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15 Fast Growing Flowers For Your Garden

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Have you recently decided that gardening is for you? Maybe you have been planting flowers for a while, and you are in a hurry to grow something new. Maybe you are looking for some flowers that spread quickly to cover your new front yard. 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, there are many benefits when you choose a flower that grows quickly. Keep reading to find out what some of the fastest growing flowers are and the perks of growing them.

Why Choose Quick Growing Flowers?

Before we talk about what the fastest growing flowering plants are, it is important to discuss the benefits of choosing them in the first place. You may have a time limit or even be a little impatient. Either reason is valid and the solution to these problems is easy.

pink marguerite

Quick-growing flowers give all gardeners the opportunity to grow something beautiful within their desired time frame. You may be trying to grow them for a competition or classroom project, and only have a certain amount of time to do so.

 It also might be less frustrating to grow something with almost instant results. Fast-growing flowering plants give you the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labor. It also allows you to keep your motivation up and attempt to grow more flowers!

Gardening takes time, but we know that sometimes taking time to garden is not always possible. Check out these quickest-growing flowers to plant while you are waiting for the slower ones to blossom. 

#1. California Poppies

orange california poppy

These beautiful flowers give “The Golden State” a whole new meaning. In fact, the California Poppy flower is actually the state flower for California. You can find these flowers almost anywhere in California, as they thrive in full sun.

The poppy flower can grow from seed. Give this flower around two months, and before you know it, you will have what seems like an entire sunset in one bloom. All it takes to grow is a bunch of sunlight and a little bit of water. In most places, these flowers are annuals, but can be grown as perennials in the warmest growing zones. 

#2. Marigolds

yellow orange tagetes

Another golden favorite that might pique your interest is the marigold flower. There is nothing much more satisfying and beautiful than a flower that radiates sunshine! As one of the fast blooming flowers, after about eight weeks of growing, you can expect to see some blooms.

Marigolds are also pretty low maintenance and easy to keep healthy. Soil type is not usually an issue for this flower, and the sun is their best friend.

Because of this, summer is usually a marigold’s prime time. Fall and spring are great as well, but avoid growing them in winter. These fast growing annual flowers can survive in most growing zones, so if you want to grow them during the winter, put them in containers and bring them indoors. 

An interesting fact about marigolds is that they are frequently used in Day of the Dead celebrations in various countries. They also signify beauty and success and have a tendency to give off excellent feelings of warmth and kindness. 

#3. Nasturtiums

garden nasturtium

Nasturtiums are fast and easy growing flowers that are perfect for gardeners who want to double up on their gardening tasks. Not only are nasturtiums incredibly fragrant and beautiful to look at, but they can also repel a variety of insects from the garden.

These plants are known for being resilient and while they thrive in a variety of conditions, growing quickly once the soil has warmed, they can only be planted after the danger of frost has passed. Therefore, they are considered annuals in most growing zones.

Otherwise, consider growing nasturtiums in your garden. They grow rapidly, only taking about 10-12 days for seeds to germinate and producing lovely yellow, red, and orange flowers for you to enjoy. 

#4. Cosmos

pink cosmos flowers

This bright and cheerful flower would be an excellent addition to grow in your garden. You can grow them in either pink, white, or orange, and they should only take an average of 50 days to blossom!

When growing cosmos, it is important to keep them in the sun to help them grow to their full potential, per Texas A&M University. If you do that, there is a chance they could grow over six feet. If they grow this tall, you may need to look into preserving the stalks. 

Giving your cosmos minimal water will also help them flourish. If it rains that week, then there is probably no need to water them excessively. For these flowers, it is almost better to not care enough instead of caring too much.

Cosmos flowers are herbaceous perennials that can self-seed during mild winters – in the coldest growing zones, you may have to grow these plants as annuals

#5. Sweet Alyssum

purple sweet alyssum

If you are new to growing flowers, and you are not sure where to begin, sweet alyssum is a great flower to start with. These flowers are durable, hard to kill, and you can see results pretty quickly. The seeds germinate in as little as 4 days. If you plant it at just the right time of the season, you can see blooms in about two months.

If you are thinking about growing sweet alyssum, be sure you have a place to keep it in the sunshine. Unlike some of the flowers listed, however, it does need a little bit of shade to grow to its full potential. 

Sweet alyssum comes in beautiful shades of pink and white as well as purple. It is also important to note that this flower needs to be watered weekly, especially when the weather becomes warmer. If it is humid, however, then you do not have to water them as frequently. These flowers are annuals that are native to the Mediterranean and can even grow in rocky soil. 

#6. Calendula

calendula flowers

If you decide to grow a calendula flower, you can expect to see beautiful yellow and orange blossoms. With a good bit of sunshine and proper care, this flower has the potential to fully bloom anywhere from one and a half to two months. 

You need to keep calendulas on a regular water schedule for them to grow to their full potential. If you do this, you can expect to have a flower that is a couple of feet tall. It is also important to remember to give the plant an adequate amount of shade.

Another interesting thing about calendulas is that they can actually be eaten and used in a variety of ways. Some ways include coloring rice and including them in various foods to add to the taste. Calendula, like many of the other flowers on this list, are annuals.

#7. Morning Glory

pink with white morning glory flower

120 days is all it takes for a morning glory flower to fully blossom. Although it is not the quickest growing flower on this list, it is notable enough to list due to it being easy to take care of. Its prime growing months are from May to September, so plan accordingly. 

Before you begin to plant a morning glory, keep in mind that you may end up with a flower that ends up anywhere from six to ten feet tall. Because of this, good structure is key for this flower!

Be sure that you let your Morning Glory get as much sun as possible. Although it does need a small amount of shade, it thrives the best when it is basking in the sunlight. Morning Glory flowers are annuals in all but the hottest climates.

#8. Cornflower

Planting a cornflower comes with the excitement of knowing that you are soon going to have a beautiful, (usually) blue flower in your garden. These wonderful additions will grow up to be anywhere from one to three feet tall. 

There is a chance that within a week of planting your cornflower seeds that you will start to see it forming out of the soil. As one of the fast growing flowers from seeds, it is important that you allow your cornflower to get as much light as possible, although in its early stages a cornflower can stand the cold weather for a while.

It might be helpful to give your cornflower a little bit of fertilizer for that extra boost. Even though it would grow just fine without it, giving the plant some fertilizer can ensure its health and growth. These flowers are annuals that can be grown in zones 2-11.

#9. Snapdragons

pink snapdragon

If you are looking for a bright and fun plant to have, snapdragons are an excellent option. Not only do they come in beautiful shades of white, pink, or red, they also only take around ten days for you to start seeing some growth.

You need to be sure that your snapdragon gets a regular amount of sun. But, they also do well in a cooler environment, so it is important to keep that in mind. Without some shade, they can get rusty. They can be seen in a variety of sizes, although the tallest they usually get is around a foot. 

These flowers grow the best during the months of spring and summer, and you will often find them readily available to buy during those times. 

Another interesting fact is that they are edible, and are often used in restaurants when cooking. It is not suggested to eat one raw, though! Snapdragons are annuals that should be grown during the summer months only.

#10. Zinnias

pink zinnia flower

Another bright flower that brings an array of colors to your planting location is the zinnia. They can be seen in yellow, red, and white, only to name a few colors. Prepare to start seeing your zinnia grow in as little after a week of planting it. 

Zinnias need to have as much sun as possible for the best growth outcome. There also needs to be moderate watering, as they need an average amount but nothing in excess. Giving a zinnia flower some fertilizer is also an excellent way to watch it blossom! 

At its full maturity, a zinnia’s height can range anywhere from half a foot to around four feet, depending on the classification of the plant. Prepare to cut them as the flower grows, so that there is more room for new flowers to grow. Zinnias are annuals and thrive in hardiness zones 3-10.

#11. Pansies

light blue pansies

One of the easiest flowers to grow on this list is the pansy. This flower comes in a wide variety of colors that will brighten anyone’s day, and it only takes them around a week and a half to start growing out of the soil. 

Unlike many of the flowers on this list, pansies only grow to be about eight inches tall on average. Their height allows them to be a great filler in pots or just one less plant that you have to take extra care of.

Pansies need to spend much of their time in the sun, but they can also grow well if you give them some shade. The watering schedule will depend on how your pansies are looking, although you need to make sure you are not overwatering them. If you miss a watering day, do not panic! Pansies are annual flowers in most growing zones. 

#12. Wax Begonia

The wax begonia is a type of flower that can be seen in a wide variety of settings. Whether you place them inside your living room or outside in your garden, they are an excellent plant to have around. You can expect to start seeing some growth progress around three weeks after planting.

As far as watering is concerned, wax begonia requires only about an inch each week, although a little more would not hurt it. Be sure to not underwater them, as the one inch per week is the minimum amount of watering they actually need. 

This flower comes in the usual white, red, and pink color variations, and also yellow. As they are growing, you expect to see this flower bloom as large as two feet in height, although the usual is a few inches shorter than that. Begonias are annuals in all but the hottest growing zones. 

#13. Daffodils

white daffodils

If you live in an area that is not very hot and does not see an excessive amount of rain, then you may want to look into growing some daffodils. These white, yellow, or orange flowers can bloom in as little as six weeks in an ideal environment, which includes a lot of sunshine.

One of the great things about growing daffodils is that they require minimal care and water. In fact, you only need to water them around one time every week. If it rains a fair amount, then you do not have to worry too much about tending to them that week. 

An important thing you need to be aware of regarding this flower is that they are harmful to pets. They are, however, a flower that most rodents and deers do not care for, so there is no worry about that! 

Different types of daffodils include Rip Van Winkles, Golden Ducats, and Petit Fours. Each of these varieties works well in different environments, so it is vital to do some research before choosing a particular one. 

Daffodils are fast growing perennial flowers that overwinter easily even in cold climates.

#14. Sunflowers

yellow sunflowers

An all-time favorite flower for many people is a sunflower. These beautiful plants embody everything sunshine and happiness and can begin to do so very quickly. In as little as a couple of months, you should be able to see sunflowers at their peak growth.

As you might expect by the name, sunflowers need to spend the majority of their time in the sun. In reality, they may only need around six hours, however, more sun would only be beneficial to them. 

When growing sunflowers, watering may seem like a lot of work, however, they really only require a few inches of water per week. You can usually get by with only watering them one day out of the week, so in actuality, they are pretty low maintenance! 

Sunflowers are annuals that need to be planted each year but they grow so quickly you won’t mind doing so!

#15. Impatiens

pink impatiens

Also known as Touch-me-not, impatiens have a relatively quick growth rate. They can reach to 3 feet in height and width. If you plant them closer together, they can grow even faster. 

Impatiens benefit from regular deadheading. They are annuals that can be perennials only in zones 10 and 11. Here, they can even be planted in the fall for winter and spring color. Otherwise, full sunlight and warm temperatures are required for summer planting in cooler areas. 

Which Flowers Grow the Quickest?

No matter if you are new to gardening, have been gardening for a while, or are just trying to add something new to your front yard, planting a fast-growing flower is something that you will want to try at some point or another. It can save you time, money, and even patience. 

There are many flowers that spread fast you can choose from. If you live in an area with a lot of sun exposure, sunflowers and zinnias are a great choice. If your weather is a bit on the cooler side, then daffodils are a flower to consider. 

Whichever flower you consider using in your garden, home, or front lawn, they will look beautiful. 

Keep in mind that you do not have to use every single flower listed to have a successful garden. Choose whichever one you think will suit you best, and go for it!

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