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Pansy Flower Meaning And Symbolism of Each Color

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A delicate yet easy to grow flower, the pansy is prized by growers all over the world for its charm, versatility, and gorgeous array of flower colors. This lovely pansy flower is closed related to the violet, a wildflower grown in Europe.

Though pansy flowers have humble beginnings, it is a plant with deep symbolic meaning. Here’s what you should be aware of when considering the hidden meanings of this plant.

What Does Pansy Mean?

The word “pansy” is derived from the mid-15th century French word “penser,” which means to think or ponder. The pansy flower meaning can differ according to the color variety.

In the language of flowers, pansy flowers mean different things depending on which different colors you’re talking about. They can symbolize free thinking, represent happiness, or even serve as love flowers (in fact, pansies were once used in love potions in Victorian times!)

A member of the Violaceae family, this perennial plant was created in the form we recognize today by crossing wild pansies with more popularly cultivated flower species. It’s no surprise, then, that they look like other plants in the Violaceae family, like violas and violets.

The scientific name for this plant is Viola tricolor var. hortensis. Among the many other interesting facts about these beautiful flowers is that they have deep historical significance. 

They have profound anti inflammatory properties. They make a great gift for a loved one and their long lasting blooms serve as a symbol of love throughout the year. Of course, they’re a gorgeous addition to your flower beds, too. They grow best in well drained soil and bloom best in the first year. 

In warm climates, they may live to a second year, but generally are cultivated only as annuals.

What Do Pansies Symbolize?

violet pansies

Most often, pansies are used to symbolize loving feelings. You can give a pansy flower to just about anyone whom you hold dear to your heart. The ideal gift for a mother, partner, or friend, it is best used as a symbol of platonic love. 

They are also used to symbolize romantic love. Wild pansies are referred to in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” where the fairy Puck makes a love potion from the blooms.

Pansies can also represent free-thinking and consideration. These pansy flowers are often regarded as get well blooms. Pansies can show that you sympathize with someone’s pain and distress.

These pansy blooms are also the birth flowers for the month of February. There is significant variation in the meaning of a pansy depending on its color, too.

What Does a Yellow Pansy Mean?

Yellow pansies are common pansy flowers to give to someone who is going through a rough patch in life. This is because the color yellow is viewed as a symbol of joy, positive energy, and happiness.

What Does a Purple Pansy Symbolize?

Purple pansies used to symbolize nobility, beauty, and royalty. Purple pansy is one of the most common pansy flowers. Another closely related color is that of pink pansies.

What Does a Red Pansy Mean?

Red pansies usually symbolize love, romance, and affection. Red pansies are quintessential love flowers, used to symbolize romantic love.

What Does an Orange Pansy Symbolize?

The Orange pansy flower isn’t as common as some other colors, but usually, they are going to symbolize joy, happiness, and optimism. Orange pansies are often used in salads as edible decorations.

What Does a White Pansy Mean?

White pansy flowers, as with most white pansy flower varieties, symbolize spirituality, innocence, and purity. White pansies are also often used as edible decorations.

Because of their plain and basic appearance, white pansies were some of the most commonly used when making a love potion in days gone by. They are often used in religious ceremonies, too.

What Does a Blue Pansy Represent?

Blue pansies usually symbolize loyalty and honesty. Blue pansy flowers are also incredibly beautiful to look at as well.

Blue pansies are often used to symbolize forbidden love and mystery as well. The blue pansy flower isn’t the most common, but these are some of the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever find!

What is the Cultural Significance of a Pansy?

In traditional Victorian England, the pansy flower has a deep symbolic flower meaning.

Most pansies were used to symbolize secret courting. As was common in those times, any outward display of passion or love was seriously frowned upon. To communicate with romantic partners, pansies were used, passed in a bundle of herbs wrapped in a doily.

The flowers have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Every part of the plant is edible and provides a good source of nutrients. They were once used to prevent cancerous tumors.

In ancient Greece, pansies were believed to take the heat out of a livid heart. Pliny, the Roman scholar, also wrote that pansies could help relieve headaches and dizziness.

The official symbol of Osaka, Japan, pansies have been referenced in all kinds of literature and other cultural works.

What is the Symbolism of a Pansy Tattoo?

Because pansies are such delicate flowers, pansy tattoos are usually used to signify thoughtfulness and love. They can symbolize other things, too, depending on their colors, such as thought or remembrance.

It’s really up to you to decide which meaning/symbolism you want to convey with your pansy flowers when you get a tattoo. As you now know, the pansy flower meaning varies depending on the different pansy colors. 

While red pansies are best for symbolizing love, the yellow pansy flower is better for platonic friendship. And purple pansies, again, symbolize nobility and grace. 

When Should You Give Someone a Pansy?

Now that you know the pansy flower meaning and symbolism based on common pansy flower colors, you might be wondering when to give one of these blooms.

Pansies are wonderful flowers to give on many occasions. They can brighten the day of anybody who receives them. You could give pansies to someone who is going through a rough time, helping to calm them and renew their energy. If they have a birthday in February, you can also give them a pansy since it’s the birth flower of that month.

The pansy flower meaning has so much to offer. If you’re unsure of what to give as a gift for a loved one, why not give them some pansy flowers? Whether you choose pink pansies, purple pansies, blue pansies, or even yellow pansies, you really can’t go wrong with a stunning bouquet of pansy flowers!

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