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Nasturtium Flower Meaning and Unusual Symbolism

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Nasturtiums are found in a variety of colors, including orange, pink, red, and yellow. While this flower typically represents the idea of victory in conquest, it actually holds many other meanings as well.

A plant that is frequently grown in gardens as an ornamental and culinary plant, the nasturtium attracts pollinators and is incredibly popular among growers. Learn more about its meaning and symbolism if you want to grow a beautiful garden worthy of your neighbors’ admiration!

What Does Nasturtium Mean?

Nasturtiums are often used to represent conquest and patriotism. This is likely because the shape of the flower looks a lot like a combat helmet.

The word “nasturtium,” on the other hand,  is a translation of the Latin words “nascus tortus” which means “convulsed nose” or ” nose tweaker,” hence the common name.

Why the funny terminology? The nasturtium flower is an edible plant, with the leaves and seeds found in many dishes worldwide. Nasturtium leaves may cause you to make a funny face!

What Does the Nasturtium Flower Symbolize?

Ask a dozen people what the nasturtium flower symbolizes, and you will likely get a different answer from each. The flower is often seen as a representation of optimism, humor, and sociability, while it can also be used to symbolize patriotism and victory in battle. 

While a red nasturtium might mean one thing, a yellow nasturtium will have an entirely different symbolic meaning. If you want to fully understand the plant, take a look at each of its unique color meanings.

What Do The Different Nasturtium Colors Mean?

Nasturtiums usually represent victory in conquest, but the various colors of the plant can have different meanings.

What Does a Red Nasturtium Symbolize?

Aa red nasturtium generally symbolizes passion, courage, and strength. Bright red nasturtiums also have a symbolic meaning tied closely to romantic, passionate love and strong deisre.

What Does a Yellow Nasturtium Represent?

A yellow nasturtium is usually seen as a representation of happiness, joy, and elation. Yellow nasturtiums aren’t as common as red nasturtiums or orange nasturtiums, but are still breathtaking to behold.

What is the Orange Nasturtium Flower Meaning?

An orange nasturtium represents energy and creativity. Orange nasturtiums make a valuable addition to any garden – not only because they help to repel pests and attract beneficial insects, but because they’re one of the most unique looking ornamental plant varieties you’ll find!

What Do White Nasturtiums Represent?

Although these flowers are usually found in warm colors – like the yellow nasturtiums and red nasturtiums discussed earlier – you can also find white nasturtiums.

These are great for celebrating achievements or new beginnings. They are often used at graduations and floral arrangements for similar types of events.

What is the Cultural Significance of the Nasturtium Flower? 

Nasturtiums are native to South American countries and were introduced to Europe in the 1500s. Brought back after the Spanish conquests, nasturtiums quickly became viewed as symbols of power and abundance.

Today, nasturtiums are found growing rampant in French Royal Gardens. In the United States, nasturtiums are also common and were a special feature in Thomas Jefferson’s presidential gardens as well.

There is plenty of mystique surrounding this flower, too. During Victorian times, men and women gave bouquets of nasturtiums to each other in jest, while some women used nasturtiums in their homes to ward off bad smells.

The Incas, on the other hand, believed that the sweet-smelling scent of this flower gave them energy and the strength to ward off invaders.

The plant was also valued for its medicinal properties. Tribes in South America would plant nasturtiums to boost the immune system. With a similar taste to peppers (the flowers have a mild peppery taste), they were a great addition to any dish. Plus, they are high in vitamin C.

What is the Symbolism of a Nasturtium Tattoo?

Usually, nasturtium flowers are chosen as tattoos to symbolize some sort of conquest or victory- usually in a battle or struggle of some sort.

They are usually found in orange, red, and yellow. An emblem of summer, this plant more often than not has a happy theme and resonation.

When Should You Give Someone a Nasturtium Flower?

If you want to send a message by giving nasturtium flowers, you will want to pay close attention to the color, as this impacts the meaning.

An arrangement of nasturtiums will always be a great choice as a celebratory gift or award, and it can also be a wonderful gift to give someone for a birthday. You may want to avoid giving nasturtiums at events like weddings or funerals, however, as they may not be appropriate in this setting! 

Give a bouquet of nasturtium flowers today – you won’t regret it!

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