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11 Flowers That Represent Freedom and Independence

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Everyone has a different idea of what freedom means to them. Whether it is the ability to express oneself, the right to pursue one’s dreams, or simply the chance to live life on one’s own terms – freedom is something that everyone wants and deserves. 

But if you’re looking for a symbol of freedom to give in a bouquet, you’ll love the following freedom flowers. 

Read on to learn more about the best flowers that represent freedom in all its forms!

Which Flowers that Symbolize Freedom?

Flowers have had a special meaning for centuries and have been used to show emotions, mark events, and celebrate people. Following this tradition, certain flowers have come to symbolize freedom in particular. 

Here are the best flowers that mean freedom:

Yellow Roses

a yellow rose

Yellow roses are one of many flowers that can be used to represent freedom, with the original species originating from the Middle East, such as Rosa hemisphaerica and Rosa ecae. As they were pipelined westward, there were more yellow rose hybrids like Rosa foetida

Rich in history and iconography, the yellow rose continues to be a representation of freedom today. That is seen when yellow rose bushes are planted at White House inaugurations or on military bases.

Bird of Paradise Flower

bird of paradise flower

The bird of paradise flower has long been a symbol of freedom for many cultures across the world. Commonly referred to as the Crane flower, this flower that looks like tropical birds taking flight is indigenous to the Cape Province region, and it has become a universal symbol for that magical feeling of being liberated from physical, emotional, or mental limitations. 

As you look at its shapely petals, its tones of blue, orange, and yellow continue to inspire us to get a good perspective on life each day and appreciate our gifts of freedom.


tulip plants

Tulips have a fascinating history linked to freedom and German occupation during World War II.

Holland shipped thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa, Canada after the war ended to show thanks to the country for freeing their country from German occupation.

In the Netherlands, these tulip bulbs are especially cherished as the country’s capital, Amsterdam, was filled with tulips while it was occupied by Germans during World War II.

Every spring, millions of the world’s tulips bloom in gardens and parks around the world. They continue to remind us all of this celebration of liberation and victory against tyranny.

Guernsey Lily

The English Channel Island of Guernsey is known for having the guernsey lily as its unofficial flower. The beautiful pink petals and elegant blooms have been an iconic symbol of Guernsey’s freedom for centuries. It’s no wonder that this bloom has since become one of the most popular flowers in bouquets across the island! 

Its rich symbolism also made its way to mainland Britain, where it is often given as a token of gratitude during special occasions. Just like the rest of Guernsey, the guernsey lily stands as a reminder of freedom and strength.


yellow freesia

The freesia flower is commonly known to symbolize freedom. In Victorian times, flowers were attributed to various sentiments through the Victorian floral language, a culture of communication using flowers.

It is believed the freesia is named after the German physician called Dr. Meinke. It was derived from the name of his friend Friedrich Freese, who died in 1830. 

The sentiment of freedom attributed to the freesia stemmed from its meaning of innocence and trust, a sentiment echoed by the floral language of Victorian culture. 

Red Rose

red rose flower

The red rose has been used to symbolize freedom and independence in many countries, including the United States of America.

The petals and leaves of the flower represent a fragility that can be defined by inner strength with delicate courage. As a result, this unmistakable sign of bravery has come to symbolize freedom for generations around the world.


sunflower picture

Sunflowers are more than a lovely flower – they are an international symbol of freedom. Greek mythology even tells a story of how a sunflower became rooted firmly in symbolic freedom as a reminder that we all have the right to be our own person. 

This freedom flower has become strongly associated with independence, reminding us all to take advantage of our natural rights and embrace who we truly are.

Red Lilies

The red lily, a delicate flower with bold symbolism, has long been associated with good fortune and freedom. It is said to bring happiness and the promise of better days ahead. Its vibrant color carries an even greater message of optimism: a reminder that all of us have the potential to realize our dreams and be free. 


yellow dandelion

The dandelion is a symbol of freedom across different cultures. In some places, it is customary to give a bouquet made of dandelions to someone who has been recently liberated from captivity. 

Different cultures around the world have adopted this symbol and used the flower in their celebrations of liberty and individual expression. The cheerful yellow petals of the dandelion represent unbridled freedom, joy, and life’s boundless possibilities. 

Whether used in decorating for an event or placed on a mantelpiece as a reminder, the presence of a dandelion sends a message of hope and strength in difficult times.


pink milkweed with butterfly

Milkweed is a beautiful flower that symbolizes freedom. It is even said to have been named after the son of the Greek God Apollo (Asclepius). There are over 100 species of milkweed that belong to the genus Asclepias, and each one helps support pollinators, who in turn help support human and environmental freedom. 

Milkweed’s importance as an essential habitat should not be overlooked – it gives pollinators an important source of food with its milky fluid, while also offering many other living organisms an essential home or refuge.

Blue Thistle

This stunning bloom has various significance and often is associated with strength, determination, courage, patriotism and joy.

When people look upon the multilayered petals of this majestic flower, joy is brought forth. The beauty of its blooms brings meaning even if those it represents are long gone — a reminder of strength and the resilience of humanity against great odds.

Are There Flowers Associated With Independence Day?

Every year, the Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States with barbecues, fireworks, and plenty of red, white, and blue decorations. But did you know that certain flowers are also associated with this patriotic holiday?

Let’s take a look at some of the best blooms to celebrate Independence Day! 


multicolor roses

Of course, the rose is probably the most well-known flower associated with Independence Day. It’s not just because of its beautiful red petals – it’s also because of its symbolism. The rose has long been associated with freedom and democracy, and it even appears on some state flags. 

On Independence Day, roses can be used to decorate wreaths or placed in vases to add a touch of patriotism to your home. THe red rose is the most common choice to represent this kind of personal freedom, but yellow roses can also be used as a national flower to represent freedom on the Fourth. 


Daisies may not be as popular as roses on this special day but they’re still an appropriate choice for a festive celebration. Not only do daisies come in shades of red, white, and blue (and variations thereof), but they also represent innocence and purity – perfect for a holiday that celebrates American independence. 


There’s something about sunflowers that just screams “America!” After all, what could be more synonymous with summer than these bright yellow blooms? Sunflowers can be used to create a stunning Fourth of July bouquet or even hung from doorways or window sills as festive decorations. Plus, their cheerful appearance will help get everyone in the mood for celebration! 

When to Give Freedom Flowers

There is no better time than the Fourth of July to give someone a flower that symbolizes freedom. The day celebrates America’s independence and what better way to commemorate this special holiday than by giving someone an orange lily, which symbolizes patriotism and freedom? The bright petals of the orange lily will serve as a reminder of all the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation! 

Another great occasion for gifting someone a flower that symbolizes freedom is on their graduation day. Graduating from school is one of the biggest milestones in life and it can signify many things, including new freedoms and possibilities. By gifting your loved one with an orchid, which stands for emancipation and joyous abandon, you’ll be showing them just how proud you are of their accomplishment! 

Finally, anniversaries are another excellent time for gifting someone with a flower that symbolizes freedom. Whether it’s the anniversary of your first date or your wedding day, giving your loved one an iris will let them know that their relationship brings them both joyous liberation and true love. Plus, these beautiful purple blooms will add even more beauty to your special day!      

No matter what special occasion you’re celebrating, giving someone a flower that symbolizes freedom is always appropriate! 

From patriotic holidays like Independence Day to milestone moments like graduations and anniversaries, gifting flowers is one surefire way to show your loved ones just how much their freedom means to you. 

So why not surprise them with something extra special this year? They’ll appreciate it for years to come!

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