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Rose Campion (Silene coronaria): Types, How to Grow and Care

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Many gardeners love rose campion plants as their flowers brighten up any space. This flower’s blooms can be pink, white, or magenta but the combination of their dark soft foliage and petals is what makes them so beautiful.

Rose campion (scientifically known as Silene coronaria) is native to the Middle East, Europe, and the northern countries in the African continent.

Read on and discover this interesting plant.

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Basic Facts about Rose Campion

  • Rose campion plant tends to grow up to 3 feet tall. They are small plants that do not take much space, so they can be easily paired with other types of flowers.
  • Each blossom will only last one day.
  • This flower is also referred to as Lychnis coronaria, which is the Greek word for ‘’lamp.’’ This is very significant, as, in ancient times, the leaves of this plant were used to make wicks.
  • Rose campion is considered to be a perennial plant.
  • The lychnis coronaria plant will do best in the US Department of Agriculture zones 5 to 9.

lychnis coronaria

How To Grow Rose Campion

Soil Requirements

Rose campion needs to have well-drained soil. Be careful with water near their roots, as they can suffer from root rot if they are exposed to water for long periods of time.

Sun Exposure

Even though this flower will survive if they are planted in a slightly shaded area, they definitely prefer to be fully exposed to the sun.

Water Needs

They need to be watered once a week. These plants are hardy, and they will thrive even in the middle of droughts!


It is important to note that rose campion flower will self-sow after they bloom. This means they will rapidly spread out in any garden or area. In fact, some people consider them as invasive species, as they grow aggressively.

If you would like to avoid this, you need to prune the plants in order to avoid them from releasing their seeds. Once the plant blooms, you need to deadhead it, and soon the plants will die off.

Silene coronaria

Types of Rose Campion Flowers

A number of varieties are available as follows:

Abbotsford Rose

As its name suggests, this plant has rose-colored flowers that can grow up to 3 feet in height.


This variety has white flowers. It can grow up to 2 feet in height, but it is a slow grower.

Sky Rose

This flower has an intense blue color.

Angel Blush

This variety has white flowers and a pink tint in the center of the plant.


One of the most common type, this flower has bright magenta petals.

Flora Plena

This is the only variety of rose campion that has double petals.



The Lychnis coronaria plant is a low-maintenance perennial flower. This flower is a champion in the field, as it can withstand severe droughts, extreme weather, and pests and diseases. No other plant is as resistant as this flower.

In addition, rose campions are easy to grow, even for new gardeners. They will bring joy and color to any space!

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