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Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism – What You Need to Know

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The lotus flower, sometimes referred to as the sacred lotus or the Indian lotus (or sometimes just plain old lotus!) is known scientifically as Nelumbo nucifera. Technically, this name refers to two separate species of aquatic plants, but both are adapted to grow in slow-moving waters – and offer an enchanting beauty to anybody who happens to stumble upon them.

Colloquially referred to as water lilies, lotus plants are not only lovely to look at, but also entrenched in deep symbolic meaning. If you’re curious about the meaning of lotus flower, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this captivating plant. 

What Does Lotus Mean?

pink lotus flower

The national flower of India and Vietnam, the lotus flower is often confused with true water lilies. However, this species belongs to a separate genus. 

Lotus flowers are part of the Nelumbo nucifera species. Nelumbo is a Sinhalese word meant to describe this flower specifically. 

What Do Lotus Flowers Symbolize?

The lotus flower is one of the most popular flowers in Asia and East Asia. In many cultures, the this flower is a symbol of purity because it grows from mud to bloom into something beautiful. It is also known for being a reminder that life can be both good and bad at times but will still grow into something better than before. 

Lotus flowers are a symbol of peace and purity. They represent the beauty that can be found in nature, even when we find ourselves surrounded by chaos. In Buddhism, they represent enlightenment and it is not uncommon to see them used in Buddhist ceremonies or temples around the world.

white lotus

Some people use them to signify rebirth, because the lotus plants grow out of mud and water and bloom into beautiful flowers above the surface. Others believe that lotus symbolism is related to purity, so a lotus flower may be a good choice if you want something pure in your life.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Lotus Flower?

In many other cultures, the lotus flower has medicinal and culinary purposes. In Korea, lotus flower tea is made from dried flower petals, while the stamens are also utilized to make an even more fragrant herbal tea. The leaves, stems, and seeds are all eaten in dishes like salads, steamed rice, and other meals, too.

lotus flower meaning

Ancient Egypt

The lotus flower was known as Seshen during this time, and people used to think that the flower would give them strength and power, therefore, they needed to cultivate it. 

Besides, it was seen as a symbol of rebirth, because it would open and close its petals throughout the day and night. 


pink lotus bud

In Buddhism, a lotus flower is a symbol of purity. It is often given as a gift to show someone that they are free from negativity and have achieved enlightenment. It represents the triumph of good over evil, as well as spiritual growth in Buddhism.

For Buddhists, this flower can be seen as a mirror that reflects a person’s spiritual journey. The beginnings of a Lotus plant have been compared to the samsara, which is the suffering that spirits have when they are still attached to their egos.

It has been said that when Buddha was born, lots of lotus flowers started to appear nearby him, thus, this religion has an important connection with this flower. 


lotus flower meaning

The lotus flower is often seen as a divine and pure symbol. Also, very important gods and goddesses of this religion are often portrayed with lotus flowers. 

It has also been stated that when the god Brahma was born, a lotus flower emerged from another god called Vishnu. Lastly, the god Krishna is often referred to as ‘’The Lotus-Eyed One’’. 

Lotus Flowers Symbolism by Color

White Lotus

The white lotus flower is often associated with purity and spiritual enlightenment. They symbolize the journey of overcoming obstacles to achieve spiritual awakening.

Red Lotus

Red lotus represents passionate love, desire, and compassion. It symbolizes a deep, heartfelt connection and the willingness to sacrifice for others.

These flowers symbolize strength, fortitude, and the ability to overcome adversity. It promotes tenacity and resilience in the face of hardship.

The red lotus can also signify spiritual awakening and the transformation of our inner selves. It represents the burning away of our ego and the emergence of our true potential.

Pink Lotus

Pink lotus embodies love, devotion, and tender affection. It symbolizes the delicate balance between passion and compassion, representing a nurturing and supportive love.

Pink is often associated with feminine energy, grace, and elegance. The pink lotus signifies inner beauty and a gentle, compassionate nature.

Yellow Lotus

The yellow lotus symbolizes intelligence, mental clarity, and wisdom. It represents curiosity, open-mindedness, and a hunger for knowledge.

These flowers relate to the development of our intellect and spiritual perfection. It represents the journey of learning, comprehension, and enlightenment.

Blue Lotus

Blue lotus emanates tranquillity, calm, and harmony. It represents inner serenity, knowledge, and the capacity to find peace in the midst of chaos.

The blue lotus is connected with spiritual progress and the attainment of immortality in several cultures. It represents the everlasting essence of the soul as well as the cycle of life and death.

What is the Symbolism of a Lotus Flower Tattoo?

A lotus flower tattoo is often a symbol of spirituality, rebirth, and purity. The roots of the lotus flower are in muddy water but it blooms into something beautiful above ground. It’s a representation that through perseverance we can rise out of any situation and become better than before.

Lotus flower tattoos are often associated with spiritual awakening and purity. The lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, and the Native American spiritual tradition. 

The lotus flower has long been seen as a symbol of beauty because of its ability to grow in unique settings – typically where no other plant can grow. It also blooms out of what seems to be nothing but mud at first glance. This flower symbolism carries over into tattoo culture as well;

When Should You Give Someone a Lotus Flower?

If you are looking to give someone a lotus flower, it is important that you know when the best time to do so is. Lotus flowers are available year-round, but they have different meanings depending on what season they’re given in. For example, if you were to give someone a lotus flower during the winter months then this would be a symbol of hope and renewal for the coming springtime.

If you give someone a lotus flower, it may mean that you want them to remember all the good things they have done or experienced so far in their lives and not focus on the bad ones.

Keep in mind, however, that giving a lotus flower can be seen as an insult to some people because it symbolizes death. More often than not, though, these flowers have positive connotations, so give away. Lotus flowers are also often given as gifts for weddings, births or other happy occasions that celebrate the beauty of life.

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