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22 Flowers That Represent Strength and Perseverance in Tough Times

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Sometimes strength can be a hard thing to tap into or identify. We all want to be strong and have the courage to take on life’s challenges, but how do we summon the fortitude when it feels elusive? A great way to draw from our deepest reserves of inner power is by connecting with symbols of strength in our environment. 

One potential source for everyday inspiration is flowers – nature’s beautiful gifts that remind us of resilience and redemption. 

Here, we’ll explore some floral ambassadors of strength and learn more about how they can help us unlock our own inner powerful self.

What Flowers Represent Strength?

Are you curious about which colorful flower to grow if you are interested in cultivating flowers that represent strength? 

This list is a great place to start when it comes to finding the ideal flower clusters for your backyard garden. 


yellow potentilla

In North and South America, Europe, and Asia, Potentilla is often viewed as a flower that symbolizes strength. 

Its lush petals have been seen as a representation of inner character resilience for centuries. This strong symbolism has prompted many cultures to use Potentilla in various rituals of healing and growth. It conveys messages of endurance and courage, which personify the enduring strength of the human spirit despite hardships. 

Notably, it is used among many North American tribes in sweat lodge ceremonies as a means to invoke feelings of power. Not only is Potentilla beautiful, but its meaning makes it a stalwart symbol of strength worth celebrating.


This hardy perennial is known for its vibrant, heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers that bloom in shades of red, pink, white, yellow, or purple. Its name literally means “overcoming mediocrity,” which makes it an appropriate symbol for perseverance in difficult times. This unique heart shaped flower is often used in bouquets to represent endurance and courage.

Astrantia Flower

The Astrantia flower is another one of the most beautiful flowers that mean strength. It is a gorgeous bloom that has come to represent strength and determination. 

These star-like blooms come in shades of white, pink, purple, and red and are known for their long stems and bell-shaped petals that seem almost too delicate for their own good! This flower that can symbolize strength reminds us that even something fragile can still be powerful. 


Then there is the Amsonia flower as one of the best flowers that represent strength—a beautiful blue bloom with yellow stamens that looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

It’s become well-known to symbolize strength because it’s able to thrive in even the harshest conditions without losing its bright hue or shapely structure. It’s also been said to bring luck when worn or given as a gift! 


Sea urchin has long been a symbol of strength and invincibility, due in part to the flower’s prickly center. Interestingly, this same symbol is present in the flower Echinacea.

The sea urchin-like center of the echinacea flower reflects its medicinal properties, with many in the human population having consumed plants of this type for many years – so much so that it is one of the most popular plants today when it comes to healing. 

Echinacea’s sea urchin shape serves as a reminder that although at times we may face adversity and hardship or be surrounded by a prickly exterior, its power to overcome difficult circumstances allows us to emerge victorious and strong.

Phacelia Flowers

Phacelia flowers are often seen as a symbol of strength because of the peculiar way in which phacelia flowers grow. Phacelia flowers are a unique variety that tend to work together, forming a patch of purple petals above their vibrant-green foliage. 

This group effort gives off a sense of strength and resilience, suggesting that Phacelia flowers can help give us the power we need to get through trying times. 

The Phacelia flower is especially believed to be an uplifting flower for those suffering from depression or anxiety, making it a great symbol of hope and perseverance. Phacelia is truly a special flower that speaks to those looking for the strength they need to carry on.

Rock Rose

rockrose plant

This is an evergreen shrub that is native to the Mediterranean region and produces showy white to pink flowers. The Rock Rose is symbolic of strength and healing because it can survive in extreme conditions like drought and cold temperatures. 

It also has healing properties, making it a powerful symbol for physical strength as well as emotional fortitude. The Greeks called this plant “the flower of joy”! 


Valeriana is one of the oldest cultivated plants in South America, but it also has a much deeper meaning. This flower has been used to symbolize strength and courage throughout history due to its powerful scent and hardy nature. 

Native South American cultures would often wear it as an amulet of protection, or present it to heroes who had achieved great deeds. The beautiful pinkish-purple color of these flowers bring an uplifting feeling when seen, allowing them to represent the strength we have inside us all. 

Anybody looking for a symbol of personal fortitude would do well to plant some Valeriana.

Horny Goat Weed

This plant has leaves that resemble ivy and produces small white or yellow-green flowers. Horny goat weed has earned its name due to its purported aphrodisiac effects on humans—but it also symbolizes strength due to its hardiness in adverse conditions like scorching heat or dry soil. 

Fun fact: Horny goat weed extract is sometimes added to energy drinks for an extra boost! 

Valerian Flower 

This flowering herb grows in damp meadows throughout Europe and North America, producing clusters of tiny white or pinkish-white flowers with long stems. Valerian Flower has long been associated with courage due to its ability to thrive even amidst difficult circumstances, including harsh weather conditions or poor soils. 

And did you know that the Valerian Flower has also been known as “Nature’s Valium” because it can be used to relieve both mental and physical stress!

Gladiolus Flower

pink white gladiolus

Gladiolus is derived from the Latin word for sword lily, and is a beautiful flower that symbolizes strength. Those with gladiolus in their gardens enjoy a bold burst of color from the blossoms since they bloom in vibrant shades of reds, purples, pinks, and even white. 

Furthermore, it has served as a powerful symbol for moral integrity and stands for inspiring strength for ages. It is believed that gladiolus can help its cultivators overcome adversity and bring out their courage to make difficult decisions during tough times. 

Whether fresh or dried, this flower emanates an invaluable symbolic meaning that connects us to the past – all while motivating us strongly to keep moving forward.


The beautiful aquilegia flower is said to symbolize strength and resilience. These graceful blooms have been a favorite of gardeners for ages due to their adaptability and hardiness. Aquilegia are beautiful flowers often found in shades of whites and pinks, although there are other varieties with beautiful hues of blues, purples, and yellows. 

They grow in a variety of temperatures and climates making them perfect to add beauty anywhere in the garden. Their beautiful petals, recognition as a sign of strength, and ease at which they grow make them an ideal choice for brightening up any outdoor area.

Cactus Flowers

old lady cactus

These unique plants are native to Southwestern deserts but can be found growing in other arid climates across the world. Cactus Flowers are symbols of resilience thanks to their ability to store water for extended periods of time. 

They represent strength both physically and emotionally—the perfect representation for anyone looking for a burst of inner power! 


The antirrhinum is an oft-forgotten flower that symbolizes strength. This gorgeous bloom has bold petals in shades of white, yellow, pink and purple. Its botanical name comes from the Greek word “antirrhinon” meaning “like a nose” – which refers to its unique shape. 

It’s often seen as a sign of protection or resilience in times of difficulty, making it the perfect flower for someone going through a tough time. 


Allium is a majestic flower that symbolizes strength and courage. This magnificent bloom has clusters of small star-shaped flowers, ranging in colors from purple to pink and white. Alliums are native to the northern hemisphere and are popular in both perennial and annual beds across the world. 

They thrive in full sunlight and prefer soil with a more alkaline pH balance. Each year the mature plants can put on a spectacular show of bloom in mid-spring for everyone to admire! 

Allium will be a wonderful addition to any garden as it stands for strength, courage, and determination—values that we can all strive to embody.


yellow daffodil flower

The daffodil is one of the most recognizable flowers that symbolizes strength. Its bright yellow hue is said to bring luck and happiness, while its tall stem is thought to represent ambition and determination.

The daffodil can also be associated with rebirth and new beginnings, making it ideal for anyone looking for a fresh start in life. 


purple white columbine

Then there is the columbine flower. This delicate bloom is known for its bell-shaped petals in shades of blue and purple. Although it may look fragile, this flower actually symbolizes inner strength and courage – perfect for anyone who needs some encouragement during difficult times.  


orange nasturtium flowers

Meant to represent strength and hardiness, the nasturtium flower is a perfect choice to symbolize courage and fortitude. With its bright colors and unique petal structure, this hardy plant is often seen as a sign of endurance that can last through even the harshest conditions. 

Growing rapidly in both soil or containers, it’s easy to see why nasturtiums have been chosen to display resilience despite challenges. This vivid bloom stands out beside others in both physical stature and symbolic importance.


yellow protea

When it comes to flower symbolism, the protea is one of the most obvious choices for strength. Its boldness and unusual shape make it stand out from other flowers in any arrangement. 

Plus, its unique characteristics make it a perfect representation for those who don’t take “no” for an answer and refuse to give up on their goals. So if you know someone with an unstoppable spirit, this is the flower to get them! 


yellow snapdragons

The dragon flower, or snapdragon, is a fantastic symbol of strength and fortitude. These hardy plants have a unique shape that evokes a dragon when viewed up close and are also incredibly resilient. 

Able to withstand cold temperatures and even flourishing in barren soil, the snapdragon flower grows tall, strong, and proud—addressing all challenges brought its way with a formidable spirit that rivals its dragon counterpart. 

It’s not just their toughness that makes the dragon flower so remarkable; they truly come alive when in full bloom, showcasing breathtaking colors in hues of red, yellow, pink and white. 

With their boldness, beauty and incredible strength it’s no wonder why snapdragons are the perfect choice for those looking for a symbol of courage and resilience.

White Carnations

Carnations are often associated with love and maternal feelings but did you know they can also represent strength? White carnations especially symbolize resilience and courage – making them the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reminder to stay strong in tough times. They’re also easy to find and don’t require any special care, so you can easily add them to any bouquet without breaking the bank.  

Sweet Peas

sweet pea

Sweet peas are one of the more delicate-looking options on this list but don’t be fooled—they actually represent tremendous inner strength! These sweet-smelling blooms come in a variety of colors which makes them ideal for adding some color to your bouquet as well as making a statement about strength. 

Their soft petals provide a calming effect, making them perfect for those needing emotional support during difficult times. 

Final Thoughts

Flowers have been used as symbols since ancient times, and many still hold true today. If you need to send someone a message of strength or simply remind them that they can get through anything, there are plenty of flowers that will do the trick beautifully! 

These beautiful flowers all represent determination, resilience, and courage – perfect reminders that no matter what life throws our way, we can always remain strong!

Check our flower meaning guide to learn more about the language of flower.

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