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Larkspur Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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As the official flower for people born in July, the larkspur is a beautiful flower that can be found in a variety of shades, including pink, white, blue, and purple. 

Grown primarily for its beauty and ornamental value, the larkspur flower actually holds deep hidden meaning. Continue reading to learn more about this springtime blossom’s valuable symbolism. 

What Does Larkspur Mean?

Originally, the larkspur was a flower that was classified within the genus Delphinium. Today, however, the flower is referred to as Consolida ambigua and Consolida orientalis, two flowers that are both grown and used as cut flowers and classified in the Consolida genus. 

The original classification of the plant as a Delphinium was because the flower buds on the plant look a lot like a dolphin – and Delphinium translates to the word “dolphin.”

Regardless of the genus classification, the plant earned the common name of larkspur because the elongated petals on each bloom look like spurs- typically, the hind claws of a lark. 

What Do Larkspur Flowers Symbolize?

An old-fashioned annual flower, the larkspur has a variety of symbolic meanings. Most commonly, it is used to symbolize love, affection, and strong attachment.

However, it can also symbolize a desire to be humorous and for lightness. It can serve as a representation of a pure heart, too. 

What Does a Pink Larkspur Flower Mean?

Pink larkspurs symbolize fickleness or indecisiveness. 

What Does a Purple Larkspur Flower Symbolize?

Purple larkspurs symbolize first love.

What Does a White Larkspur Flower Represent? 

White larkspurs are usually seen as symbols of happiness.

What is the Cultural Significance of Larkspur?

There are several myths and legends surrounding the story and symbolism of a larkspur flower. In Greek mythology, Ulysses and Ajax attempted to claim the arms of Achilles following his death.

The Greeks gave the arms to Ulysses, causing Ajax to fly into a fit of anger. He took his own life with his sword, spilling his blood upon the land. The larkspur flower sprang forth.

In Native American tradition, the larkspur received its name from a celestial being that parted the sky and sent down spikes made from the pieces of the sky. The rays of the sun dried the pieces and scattered them, and where they fell, larkspur flowers burst forth.

Finally, Christian legends hold that, after Christ was crucified, he was moved to a cave and a boulder was placed in front of the door. 

A small rabbit waited in the dark, and when Christ arose, the rabbit spoke to him and rejoiced that he had risen. Christ showed the rabbit a small larkspur and gave the face of the rabbit to the image of the flower.

What is the Symbolism of a Larkspur Tattoo?

As a July birth flower, larkspur tattoos are often chosen by people with birthdays in July (or by parents of babies born in July). The tattoo can also symbolize attachment and an open heart. It can convey a symbol of levity and lightness, too. 

When Should You Give Someone a Larkspur?

Larkspurs are appropriate for many occasions. They can be given on housewarmings or birthdays. They are often given in combination with flowers in other floral arrangements and displays, too, making them perfect for just about any event or occasion.

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