Zodiac Flowers and Plants for Any Astrological Sign

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Flowers are much more than just colorful blooms with delightful scents. They are a representation of nature’s beauty and variety through eye-catching designs and beautiful stems. But what if flowers are also a symbol of a person’s character? 

If you are a fan of astrology, you are probably used to matching each zodiac sign to a distinct personality trait. You will be surprised to know that zodiac signs have their flowers and houseplants too!

Astrology is the ancient practice of making predictions about everyday life based on the position of celestial bodies in the sky. This subject is still controversial and unknown to science. Yet, everything in a person’s day-to-day life can be matched to planets and signs, and so can flowers. 

colorful ornamental garden

Connecting the human soul to plants is a very ancient practice, dating back to the Renaissance and Middle Ages. This is the focus of Astrological Botany, which uses plants or seeds for medicinal purposes based on the positions of the planets and other heavenly bodies. 

Even though your birthday’s zodiac sign may not rule your destiny, it may offer a peek inside your personality and way of living by matching them with the best flowers around.

Why Plant Based on Astrology?

Picking flowers based on your zodiac sign can be a fun way to grow a garden that reflects your personality. You do not necessarily need to be a believer in what the stars have to say. You can enjoy using zodiac birth flowers to make choices about what to plant the same way you would choose a gemstone for each personality trait.

white garden rose

Using flowers that match the zodiac is also a unique idea to gift someone with a personalized plant. Alternatively, if you are planning to grow your garden or windowsill, choosing plants associated with your sign is a great way to start. 

Have you ever felt more connected to certain flowers over others? Your zodiac sign may be involved. Read our guide below and explore some of the zodiac flowers that match your sign!  

Here Are The Best Flowers and Plants Based On Your Astrological Sign:

1. Aries Flower


If you are an Aries, the honeysuckle is your key flower. This flower grows in early spring and adapts well to cold temperatures. Rumor has it that if you place honeysuckle under a pillow, you will have pleasant dreams overnight and an enhanced mood in the morning.

An Aries is full of optimism and empathy towards others. Aside from being strong and determined, these people are naturally enticing and charming.

Just like the Aries flower honeysuckle catches the eye of the viewer, Aries people demand to be noticed by others and are always ready to find innovative solutions to problems. You should plant honeysuckles where their sweet perfume can be easily spotted: by a door, an arched gateway, or window.

2. Taurus Flower

pink poppy flowers

Poppy flowers belong to those who are born a Taurus, and they embody compassion, strength, and willingness to fight. If you are a Taurean and you firmly believe in something, you know how to keep your feet on the ground and make your voice heard.

Poppy flowers send out beauty and positivity. They are also resilient and able to withstand stormy situations, just like Taureans. The seeds of this Taurus flower are a common ingredient to bake bread and cakes and to produce poppy seed oil.

History tells that white poppies were left on battlefields as a sign of death and rebirth back in World War I. On the other hand, bright-red poppies symbolize fallen warriors and are the emblem of the US Veteran’s Day commemoration.

3. Gemini Flower

lavender bush

Geminis are sociable and like to engage with dozens of friends. The main Gemini flower is the fragrant lavender, whose scent spreads wide so that everyone can enjoy it. Geminis like to jump to a variety of hobbies, careers, and even social groups.

Lavender is a highly versatile herb. You can use it for medicinal purposes, as a beauty product, or even as part of your kitchen recipes. This flower brings elegance to your garden and it is easy to grow; it only needs dry climates and constant watering. 

Just like lavender, Gemini people exude calmness and serenity. They are also productive, creative, and with a constantly active mind. In this regard, lavender is also known for easing anxiety and is a natural remedy against sleep deprivation.

4. Cancer Flower

white rose flower

This sign is represented by the white rose. It symbolizes innocence, purity, and youthfulness, which are all qualities that perfectly suit the sensitive Cancers. People of this sign prefer to stick to their habits, enjoying adventures only rarely.

White roses are elegant and delicate, with a natural healing power that brings warmth from within. Their qualities resemble the character of Cancers, who tend to not speak their feelings until you slowly realize what is in their hearts.

When you plant white roses, make sure they are exposed to the sun at least six hours a day. These Cancer zodiac flowers must also be well-drained, as they grow beautifully when the soil is fertile. White roses are fairly low-maintenance and look beautiful in a bush or individual container.

5. Leo Flower

common sunflower

The only sign that matches the energy and outgoing character of Gemini is Leo. People born under this sign bring a smile to everyone they meet, so it is no doubt that the Leo flower is the sunflower. 

Leos have a deep sense of faith and their warm personality compares to the heat of the summer. People born under this sign have a strong sense of destiny, they are faithful and with a deep sense of purpose.

Sunflowers are captivating and beautifully portray the life of Leos. While they are blooming, these flowers move towards the sun but stop once the blooming ends. Leo’s character is very similar: his personality unfolds gradually until he shines.

6. Virgo Flower

buttercup flower

Virgos are neat and organized and with a natural eye for detail. The subtly beautiful buttercup flower represents this sign in every shape and meaning. You can see nectar at the bottom of the petals. This unique trait makes buttercup flowers an easy target for many insects, and it is very helpful for pollination. 

Buttercups are famously known for being poisonous to humans and animals. Coincidentally, Virgos always strive for perfection, but their virtues often contrast with their tendency to be critical of others who do not follow the rules. 

Because of such a strict attitude, Virgos are unable to fully relax and enjoy quiet moments. Buttercups as a Virgo flower are very analytical, observant, and thoughtful by nature. The buttercup denotes two virtues that are highly associated with Virgos: a sense of stability and precision.

7. Libra Flower

hydrangea shrub

Hydrangea is the Libra birth flower. People under this sign are charming and romantic, with a gentle nature that perfectly matches the flower. Although they are a low-maintenance plant, applying proper care will make you enjoy their beauty even longer.

Libra is one of the most desirable zodiac signs. The symbol of the scale personifies balance and harmony, just like hydrangeas represent the balance of opposites.

Hydrangeas are excellent either in a group or planted around the borders of containers. Their strong stems and star-shaped pom-poms bloom in both Spring and Summer, so they will be a garden showstopper in the warmest times of the year.

8. Scorpio Flower

white geranium plants

Just like geraniums have many petals, a Scorpio’s personality has many sides and they never let people know what they are thinking. These people tend to be emotionally serious and very intuitive.

Geraniums are considered a protective flower that symbolizes friendship and good health. You can plant them in the spring after the last cold days or even overwinter them indoors within containers.

These bright red and pink blooms are mainly used as ornamental plants and to add color to window boxes and container gardens. Whenever you touch their leaves, geraniums will release their fragrance. If you are ready to plant your geranium seeds, wait until the end of the frost and the start of the Spring.

9. Sagittarius Flower

sweet william carnation flowers

Sagittarius are lovely individuals, optimistic and hilarious. There is no other flower that can represent this sign other than carnations, considered the emblem of warmth and affection. Just like carnations, those born under this sign are strong and of a beautiful spirit.

This Sagittarius flower is the perfect depiction of love between two people, which is why carnations are among the most popular choices at weddings. 

If you are planning to embellish your garden with a colorful flower, you should opt for carnations. These plants are versatile, and you can plant them either in containers or in flower beds. As long as you water them regularly, you can enjoy these stems for several weeks.

10. Capricorn Flower

pansy plants

Capricorns enjoy displaying their hard work. They are known for being determined and tenacious, and they are probably the most serious and devoted of all twelve zodiac signs. The flower that symbolizes this sign is the Pansy. 

The name of this Capricorn flower derives from the French word pensée, though. Pansies are also called ‘the thinker’s flower’, which suits the deep-thinking nature of a Capricorn. People born under this sign are firm in their decisions and do not let anybody step on them.

Pansy flowers symbolize critical thinking, nostalgia, as well as love and admiration. If you know a Capricorn person that you admire for their intellect, gifting them with a pansy flower is the perfect option. 

11. Aquarius Flower

orchids in different colors

Aquarians are incredibly dreamy and energetic, especially around friends they can trust. They can sometimes be quiet and also wonderfully intelligent. Such a strong sign needs a flower that matches its personality. This is when orchids come to play.

Lighting is key if you want to grow amazing orchids and getting them to bloom the following years too. This flower likes a lot of indirect light, the best spot to place it is near a sunny window, or by a windowsill.

An orchid’s tall appearance is the emblem of pride and uniqueness, which is why they fit so well with a unique sign like the Aquarius.

This Aquarius flower does not need constant watering – once a week is enough. Just make sure you always keep it under a bright light area.

12. Pisces Flower

blue waterlily

It is no surprise that water lilies are the flower representation of this zodiac sign. Water Lilies are the emblem of beauty and purity, which makes them perfect for a spiritual sign such as Pisces.

Both the sign and the flower have water as a common symbol, which is why they go so well together. People who are born Pisces are very friendly, are outgoing, and enjoy the company of others. They like to help those in need and they can go above and beyond when somebody needs support.

Water lilies can survive in the water for a long time through different adaptations. For instance, their big leaves always stay afloat, absorbing sunlight and favoring photosynthesis. The underside of these leaves has thorns, which protect the flower against predators. 

Astrological Flowers and Plants – a Fun Insightful Way to Garden!

Astrology is as controversial as fascinating. Any knowledge of the position of celestial bodies is used to interpret aspects of human behavior or people’s existence on Earth. Regardless of its controversies, many people refer to zodiac signs daily, finding a meaning for their actions.

Although most people know that for each sign there are corresponding traits, likes, and even numbers, very few are aware that signs also have an astrological flower. When it comes to the language of flowers, specific flowers are more appealing to certain signs, reflecting specific personality traits and qualities.

After reading our guide, you are ready to dig deeper into your zodiac traits and find the best matching flower. Even If you are not the person who reads the horoscope every morning, you cannot ignore the fun behind learning what the stars have in store for you.

Each zodiac symbol encompasses unique preferences, colors, and strategic flower types, which will help you create the perfect garden that suits your astrological sign. You can take inspiration for a personalized gift. Just step into a flower shop and start exploring these horoscope flowers!

If you’re interested in flower meanings, check out our guide about birth flowers by month.

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