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Hyacinth Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Most commonly grown as an ornamental garden plant, the hyacinth flower (Hyacinthus orientalis) can also be grown as an indoor houseplant. It is also frequently given in a bouquet, as a gift. It looks absolutely lovely while sitting in a vase and adorning your home, but you might be wondering whether it has a larger meaning. 

Planted in the fall, the hyacinth is a strong, vigorously-growing plant that has some powerful symbolism in our everyday lives.

What Does the Hyacinth Flower Symbolize?

Every flower has its own special meaning, and the hyacinth is no exception. With its gorgeous appearance and intoxicating scent, you might assume that hyacinths are great flowers to give your beloved as a token of your affection.

Not so fast! These plants are known as a symbol of jealousy. Although the origins of this symbol are unknown, you should be careful about gifting a yellow hyacinth in particular – it can indicate that you are jealous of someone’s success. 

However, hyacinths can also be used to symbolize sorrow or sincerity, making them a good choice in funeral arrangements. Ancient Victorians also considered the hyacinth to be a symbol of sporting activities, so they may be useful as a celebratory bouquet in that setting, too.

What Does Blue Hyacinth Mean?

Blue hyacinth flower is said to represent constancy and sincerity.

blue hyacinth flowers

What Does the Purple Hyacinth Flower Symbolize? 

Purple is generally used to symbolize royalty and spirituality. Because hyacinths can also symbolize sorrow and occasionally forgiveness, a purple hyacinth is a good flower to give someone who not only deserves your respect but your gratitude, too.

What Do White Hyacinths Symbolize?

White typically symbolizes innocence and purity. It also has religious connotations, which makes sense when you consider that giving someone a white hyacinth means that you are praying for them. 

What Does a Red Hyacinth Symbolize?

Red is a fun, vivacious color that symbolizes playtime. It can also be used to represent love, romance, and passion. While red hyacinths aren’t usually given as a romantic gesture, you can use these flowers to spruce up the decor in any setting. 

What is the Meaning of a Yellow Hyacinth Flower? 

Again, be careful giving someone a yellow hyacinth flower! It symbolizes jealousy, and you don’t want to give someone the wrong message. Like a red hyacinth, however, a bouquet of yellow hyacinths can easily be used to decorate your home.

What is the Hidden Message of the Hyacinth Flower?

According to Greek Mythology, hyacinths got their name from the Greek legend of a handsome young man named Hyakinthos. Slain by Zephyr, the god of the west wind, Hyakinthos is a classic mythological hero. Supposedly, Zephyr fought for the attention of the young man and was jealous that his guide, Apollo, gave the younger man more attention. 

When Zephyr recognized that he was no longer the favored student, he directed a strong wind toward Hyakinthos. The discus that Hyakinthos was throwing flew black and struck him, killing him on impact. Apollo was heartbroken upon witnessing this tragedy and planted a flower where the young boy died. 

There are some historians and botanists who believe that the name hyacinth is derived from the word jacinth. This means, “blue gemstone,” and no doubt references the blue cultivar of this plant that is one of the most commonly grown.

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