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Bluebell Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Also referred to as harebells, bluebell flowers are some of the most lovely you can behold. Although you might not attach any kind of intrinsic meaning to the lower beyond its sheer beauty, there is more to this delicate plant than what initially meets the eye.

Here’s what you need to know about the bluebell flower’s meaning.

What Does Bluebell Mean?

The bluebell flower or Common Bluebell falls within the Hyacinthoides family, a genus of flowering plants in the Asparagaceae family. These are all referred to as bluebells. 

The flower gets its name as a translation from the Greek phrase, “unmarked hyacinth.” This distinguishes it from regular hyacinths, which were said to spring forth from Hyacinthus as he died in Greek mythology. 

What Do Bluebell Flowers Symbolize?

Usually, bluebell flowers symbolize gratitude and humility. However, they can also symbolize constancy and everlasting love. 

Almost always, bluebells are blue and they’re one of the most common flowers with blue color. However, there are some that are a bit off-white. In this case, bluebells can also be associated with images of spirituality and purity, a common connotation for white flowers.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Bluebell?

The bluebell is a flower that, though simple in nature and appearance, is entrenched in deep cultural significance. In Scotland, for example, the flowers are actually referred to as “harebells.” This is because it was believed that witches turned themselves into hares and hid among these flowers. 

In Victorian culture, bluebells were viewed as a way to communicate your feelings and thoughts – usually, those related to humility  – to others. This is probably because the flowers appear to bow modestly as they tip down on the flower spikes. 

Bluebells were often used to call in fairies, too. You could “ring” a bluebell like you would a normal bell and the fairies would come to you. However, there was also a superstition that if you heard a bluebell ring, somebody close to you could die. 

Therefore, during medieval times, bluebells were feared when they were viewed growing en masse in a field. Most people would stay far away from these fields as a result, wary that fairies would cast a bad luck spell upon you if you got any closer! 

What is the Symbolism of a Bluebell Tattoo?

Usually, this delicate flower, when chosen as a tattoo, will symbolize gratitude, humility, and enduring love. Gratitude tends to be the most common meaning, however, but enduring love is often chosen as a symbol for a tattoo when it is paired with someone’s name.

When Should You Give Someone a Bluebell?

Bluebell flowers tend to bloom in late April to early May, making them a good flower to give to somebody at this time. 

*Photo by PantherMediaSeller/depositphotos

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