to symbolize both healing and strength – offering hope and forms of solace even in the most strenuous of circumstances.


violet verbena

The verbena has long been a symbol of healing and strength due to its outstanding medicinal properties. Its roots were traditionally used to cure kidney stones, while its leaves provided a natural laxative effect.

A rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, this plant had a reputation for providing the body with powerful restorative benefits. This plant’s reputation has lived on since ancient times – many cultures to this day still revere the verbena for its ability to restore the body to health. 

Truly, the verbena symbol is one that is full of healing and strength.

Yellow Roses

yellow roses meaning

The yellow rose symbolizes a unique combination of healing and strength that has been appreciated for centuries by different cultures. Not only does its bright color bring feelings of joy, the pleasant aroma can also have a calming effect. 

This remarkable flower has even been used to fight depression, acting as a reminder that hope is never too far away. The range of emotions associated with the yellow rose makes it one of nature’s most powerful symbols of courage and resilience.


pink camellia flower

Used for medicinal purposes by traditional Chinese healers, the camellia is more than just a symbol of healing and strength. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been scientifically proven to help reduce hair loss, improve oral hygiene, treat throat infections, and reduce fatigue. 

Camellia’s natural ability to fight off infection makes it an important asset in curing illnesses like colds, chest congestion, and the flu.

Not only this, its inherent medicinal beauty can be seen in the swift recovery it gives to wounded areas – both internally and externally. By recognizing its remarkable powers, we can confidently claim that camellia is indeed an emblem of health and perseverance.

Furthermore, the camellia symbolizes admiration, love, and longing, often conveying deep emotions when given or received.


pink yarrow

Ancient cultures believed that the yarrow flower symbolized healing and strength. In vast swaths of Europe, Asia, and North America, records indicate that yarrow was used to treat wounds and injuries in centuries long past. The Cherokee also believed in its power to ward off evil forces. 

Even though it was just a symbol, Native Americans believed in the power of this little flower and included it in their rituals for over two thousand years. Woven into the fabric of culture, it’s not hard to believe why many ancient societies held a reverent place for the seemingly-magical healing properties of yarrow.


malva flower

The Chinese malva flower is much more than a beautiful blossom, as it is well-known  in Chinese medicine for its healing and strengthening qualities. Chinese herbalists view the plant with great respect because of its ability to improve immunity and physical well being. 

Chinese medicine has long believed that malva can bring balance internally while promoting harmony on the outside. Its bright yellow petals are a symbol of hope, providing strength to those who seek it, while simultaneously providing relief from both physical and emotional pain. 

As a symbol of healing and strength, the Chinese malva flower offers an invaluable aid in improving health and happiness.

Daisy Flowers

white daisies

The daisy has been a symbol of healing and strength for generations. Air quality is an important part of the healing and strengthening process, which is why daisies have been integral in ridding spaces of toxic elements. 

Whether you are trying to remove toxicity from your home or workplace, planting daisies can help to reduce stress among your family members. 

Not only do daisies act as a calming force when displayed prominently, but their bright colors can also improve one’s morale and create an inspiring atmosphere that allows individuals to feel healed and strong. They make all the difference in how far we can go on our respective journeys towards recovery.

Lavender Flower 

lavender symbolism

The Lavender symbolism is often associated with healing and calmness. Some might suggest that it also means healing from trauma.

Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek to reduce their stress and enhance their wellbeing, and lavender has been at the forefront of this trend. This gorgeous purple flower is said to symbolize healing and strength, connected with its antiseptic properties that can help heal wounds. 

Aroma therapists use essential oils made from lavender flowers in treatments meant to reduce stress and inflammation. The beautiful, calming scent of lavender is also widely associated with reducing anxiety, so it makes sense why someone may choose to keep fresh flowers or an oil diffuser in their home for its therapeutic benefits. 


petunia flowers

Petunias are beautiful flowers that come in wonderful shades of purple, pink, white, and blue. The elegant petunia has been known to be a symbol of healing, renewal, and strength. 

Petunias mean differently depending on the color. Purple petunias have long been associated with grace and peace, while pink petunias express love, comfort, and happiness. White petunias convey innocence and purity, while blue suggest positivity, hope, trustworthiness, and assurance. 

No matter which color you prefer, the graceful petunia is always a welcome presence in any garden. They are the perfect way to add beauty to your surroundings as well as signify the power of healing and strength.

Final Thoughts

Sending flowers is one of the best ways to show someone you care during difficult times or celebrate special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries! By choosing the right type of flower, you can convey your heartfelt message even more clearly than words alone could ever do justice.

With so many different types of healing flowers available, there’s sure to be something perfect that expresses your thoughts perfectly! 

Whether you’re sending get-well wishes or just letting someone know that you’re thinking about them during tough times, sending the right flower can make all the difference! 

Make sure to include some of the flowers that symbolize strength in your bouquet as well.

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