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Impatiens Flower Meaning and Symbolism Unveiled

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If you’re looking for gorgeous plants to grow in hanging baskets, window boxes, or even in your backyard garden, you may want to consider impatiens.

There are many species of these perennial herbs in the genus Impatiens to choose from, all of which are known for their undeniable beauty. 

Though they grow best in temperate regions, these plants can be grown as annuals in colder areas outside of their native range, blooming in late summer. 

But if you want to grow this plant, a member of the family Balsaminaceae, you’ve got to understand the deep symbolism behind it. Let’s take a closer look!

What Does Impatiens Mean?

Impatiens are a genus of about 850 species of flowering plants, widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Eastern Africa, and the tropics. 

These plants thrive in most conditions, with gorgeous flowers that produce seed pods that burst open when ripe. They’re easy to care for, producing new blooms frequently with just a bit of deadheading every now and then.

impatiens flowers

The genus name Impatiens is derived from the Latin word for “impatient”, referring to the explosive manner of the ripe seed pods. Some horticulturists believe that the common name “touch-me-not” arose from this trait of the tropical plants as well. 

The scientific name for these plants is Impatiens spp., where spp stands for species. This genus is quite diverse and includes many different types of plants, such as Impatiens capensis, Impatiens walleriana, Impatiens pallida, and Impatiens balsamina. 

Some of the plants in the genus Impatiens are also referred to as garden balsam or Himalayan balsam; while others have been given creative names such as New Guinea impatiens and Balsam apple (Impatiens hawkeri). 

The Etymological Meaning of Impatiens

The phrase of one of the most common impatiens species, “Impatiens noli tangere,” comes from the Latin words “Impatiens noli me tangere“.

This phrase literally translates to “do not touch me”, but it has come to represent a figurative idea – don’t interfere with something or someone else’s life. In this case, it refers to not interfering with nature – leave things be.

This meaning resonates with how quickly these flowers disperse their seeds when left alone! 

white impatiens

What Does the Impatiens Flower Symbolize?

The impatiens flower is a symbol of motherly love and ardent love, signifying deep compassion, understanding, and devotion. It can also represent impatience, as it is known by its common name of ‘touch me not’ due to its explosive pollen release!

What Do Yellow Impatiens Flowers Represent?

Yellow impatiens represent joy and happiness. They are often given as gifts to friends and family to express love, appreciation, and joy. 

What Does a Pink Impatiens Flower Symbolize?

Pink impatiens represent femininity, sweetness, and care. As such, they make excellent gifts for women as they show that you appreciate her beauty and kindness. 

What is the Cultural Significance of Impatiens?

Impatiens are a diverse species of plant that can be found in climates across the world. 

This flower is held in high regard by many cultures due to its practical uses and healing properties. Treating poison ivy and bee stings, or even just providing relief from itching are some of the known ways it’s used medicinally. 

The active ingredient responsible for this is called anemonin, which is found in the leaves and petals of these flowers. 

Impatiens are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to treat all kinds of problems, including skin issues and even torn nails! They are key ingredients in all kinds of herbal remedies. 

What is the Symbolism of an Impatiens Tattoo?

An impatiens tattoo is often seen as a symbol of individuality and creativity, but it also has deeper meanings. To some, the flower can represent hope and patience during difficult times. It’s associated with delicacy and beauty, so to have it tattooed signifies that you appreciate the little things in life. 

When Should You Give Someone an Impatiens?

Impatiens are beautiful and cheerful flowers that add a splash of color to any outdoor space. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, especially according to the language of flowers, why not consider giving them an impatiens plant?

Plus, you’ll find impatiens at just about any garden center, so it won’t be too difficult for you to pick one up! Aside from simply being a lovely present idea, there is no wrong time to give an impatiens. 

Whether your friend is having their first housewarming, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for a colorful addition to their yard, an impatiens gift will be sure to light up their day.

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