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Morning Glory Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Grown as both an annual and perennial flower, the morning glory is a flower that doesn’t have to bring beauty just in the morning hours. This hardy vine is gorgeous at all times of the day – as long as you provide it with plenty of sun and room to sprawl!

An easy to grow flower, there’s more to morning glories than what initially meets the eye.

What Does Morning Glory Mean?

The scientific name for morning glory is Ipomoea. This word comes from the Latin words “ip”, meaning worm, and “homolas,” which means “like.” 

Looking at the morning glory flower itself, this nomenclature makes a lot of sense. As the flower grows, it closely resembles a worm!

What Does a Morning Glory Symbolize?

A morning glory is a flower with deep symbolism. This meaning can vary depending on the color of the flower as well as from which cultural lens you are viewing the flower.

For example, it can not only mean unrequited love or love that is in vain, but it can also represent the mortality of life. 

There’s significant Chinese folklore surrounding this flower, which indicates that lovers can only meet on one special day of the year. 

However, you’ll find that the meaning changes more significantly depending on the color of the flower. 

What Does a White Morning Glory Mean?

As with most white flowers, a white morning glory flower usually represents purity and innocence. 

What Does a Red Morning Glory Symbolize?

Red morning glory flowers symbolize a strong heart and passion. 

What Does a Pink Morning Glory Symbolize? 

Pink morning glories almost always symbolize romance, gentle feelings, and thoughtfulness. The pink morning glory flower can be given to just about anyone, including a close family member or friend. 

What Does a Blue Morning Glory Mean? 

Blue morning glory flowers usually symbolize trust, respect, and other deep, heartfelt emotions. 

What Does a Purple Morning Glory Symbolize?

Purple morning glory flowers usually symbolize nobility, royalty, and beauty, as is common with many types of purple flowers

What is the Cultural Significance of a Morning Glory?

There is deep significance surrounding the morning glory flower for several different cultures. 

In China, morning glories symbolize that lovers can only meet on one day of the year. IF two young people all in love, they will neglect their responsibilities – at least, that’s how the story goes. Once they ignore their duties, the gods will start to show their dissatisfaction.

In Victorian literature, morning glories signify love that has never ended – or love that was never reciprocated. 

Some Christians believe that morning glories relate closely to the finite nature of life as we know it on earth. This is because every single flower represents a life – and life is represented by the sun’s daylight hours. 

What is the Symbolism of a Morning Glory Tattoo?

Getting inked with a morning glory tattoo can show that you are not only organized and observant but also that you plan well for various events. 

Usually, people put together several morning glory flowers (three or more) in a cluster of tattoos to make a gorgeous and realistic display on the skin. 

When Should You Give Someone a Morning Glory?

The morning glory is the perfect flower to give someone if you want to provide them with the strength they need to pursue their dreams. 

These flowers follow every bump in the road (or trellis!) and just keep growing. Therefore, the morning glory is a good flower for someone who is going through a tough time or is graduating from high school and heading off into the world. 

You could also give this flower to somebody born in September, as it is the flower for September birth month.

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