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Top 10 Nationwide Online Flower Delivery Services in the United States

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A gorgeous flower arrangement can brighten up any occasion. Whether it’s your wife’s birthday, your daughter’s wedding, or simply a Christmas dinner with your friends down the road, investing in the right arrangement can make any event all the more special.

But if you don’t live near a florist – or aren’t aware of any good options near you – how can you be expected to make a choice?

Luckily, there are plenty of online flower delivery services that can take the guesswork out of it for you. These companies bring the forest, most gorgeous blooms directly to your door – no driving required.

Here are the top ten nationwide online flower delivery services in the United States – as well as some tips on what to look for. 

The Quick Guide: Best Companies to Order and Send Fresh Flowers Online

In a rush? Skip the full read. Here are the top ten online flower delivery services in the United States.

Best ForCompany
OverallThe Bouqs Co
Same Day Delivery1-800-Flowers
Classic BouquetsFlorists’ Transworld Delivery
Contemporary BouquetUrbanStems
WreathsHarry & David
SubscriptionsBloomsy Box
CraftingEnjoy Flowers

1. The Bouqs Co.

Bouqs isn’t just fun to say – it’s also a fantastic company. This brand offers a vast array of arrangements for just about every special occasion. However, it doesn’t need to be a holiday for you to order from them. It can be just an average day! An arrangement from Bouqs is sure to make things special.

Regardless Of your personal tastes or preferences, Bouqs offers it all. These plants and flowers are all sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly farms. Next-day delivery is available, with season la options like the Valentine’s Day arrangement the most popular among its customers.

However, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to buy. Bouqs also has traditional bouquets, such as Always, which features multiple stems of bright red roses. There are even sympathy packages.

As mentioned, Bouqs partners with environmentally-friendly farmers all over the world. For example, the Farm to Table Boquet includes stems that were cut within 24 hours of when you submitted your order, then shipped by the same farmers who cut the flowers themselves- no middleman involved. There’s no waste, either, as Bouq’s only cuts the flowers that it is going to sell.

Bouqs offers so many packages that it will be hard to pick just one! Therefore, the company also has a subscription package so that you can have the freshest flowers delivered directly to you as often as you want. It’s a great gift for a close friend or family member – or even just an easy way to treat yourself.


Just because you’re a broke gifter doesn’t mean you should have to skimp on quality! is one of the best options if you’re looking for an inexpensive arrangement. 

In addition to selling bouquets in gift-wrapped boxes, also sells unique things like live plants (including mini-orchids and daffodils), fruit bouquets, and decadent chocolate-covered strawberries. 

There are countless arrangements under $50, many of which come with decorative vases. You’ll get inexpensive flowers with high quality for all kinds of ages and occasions. 

3. ProFlowers

There’s nothing worse than ordering a bouquet of flowers and having them show up the next day, completely wilted and lifeless. ProFlowers only sources the freshest, most beautiful flowers from local florists.

They’re affordable, too. There are many bouquets and arrangements under $50, with special arrangements for birthdays, weddings, sympathy, and more. Flowers are delivered by hand and grown from the finest bulbs with the best soil, light, and water conditions possible. 

When you order these flowers, you’ll get a free personalized gift message and peace of mind in knowing that your gift will show up looking just as beautiful as you imagined it would be.

4. 1-800-Flowers

If you’ve heard of any of the online flower delivery services on this list, it’s probably 1-800-Flowers. This company is known for its (somewhat) cheesy and retro commercials, but this venerable delivery service continues to take the world by storm. A forty-year-old organization, it is family-owned, offering chocolates, teddy bears, and other tokens of your appreciation along with flowers. 

1-800 Flowers not only offers same-day delivery on a wide variety of classic arrangements, like the Crimson Rose Bouquet, but it also has seasonal arrangements and holiday centerpieces. If farm-fresh flowers are what you have in mind, you can choose from a selection of locally grown stems, too. There are even succulents and houseplants for sale!

The company even has a mobile app to make it easier for you to expedite your order. You can sign up to receive flowers each month, which will save you up to 45% and also provide for free shipping. 

5. Florists’ Transworld Delivery

Founded in 1910, Florists’ Transworld Delivery, or FTD Flowers, is a delivery service with a large selection of traditional bouquet as well as more out-of-the-box centerpieces. The company partners with more than 35,000 florists in 125 countries so that you can send a bouquet from practically anywhere. 

The company is a top pick when it comes to purchasing classic arrangements for the holidays, but there are plenty of floral arrangements to choose from during other times of the year, too. Same– or next-day delivery is available on many products, but if you’re planning on order for a holiday, you will want to order well in advance.

All bouquets are crafted just for you – and handmade. In addition, FTD sells products like chocolates, succulents, and live plants, too. FTD is affordable, with arrangements shipped in beautiful containers and vases and a large assortment that cost no more than fifty dollars. There are even potted plants for sale! 

6. UrbanStems

If classic rose floral arrangements make you yawn in boredom, you should consider ordering flowers from UrbanStems. This company offers a variety of unique, modern arrangements that incorporate one-of-a-kind designs, colors, and flowers. 

This company delivers all over the country, with some of the most popular arrangements including the Amado – which features fresh flowers such as ranunculus, snapdragon, tree fern, and freesia – and dried floral arrangements like the Claire. You can also sign up for delivery on live plants, like snake plants, along with arrangements like wreaths and centerpieces.

UrbanStems offers next-day delivery every day except Sunday and Monday to anywhere in the continental United States. If you’re lucky enough to live near Washington, D.C. or New York City, you can also pay for same-day delivery. However, it’s recommended that you order in advance of an occasion to ensure on-time delivery. 

Like many of the other online flower delivery services we’ve discussed, UrbanStems is another company that offers regular subscription plans. You can receive plants or flowers at any time of the year on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis. 

UrbanStems also works with sustainable farmers to get some of the broadest selections of stems imaginable. All farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring that the blooms are sourced from thoughtful, sustainable farms.

The flowers are sure to be a talking point at your next family gathering! 

7. Harry and David

Harry & David technically isn’t a florist and is instead more well-known for its gift baskets. However, this retailer also has a wide array of flower arrangements and holiday wreaths, too.

We’re not just talking Christmas wreaths, either. You can find all kinds of unique wreaths made out of materials like eucalyptus, reindeer moss, yarrow, faux roses, and of course, the classic boxwood and evergreen, too. 

The company works with small farmers all over the country, including Teufel Holly Farms in Oregon and Creekside Farms in California. 

8. Bloomsy Box

If you constantly find yourself scratching your head in confusion over what to get your mother-in-law who has everything for Christmas, a floral subscription box might be the way to go. Bloomsy Box offers monthly delivery services of both fresh flower arrangements and fresh flowers. You can give month after month of gorgeous arrangements! 

You’ll have several options when you sign up, too. Bloomsy Box offers hand-tied bouquets from some of the country’s most popular and most sustainable farms. Delivery is available on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. You can choose from premium, deluxe, and original plans, with the more expensive plans yielding more flowers per delivery. 

9. Enjoy Flowers

If you love creating your own floral arrangements, wreaths, and crafts, you might want to consider a delivery service such as Enjoy Flowers. The DIY Collection championed by this company is a subscription service that offers a new array of flowers delivered on a regular basis.

You can sign up for deliveries on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. All the flowers that are sent will be of a complementary nature so that you can work them into an arrangement or craft of your own choosing. Three sizes are available, with options ranging from 20 to 40 stems. 

Enjoy Flowers also offers signature and farm-fresh subscription services so that you can receive hand-tied bouquets on a regular basis, too.

10. has a pretty basic website that might leave you wondering whether this online flower delivery service is legit. But trust us – it is. Plus, it’s one of the best online flower delivery services for Valentine’s Day.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, has more than 20 years of experience in the floral and gift basket industry. The company works with suppliers all over the world to offer the highest level of service to online customers. 

There are plenty of choices for special occasions, including birthday bouquets, anniversary arrangements, wedding arrangements, and vases to welcome a new baby.

However, Valentine’s Day arrangements are some of the most spectacular. You can express your everlasting love with beautiful arrangements like Always in Love, which includes a dozen red roses and is guaranteed to be fresh and luxurious when it arrives on your beloved’s doorstep.

How to Choose The Best Online Florist?

Familiarize Yourself with the Company’s Website

Don’t settle for the first website you click on! Be willing to shop around, especially if you’re looking for a bargain. Once you find a website you like, if you have time to spare, visit a few times. The more you visit a site, the more often you will stumble upon special price cuts, coupons, and other discounts.

Don’t Forget About Shipping

While some of the flower delivery services we will tell you about offer free shipping, others do not – and those costs can rack up, especially if you want same- or next-day delivery. If you really want to save money and purchase flowers regularly, it might be worth investing in a subscription service. These are offered by many of the florists we will tell you about below. 

Plan Ahead for Major Holidays

Visit any major florist’s website, and you’ll see multiple warnings about ordering well in advance of a holiday. If you can plan ahead for holidays and have your order arrive a few days before the expected event (be it Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day), you’ll be much better off. Not only will you not have to worry about your shipment arriving late, but you can save some money on delivery costs, too. 

Variety is Important

When you’re shopping for an online flower delivery service, go with one that offers a wide variety of blooms. This way, you’ll have plenty of options regardless of the occasion. The arrangements should have a good sense of color and bloom size, along with options like bouquets that are suitable for people with allergies and other unique needs. 

Choose Seasonal Blooms

Unless you have your heart set on an out-of-season pick, try to choose flowers that are in season. Not only can this save you some money, but often, it can save you some time. Your order can be filled more quickly if you’re hoping for rushed delivery.

For more types of flowers and their seasons, check our blog for more!

Check the Reviews

Always pick an online flower delivery service with a trusted reputation. Read the reviews so that you’ll know you are making the right choice. In particular, you’ll want to check the company’s rating in regards to on-time delivery and freshness, along with customer service and conflict resolution. 

FAQs About Online Flower Delivery Services in the United States

Q: Can flowers be sent internationally?

In some cases, yes! Most nationwide online flower delivery services in the United States also have shipping options to foreign countries, allowing you to ship bouquet or arrangements of all corners of the globe. 

Just keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to get same- or next-day delivery, and your shipping costs might be somewhat higher. 

Q: How will I know that my flowers are going to arrive fresh and healthy?

Unfortunately, there’s often no way of determining whether your flowers will arrive fresh and unfettered until you place your order. You can improve your odds of receiving beautiful blooms by reading company reviews and considering a few other factors. 

First, look at how the florist packs the flowers for transit. The freshness will depend on the transit time (where are the flowers shipping from in relation to where you live?) and how much water is being used. When the flowers are cut will be important, too. You should also look at the shipment method, because the temperature and layout of the delivery vehicle can impact the flower’s freshness, too. 

Q: How will I care for my flower arrangement?

A reputable online flower delivery service will not only send you fresh, beautiful flowers, but it will provide you with information related to the care and delivery of the flowers, too. If you aren’t sent information with your flower delivery, you should be able to get in touch with the florist to ask any questions you might have.

Why You Should Consider Sending Flowers Online?

No matter where you live or who you are trying to please, a delivery of fresh, beautiful flowers can make just about anybody’s day special. Whether you’re in the market for live plants, cut flowers, or a gorgeous arrangement, there are plenty of options you can choose from without even having to leave your home.

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