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Interesting Daylily Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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From the calla lily to the peace lily, there are all kinds of lilies that you can grow in your garden. While not all lilies – the daily included – are considered “true lilies”, they all offer their own unique beauty and mystique.

Enshrined in that beauty is some deep symbolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the hidden meaning of this illustrious flower, you’ve come to the right place.

What Exactly Are Daylilies?

Daylilies have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Greek mythology tells the story of how the goddess Hera created daylilies to fill Earth with beauty.

In the Western world, daylilies became famous during the Elizabethan era when gardens became an essential part of noble estates. The plant traveled as far as East Asia and Central Europe and quickly gained popularity due to its colorful blooms.

It’s interesting to note that despite the name daylilies, these flowers are not short-lived.

Although each flower only blooms for a single day, daylily plants produce an abundance of flowers that will bloom continuously over several weeks. This is why daylilies have become such a popular choice for gardens and outdoor spaces.

The name daylilies is aptly named due to their unique blooming cycle.

Each flower only lasts for a single day before it withers away, making room for a new set of blooms to take its place. The plant is also known for its hardiness and ability to grow in a wide range of climates, making it easy for gardeners to cultivate.

Daylilies have captured the attention of gardeners for decades, but what many may not know is that they were once believed to have medicinal properties.

Does Daylily Mean?

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Daylilies are aptly named. They bloom during the day and then close at night so the literal translation makes a lot of sense. Daylilies used to be part of the Liliaceae family, but since they are no longer viewed as true lilies, they are housed in the Asphodelaceae family, under the genus Hemerocallis.

The name of this genus comes from the Greek words “hemera,” which means “day” and “kalles,” which means “beauty.” The loose translation of this is “beautiful for one day,” since each daylily flower remains open for just a day.

What Does a White Daylily Mean?

white daylily

As with many types of flowers, a white daylily symbolizes innocence, purity, perfection, and honesty. It is frequently associated with the Virgin Mary and viewed as a holy or religious flower. 

What Is the Orange Daylily Flower Meaning?

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Orange daylilies are most often used to symbolize joy, love, courage, beauty, and devotion.

A darker orange daily – or even one that is redder – could symbolize deeper passion.

What is the Yellow Daylily Flower Meaning?

Yellow daylilies are known to symbolize happiness and new beginnings. In some cultures, yellow flowers also signify good fortune and prosperity. This makes them a perfect choice for congratulatory messages such as graduation or a new job.

Additionally, yellow daylilies can represent friendship and respect, making them a fantastic gift for a close friend or family member.

What Do Pink Daylilies Symbolize?

Pink daylilies evoke feelings of love, admiration, and gentleness. These delicate flowers are adorned with beautiful shades of soft pink which can mean appreciation and kindness.

Pink daylilies are a reminder to stay graceful and kind to others, even when things get tough.

What is the Flower Meaning and Symbolism of Red Daylilies?

Red daylilies symbolize passion, love, and seduction. These flowers are perfect for romantic occasions, such as an anniversary or Valentine’s day.

Red daylilies also signify courage and confidence, as well as strong emotions of determination and resilience.

What is the Purple Daylily Flower Meaning?

Purple daylilies symbolize royalty, elegance, and mystery. These flowers hold a certain allure that captures the imagination.

Purple daylilies signify creativity and passion, making them a perfect choice for someone who loves art and music.

What Does the Daylily Flower Symbolize? 

daylily flower meaning

The day lily is a flower that represents the sacrifice that a mother makes for her child. It can also represent the filial devotion that a child has to his or her own mother. It can have many other meanings besides this, too. For example, if the day lily is poised in a cheerful fashion, it indicates good luck.

The day lily also serves as a symbol of flirtation. Because it blooms at sunrise and closes at sunset, it shows that it doesn’t intend to stay around long. That’s just like a flirt, isn’t it?

Daylilies come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, each of which plays a role in the overall meaning and symbolism of the flower. 

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What is the Cultural Significance of the Daylily?

The day lily is surrounded by a great deal of superstition! In some cultures, people believe that the day lily is closely related to forgetfulness and loss of memory. People once believed that the blossoms could help you forget difficult memories, including those of sorrow and pain.

In China, superstitions surrounding daily life relate to birth. A pregnant woman who wishes for a boy is told to wear a daily girdle, which will increase the likelihood of a male birth.

What is the Symbolism of a Daylily Flower Tattoo?

The lily is a fantastic choice for a flower tattoo. It represents purity, modesty, along with sensitivity. It can also symbolize the beginning or end of life and can represent the acceptance of both stages. 

When Should You Give Someone a Daylily Flower? 

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You can give daylilies on any occasion, but they are wonderful flowers for Mother’s Day. Since they are often viewed as matronly flowers, giving a mother a bouquet of lilies is a great way to show your appreciation and devotion to her.

These flowers are also commonly given for various occasions in the springtime, which is when they are first and in full bloom.

Choose Daylily Blossoms for Any Occasion!

Flowers have always been an excellent way of expressing ourselves, and daylilies are no exception.

They are perfect for any occasion, be it a joyful event or a moment of sadness. With their vibrant colors and unique meanings, daylilies can help us convey our emotions and thoughts without saying a word.

So the next time you’re giving someone a bouquet of flowers, consider the symbolism behind the daylily’s color, and let it speak for you.

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