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Cyclamen Flower Meaning and Symbolism of Each Color

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The cyclamen flower is a vibrant and beautiful flower that is often seen on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. 

We’re here to tell you all about the cyclamen flower meaning and why it is so popular. 

Let’s get started! 

What Are Cyclamen Flowers?

Cyclamen flowers are a perennial plant with a long history of cultivation for the garden. Native to many regions, Cyclamen persicum, commonly known as the Persian Violet or Sowbread, has been grown in gardens and imitated in paintings since the 16th century. 

Cyclamen flowers bloom in late fall or early winter, producing a wide array of colors, including white, pink, hot pink and purple on their foliage-like flower petals. 

When it comes to cyclamen plant care, hardy cyclamen is surprisingly tolerant of cold temperatures and can grow in areas with mild winter temperatures.

What Does Cylamen Mean? The Etymological Meaning of Cyclamen Flowers

The Greek word kyklos is the etymological root of the name ‘cyclamen’, which is a type of flower. Cyclamen flowers are small and delicate, often grown for their brightly colored petals that can range from pink to purple to white. 

As these gorgeous blooms grow, they uncover unique shapes and mysterious details that speak to this Greek word’s wider meaning of ‘circle’. 

This connection to the shape of the flower’s four-petaled blossom further emphasizes the Greek association with this particular type of rose. Its rarity adds a special charm to its symbolism, making cyclamen flowers something more than just a pretty decoration.

cyclamen plant

What is the Cyclamen Symbolism?

The cyclamen flower has a rich history of symbolism, with its origins likely planted in Ancient Greece. 

Let’s break down the cyclamen symbolism a bit more based on flower color. 

What Does a Purple Cyclamen Symbolize?

The purple cyclamen is a symbol of reserved love and faithfulness, with its light-pink to deep-purple shades evoking gentleness, serenity, and joy. As a flower that blooms at the start of winter, it also conveys optimism and perseverance in difficult times – a reminder that better days are ahead. 

pink cyclamen flowers

What Does a Pink Cyclamen Represent?

The pink cyclamen flower is beloved for its bright pink petals and heart-shaped leaves, making it an incredibly popular flower to give as a gift to mark special occasions. The pink cyclamen is said to represent joy, happiness, and good luck; all ideal sentiments when thinking of a loved one or friend. 

Not only that, but pink flowers, in general, symbolize compassion and understanding – hallmarks of any strong relationship. Pink cyclamens are often given with the hope that these sentiments will stay alive forever. Symbolizing everlasting love and understanding, the pink cyclamen offers a remarkable way to show your appreciation for those close to you.

What Does a Red Cyclamen Mean?

The red cyclamen is a beautiful flower that is often given as an expression of admiration, respect, and love. Symbolically, its red hue represents passion and emotion – the perfect sentiment for a romantic gesture. 

Red cyclamens are also associated with joy and happiness, so they make wonderful gifts to celebrate friendship too. 

Unlike other flowers, which may wither away quickly, red cyclamens can be planted outdoors in cooler climates and will bloom magnificently for many years to come. Thus, giving this symbol of strong emotions and lasting joy is an especially thoughtful way to express your feelings towards someone.

What Does a Pure White Cyclamen Symbolize?

The pure white cyclamen flower can represent many things – innocence, faithfulness, purity, joy and long-lasting friendship. 

These beautiful little flowers make a great transitional blooming plant, from the end of summer to winter; often still blooming when there are still plenty of cold days ahead. They are extremely hardy plants, too, and make a wonderful show once planted in the garden or kept in containers on stone patios or porches. 

What is the Cultural Significance of a Cyclamen?

When you look at a cyclamen flower, it’s hard to imagine that it has been the inspiration for ancient cultures for centuries. 

But the history of this unique flower dates back thousands of years and continues to be a symbol of beauty and power today. Let’s dive into some of the cultural significance associated with this beautiful bloom. 

National Flower of San Marino

The cyclamen is an important symbol in many cultures around the world, but most notably, it is the national flower of San Marino, one of the smallest countries in Europe. It is believed that this small country adopted the cyclamen as its official flower due to its strong connection to their patron saint—Saint Marinus. 

The legend says that when Saint Marinus was facing death, he prayed to God and white cyclamen blossomed in the spot where his body fell. To honor him, San Marino declared the cyclamen as their national flower in 1771. 

Persian Cyclamen History

In Persian culture, cyclamens are seen as symbols of luck and fortune. According to folklore, King Solomon wore a crown made from cyclamen blossoms when he received an audience with God during a dream-like vision. 

King Solomon’s Crown of Cyclamen Blossoms

This legend has extended over time and become part of Persian culture; many people hang paintings or drawings of King Solomon wearing his crown on their walls in their homes as a signifier for good luck and fortune. 

History of Cyclamen in the Mediterranean Region

The first record of growing cyclamens dates back to Greek mythology when Venus—the goddess of love—was said to have given them away as tokens to her followers. 

In Ancient Rome, Emperor Nero planted hundreds of acres worth of fields full of these flowers so that he could enjoy them while walking through his garden. 

And even further back than that, there are records showing that Islamic monasteries grew these blooms during their reign in Spain, 

Leonardo Da Vinci and the Cyclamen

The cyclamen has long been a symbol of love, fidelity, and happiness. This sentiment was echoed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci himself, who credited the cyclamen with having healing capabilities that made his beloved Florence feel more alive and vibrant. 

In many of his paintings, da Vinci included the cyclamen as a reminder of its beauty and healing power – from the pale pink petals to the deep green stems, it often found itself depicted in suits of armor or displayed beside sacred statues as if offering an exquisite offering. 

Medicinal Purposes

The cyclamen plant is commonly used for its medicinal properties, particularly in pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant women may drink tea made with the leaves of the cyclamen to strengthen the uterus and to ease delivery. 

In some parts of the world, people use cyclamen extract to treat snake bites, as it is believed to have anti-venomous properties. 

The flowers, as well as the roots, are also used to treat various skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Additionally, this plant is thought to act as an antioxidant that removes toxins from the body. 

What is the Symbolism of a Cyclamen Tattoo?

A cyclamen tattoo is deeply symbolic, representing deep love and loyalty. They look like the perfect miniature version of a pansy flower, with a center surrounded by beautifully serrated petals. 

This small flowering plant has long been a way for people to express themselves and for many centuries, flowers have had their own language or symbolism. 

The soft curves and relationship between the petals resemble that of a butterfly, often associated with good luck, strength, and joy in many cultures. Those who choose to get a cyclamen tattoo could faithfully convey their love through this beautiful flower.

When Should You Give Someone a Cyclamen?

Florist’s cyclamen make a great gift for any occasion. Whether you are just visiting or looking to give long-term enjoyment, cyclamen can give your beloved family member a delightful surprise. 

Cyclamen grow well even in difficult conditions, making them perfect gifts for those living in challenging environments. 

Cyclamens are not only beautiful flowers, but they also have many practical uses as well. For example, they are often used as decorations on cakes or cupcakes for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. 

Not only that, but they can be used to make beautiful bouquets or corsages; this is why they are so popular at weddings!

Give someone special a florist’s cyclamen on anniversaries or birthdays, or just as an unexpected surprise! With the right care, they’ll stay alive and vibrant throughout the season, bringing joy to the recipient of your thoughtful offering.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for something to decorate your cake with or something to give as a gift on a special day, the cyclamen is definitely an excellent option, thanks to its beauty and symbolism. If you want something unique with lots of meaning behind it then consider giving someone a bouquet of different types of cyclamen blooms today!

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