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Phlox Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Phlox is a common perennial plant that is grown in many backyard gardens. Typically cultivated by hobby gardeners, it is a gorgeous bloom that is typically grown for its spreading nature and undeniable beauty.

However, there’s more to phlox than what meets the eye. Here’s what you need to know about the symbolism behind this hardy plant. 

What Does Phlox Mean?

There are actually several flowers that fall within the botanical genus name Phlox. The most famous of all is perhaps the High Phlox, or Phlox paniculata, which is a garden shrub most commonly grown in the summer. 

Most phlox plants grow in North America, although there is one, the Siberian phlox, that grows in North Asia. 

The most popular perennial phlox plant grown in ornamental gardens is Phlox paniculata, also known as the High Flaming Flower. This plant flowers in pink, light blue, white, and purple. 

Both its common and scientific names are derived from the Latin word “phlox,” which means “flame.” As you might expect, this connects to the distinctive shape and flowers of the leaves. 

What Do Phlox Flowers Symbolize?

Phlox flowers can symbolize a variety of meanings. They can represent the ideas of compatibility, partnership, harmony, and unity. The flowers are recognized almost universally as being symbolic of an agreement. 

Phlox flowers come in many different colors. For the most part, these colors have similar meanings to each other. The most common phlox flowers are white and pink, both of which are almost fully and almost always related to love. 

If you’re feeling romantic, giving someone a phlox flower might be the perfect way to showcase your intentions! 

What is the Cultural Significance of a Phlox?

There is plenty of cultural significance surrounding the phlox plant, too. In the Middle Ages, the plant was widely grown and harvested. Many knights adorned their clothing with the blooms, as the flowers appreciated their persistent, lovely scent. 

Other legends maintain that storytellers asked fighters to leave phlox flowers at the end of the evening. They should gift these flowers to the women who had been by their sides throughout the festivities. They can, therefore, be said to represent understanding and complexity. 

The phlox was also used by Native American tribes who valued the plant for its uses in food, decoration, meditation, hygiene, and medicine. 

What is the Symbolism of a Phlox Tattoo?

Get a phlox tattoo, and it will generally symbolize that you are in harmony and partnership with somebody or something. It can also be used to symbolize unity and compatibility, as it is the official symbol of an agreement.

When Should You Give Someone a Phlox?

A phlox flower is a perfect gift for any occasion. More often than not, phlox flowers are used to say, “good luck.” However, they can also be used in bouquets or arrangements by many florists to bequeath a general gesture of goodwill. 

Since phlox flowers represent romance and affection, along with the idea of unity, they are also great choices when you are trying to tell someone how much you care about them – in a  romantic way, of course!

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