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Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Usually referred to as a mum, the Chrysanthemum flower is a beautiful plant used in landscaping. Also a popular cut flower, this gorgeous bloom has a humble appearance, but powerful symbolic meaning. 

You might give Chrysanthemum flowers to others simply because you believe they are beautiful⁠—as many people do⁠—but there is plenty of deeply hidden symbolism to this plant that you need to be aware of, too.

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What Does Chrysanthemum Mean?

It’s easy to remember the scientific name for the Chrysanthemum flower since it is the same as the common name⁠—Chrysanthemum! This is not something you’ll always find in botany. 

Interestingly, though, there are several exhibition varieties of the Chrysanthemum flower that are used by florists. These are divided into their own genus, Dendranthema.

Usually, the mums that you grow in your backyard are part of the Chrysanthemum genus while those sold at flower shops are Dendranthema. 

yellow chrysanthemum flowers

However, regardless of the scientific name, all Chrysanthemum flowers share a common Greek naming. The word “Chrysos” means gold, and “Anthemon” means flower.

The name reflects both the beauty and symbolism of the flower, which is most frequently found in shades of orange and yellow. 

What Do Chrysanthemums Symbolize?

Chrysanthemum flowers are most commonly used to symbolize friendship, and not just a passing friendship, but one that is truly meaningful. This gorgeous flower can also symbolize trust among friends as well.

Following that trend, the Chrysanthemum flower can be used to symbolize loyalty and devoted love. This loyalty can be toward a friend or a romantic partner⁠—the flower is also used to symbolize romantic or platonic affection.

The flower is often used as a general symbol of positive energy. This is why it is often used to cheer someone up at a time of need, but it can also just be used to make a day more beautiful and enjoyable. Chrysanthemum flowers are used to symbolize other common themes like rebirth and enduring life, too. 

white chrysanthemum with yellow center

Chrysanthemum Symbolism & Colors

What Does a White Chrysanthemum Flower Mean?

White Chrysanthemums symbolize purity, spirituality, and innocence. They can really be gifted to anyone at any time. 

What Does a Red Chrysanthemum Flower Symbolize?

Red Chrysanthemums are perfect gifts for Valentine’s day. They can symbolize friendship and devotion but usually symbolize stronger emotions, like romantic love and deep passion.

What Do Pink Chrysanthemums Mean?

Give someone a Chrysanthemum flower, and you will most likely be giving it as a symbol of love and devotion. You would give this color flower to someone you really love or like a lot. 

What Does a Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Represent?

Yellow Chrysanthemums usually symbolize joy and happy life. 

What Does the Orange Chrysanthemum Flower Mean?

The orange chrysanthemums are associated with positive attributes such as warmth, enthusiasm, and energy. They can symbolize optimism and long life, making them a popular choice in floral arrangements to convey joy and positive emotions.

What is the Cultural Significance of a chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum meanings vary per country, but color isn’t the only factor. The Chrysanthemum flower has serious cultural significance, grown in many regions around the world, and valued for its symbolic implications. 

In Australia, for instance, Chrysanthemum flowers are often given on Mother’s Day. Victorian cultures considered it a flower that was strictly given to commemorate friendship. It could also be given to people to help them get well.

Chrysanthemums are commonly used as a sign of sadness and sympathy throughout Europe, notably in France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and other nations. They are only offered as a symbol of sympathy and sadness and are exclusively used for memorials, funeral wreaths, and cemetery decorations.

The chrysanthemum is the most commercially produced flower in the United States and is renowned as the “Queen of Fall Flowers.”

In Japan, the Chrysanthemum flower represents the imperial family of the Emperor. However, in New Orleans, the beautiful flower is only used for All Saints Day celebrations. People in Japan also drink from wine glasses with a single chrysanthemum flower at the bottom to increase their chances of living a long and happy life.

Finally, in Chinese culture, the Chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of the dead and is often referred to as one of the Four Gentlemen in Chinese culture, frequently used as a symbol in artworks. 

In fact, the flower was first grown in China, where it was cultivated from wild blossoms. The Chinese word for chrysanthemum is “Chu.” The Chinese city of Chu-Hsien (Chrysanthemum City) was named after this life-giving flower.

What is the Symbolism of a Chrysanthemum Tattoo?

Chrysanthemum tattoos are most popular when chosen as symbols of rebirth. Since they are often given at events like weddings, baptisms, births, and birthdays, these flowers can also symbolize new beginnings, joy, and peace. Overall, a chrysanthemum tattoo has very positive connotations. 

When Should You Give Someone a Chrysanthemum?

Although you can give a Chrysanthemum flower to anybody at just about any time of the year, the best time to do so is when you have a friend who is facing some kind of obstacle or has experienced a life-altering event.

Chrysanthemum is also an official flower for November birthdays, so if you have any friends or family members that have birthday in this month, you can give them this flower.

Chrysanthemums signify life and rebirth in Asia, making them ideal gifts for baby showers.

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