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13 True Flowers That Mean Friendship to Give Your Friends

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Sending flowers is a timeless way to show someone you care. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, flowers are always appreciated. But did you know that some flowers even have the power to symbolize friendship?

The most popular flowers that mean friendship include yellow roses, freesia, asters, chrysanthemum, carnations, yellow Gerbera daisies, sunflowers, alstroemeria, yellow tulips, pink tulips, zinnia, violets, and iris flowers.

Read on to learn more about some of the best flowers that represent friendship for expressing your appreciation for that special friend in your life! 

Which Flowers that Symbolize Friendship?

To represent friendship in its purest form, they say it’s the thought that counts–and nothing 

speaks of those feelings better than giving a bouquet of flowers that symbolize friendship. 

Whether it’s a friend’s upcoming birthday, an anniversary with your best pal or simply to show how much you care, flowers that convey friendship are the perfect gift choice. 

Make your relationship even more special by choosing blossoms to represent your bond of friendship and make them feel just as cherished as you do. Here are some great choices!

Yellow Roses

yellow roses meaning

Red roses may be the most popular flower of choice when it comes to expressing love and romance, but bright yellow roses are a symbol of long-lasting friendship and peace. For centuries, yellow roses have been used as tokens of gratitude and appreciation between friends. 

The warmth, energy, and beauty that a bouquet of yellow roses can bring are usually enough to make anyone feel special. 

A single yellow rose is beautiful, but giving a big bunch of them will bring even more joy to your friends or family. Whether you give them in person or send them through the mail, these flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face!


yellow freesia

Freesia is often celebrated as a quintessential “friendship flower.” Its delicate blossoms, arrayed in a diverse palette of colors, resonate deeply with the many facets of human companionship. More than just a visual treat, the Freesia carries with it a rich symbolism that often goes beyond its pleasing aesthetics.

Freesia symbolism predominantly orbits around the themes of trust, innocence, and thoughtfulness. As a gift, this flower speaks volumes about the giver’s regard for the recipient’s integrity and mutual respect. 

When one gifts a bouquet of Freesia, it’s not just an act of presenting a beautiful floral arrangement but a gesture that echoes the timelessness and depth of their friendship.


yellow aster flowers

Asters are a great choice when it comes to conveying friendship. The daisy-like flower stands for patience and daintiness, making them perfect for celebrating a long-lasting friendship. 

A bouquet of beautiful purple asters can show your friend just how much you appreciate them and all the fun times you’ve shared together over the years.

The meaning of Asters further encompasses love, wisdom, and faith, weaving a tapestry of sentiments that strengthen the bonds of genuine camaraderie.


yellow chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum stands tall and proud among the many flowers for friendship. With origins in China and Japan, this flower has graced gardens and vases for centuries, carrying with it tales of camaraderie, loyalty, and strong bonds. Their vibrant blooms, which come in an array of colors, beautifully encapsulate the myriad emotions and nuances that friendships often encompass.

Chrysanthemum symbolism delves deep into themes of longevity, joy, and optimism. The act of gifting Chrysanthemums is a heartfelt gesture that signifies the giver’s wish for the recipient’s happiness and well-being.

Furthermore, in several cultures, the Chrysanthemum is a testament to the trust and mutual respect inherent in true friendships. When chosen as a gift, it is a reflection of admiration and the cherished memories shared between friends.


pink carnation flower

Carnations come in many colors but pink carnations are typically used to convey admiration and gratitude. This sweet bloom is often used as a token of appreciation among friends, so it makes a great choice when sending flowers to someone who means something special to you. 

The meaning of Carnations delves further into sentiments of deep love, fascination, and distinction, making them an emblematic expression of heartwarming relationships.

Yellow Gerbera Daisies

yellow gerbera daisy

Bright yellow gerbera daisies are one of the most classic symbols of friendship. Bright, warm and full of sunshine, these vibrant blooms can bring a smile to people’s faces no matter the occasion.

A single daisy in a bright yellow color is thought to symbolize innocence and joy, while a large bouquet can communicate feelings such as admiration or congratulations. The yellow gerbera daisy has long been used to express friendship in both verbal and nonverbal forms, making it the perfect flower for expressing your gratitude towards good friends.

The yellow gerbera daisy will always be one of the most common flowers that signify friendship.


sunflower picture

Sunflowers are a gorgeous flower gift that spark joy and signify hope and friendship. Sunflowers were first referenced in mythology when Greek gods used it as a symbol of devotion, faithfulness, and loyal love – all wonderful beats to strong friendships. 

The meaning of sunflower, deeply rooted in its vibrant hue and upward-facing bloom, encapsulates optimism, positivity, and the enduring warmth of human connection.

Sunflowers bring instant cheer no matter how big or small the bouquet may be. It’s the ultimate gesture for friends on special occasions, but also for regular days when you want to just show appreciation for your best pals. These flowers signify friendship in all its beautiful forms – and as the perfect friendship flowers, they are truly ones that will never wither!

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

peruvian lily

Flowers are a pervasive symbol of friendship, and the Alstroemeria flower is no exception. Also known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, this flower has six petals in a variety of bright colors and is native to South America.

Interestingly enough, the stunning Peruvian lily isn’t actually part of the lily family, but is instead its own unique species that bloom throughout the summer season. This unique flower can signify the beauty and complexity of friendship, with its vibrant petals signifying hope and joy while also being strong enough to withstand time passing.

Yellow Tulips

yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are a classic symbol of lasting friendship. They have been used as such for centuries and crossing cultures, making them one of the most recognizable and cherished presents among friends. 

Yellow blooms specifically have come to be associated with relationship-building because the color is said to signify joyfulness, happiness, and appreciation – all of which should characterize any meaningful connection between two people. 

The vibrant hue can quite literally represent sunshine between two friends; after all, what better way is there to tell a friend that you treasure their presence in your life than to give them yellow tulips?

Pink Tulips

pink tulip flowers

Colorful flowers have always been a symbol of friendship and joy, but none more so than the pink tulip. With its distinct petals spread out beautifully in variations of shades, the pink tulip has long been viewed as a reminder of the sweetest kind of friendship. 

Whether gifted to someone special or just appearing in the garden, this beautiful flower can be appreciated by everyone. It is a simple reminder that friendship is to be cherished and not taken for granted.

Furthermore, tulip symbolism encompasses themes of perfect love, passion, and rebirth, resonating deeply with those who appreciate its delicate beauty.



The Zinnia, with its vibrant hues and enduring presence, is deeply entrenched in Zinnia symbolism as a representation of friendship and remembrance. 

Often referred to as a “flower of friendship,” gifting Zinnias to someone not only conveys a message of fond memories but also of lasting affection. 

While the diverse colors of Zinnia come with their own unique meanings, in the realm of friendship, this captivating flower resonates with sentiments of cherished memories and thoughts of absent friends. It’s no wonder that throughout various cultures, Zinnias have been chosen time and again to commemorate enduring bonds of friendship.


violet pansies

As one of the world’s oldest symbols of friendship, violets have long been used to express appreciation and respect between friends. These small petals create a unique flower with four asymmetrical petals surrounding a central point.

As you look closer at the violets, you can discern a range of colors from white to deep blue and purple to pale yellow. With stems that tend to brighten gardens and pathways, the sight of these flowers is often associated with happiness and friendship.

As such, the violet can serve as the perfect representation of how friendships bring positive energy into our lives. The meaning of violet in the realm of flowers encompasses modesty, spiritual insight, and deep affection, making it a thoughtful emblem for nurturing and enduring bonds.

Iris Flower

white purple iris

One flower that symbolizes friendship is the iris. Iris flower symbolizes faith, hope, and courage; everything one would want their friendship to reflect. With its beautiful colors ranging from blues, purples, and yellows, the Iris is a reminder of the beauty that comes with friendship. 

Flowers have long held a symbolic meaning, so if you’re looking for a way to make up after a fight or just show your appreciation for being there in times of need, presenting an Iris will get the job done!

What is Friendship Flower Color?

The color that is most commonly associated with friendship in flowers is yellow. For instance, yellow roses and yellow tulips are classic symbols of lasting friendship.

Tips for Sending Friendship Flowers

Once you understand flower meanings, sending flowers to your friends as a sign of friendship is a great gesture! Using a flower delivery service is the easiest and most efficient way to let your friends know how much you care about them. Flower arrangements have been used for centuries to signify different emotions, one of the most popular being friendship. 

Consider choosing sunflowers, roses, tulips, or daisies, as they are all traditional symbols of happiness and friendship. 

When selecting a flower arrangement, select something that fits in their house or office space; this will ensure that your friend receives the message of kindness and thoughtfulness that you intend to send.

From delicate carnations and cheerful sunflowers, all the way through to classic roses – each flower has its own unique meaning when it comes to expressing friendship. So next time you want to tell someone special just how much they mean to you, why not consider sending them one (or more!) of these amazing blooms as tokens of affection?

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