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Morning Glory Flower Meaning and Secret Symbolism

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Grown as both an annual and perennial flower, the morning glory is a flower that doesn’t have to bring beauty just in the morning hours. This hardy vine is gorgeous at all times of the day – as long as you provide it with plenty of sun and room to sprawl!

An easy to grow flower, there’s more to morning glories than what initially meets the eye.

What is the Etymological Meaning of Morning Glory Flowers?

The scientific name for morning glory is Ipomoea. This word comes from the Latin words “ip”, meaning worm, and “homolas,” which means “like.” 

Looking at the morning glory flower itself, this nomenclature and why it’s called morning glory in the first place makes a lot of sense. As the flower grows, it closely resembles a worm!

That’s just the word itself, though. Next, you might be wondering what the symbolism of morning glory vines is. Let’s take a closer look…

What is the Morning Glory Flower Meaning?

The morning glory flower meaning is most often translated to unrequited love, organization, and much more, depending on the color.

A morning glory is a flower with deep symbolism. This meaning can vary depending on the color of the flower as well as from which cultural lens you are viewing the flower.

Unrequited Love and the Mortality of Life

For example, it can not only mean unrequited love or love that is in vain, but it can also represent the mortality of life. 

There’s significant Chinese folklore surrounding this flower, which indicates that lovers can only meet on one special day of the year. 

Wisdom and Spiritual Significance

In Victorian flower language, morning glory leaves represent wisdom and hold deep cultural significance. The plant has meaningful botanical characteristics that make it useful in herbal medicine, so these are often considered sacred flowers as well with deep spiritual meaning.

However, you’ll find that the meaning changes more significantly depending on the color of the flower, as we mentioned earlier. Here’s a breakdown of what morning glory flowers symbolize.

What Does a White Morning Glory Mean?

As with most white flowers, white morning glory flowers usually represent innocence and purity.

A white morning glory flower can evoke feelings of peace, sincerity, and humility. It’s a great flower to give to someone who recently accomplished something significant or to someone who needs encouragement.

What Do Red Morning Glory Flowers Symbolize?

Red morning glory flowers symbolize a strong heart and passion. 

After all, red is the color of love, passion, and intensity. A red morning glory flower can be used to express strong emotions and love towards someone. It is perfect for a romantic occasion or to express your love to a significant other.

What Does a Pink Morning Glory Symbolize? 

Pink morning glories almost always symbolize romance, gentle feelings, and thoughtfulness.

Pink is a color of grace, charm, and tenderness. It represents love, kindness, and compassion. A pink morning glory flower can be given to anyone, including close friends and family members, to express your gratitude, appreciation, or admiration.

What Do Blue Morning Glory Flowers Mean? 

Blue morning glory flowers usually symbolize trust, respect, and other deep, heartfelt emotions. 

Blue is a color of calmness, trust, and loyalty. It represents trust, faithfulness, and respect. A blue morning glory flower can be used to express your loyalty and trust towards someone or to show your admiration for someone’s character or personality.

What Does a Purple Morning Glory Symbolize?

Morning glory flowers that are purple usually symbolize nobility, royalty, and beauty, as is common with many types of purple flowers

Purple in general represents elegance, royalty, and beauty. A purple morning glory flower is an excellent choice to celebrate someone’s achievements or to express your admiration towards someone’s greatness.

What is the Cultural Significance of Morning Glory Flowers?

There is deep significance surrounding the morning glory flower for several different cultures. 

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in Chinese Culture

In China, morning glories symbolize that lovers can only meet on one day of the year. IF two young people all in love, they will neglect their responsibilities – at least, that’s how the story goes. Once they ignore their duties, the gods will start to show their dissatisfaction.

Morning Glories in Japanese Culture

In Japan, the Morning Glory is called “asagao,” which means “morning face.” The flower represents affection and love between two people. The Morning Glory is often given as a gift to express feelings of love and devotion.

The Japanese also associate the Morning Glory flower with the impermanence of life and the fleeting beauty of nature.

Morning Glories in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the morning glory is associated with the story of Apollo, the god of the sun. As the myth goes, Apollo was in love with a mortal woman named Leucothoe and transformed her into a morning glory flower to protect her from his jealous sister, Artemis.

Since then, the flower has been associated with love, protection, and immortal beauty. The Greeks also believed that the morning glory flower bloomed only for a brief period before closing forever, which was seen as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of beauty, youth, and life.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in the Victorian Era

In Victorian literature, morning glories signify love that has never ended – or love that was never reciprocated. This symbolic meaning of the beautiful flower is likely due to its clinging nature and short life span, even when grown as a potted plant.

Christian Symbolism of the Morning Glory Plant

Some Christians believe that morning glories relate closely to the finite nature of life as we know it on earth. This is because every single flower represents a life – and life is represented by the sun’s daylight hours. 

To go a little deeper into Christian iconography, the morning glory flower is associated with the Virgin Mary and the mystery of the Immaculate Conception. According to legend, the morning glory flower only blooms at night and is often associated with the idea of spiritual awakening and the light of Christ.

The flower’s trumpet-like shape is also seen as a symbol of prayer, and its white and blue colors are associated with purity, devotion, and the divine feminine.

Symbolism of the Morning Glory in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the morning glory flower is linked to the god Vishnu, who is known as the preserver of the universe. According to myth, Vishnu’s consort, Lakshmi, was born from a morning glory flower.

In this tradition, the flower symbolizes transcendence, purity, and divine grace. It is often used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies as an offering to the gods, as well as for meditation and prayer. It is often used to symbolize the spiritual purposes of a new journey, along with new beginnings and good fortune.

Native American Morning Glory Symbolism

In Native American cultures, the morning glory flower is traditionally used for medicinal purposes, such as treating constipation, skin irritation, and inflammation. It is also used in healing ceremonies and as an amulet to ward off evil spirits.

According to some traditions, the morning glory flower is said to contain the power of the sun and is used to pray for protection, health, and vitality.

What is the Symbolism of a Morning Glory Tattoo?

A morning glory flower tattoo can symbolize organization, beauty, and undying love. Essentially, a morning glory flower tattoo represents everything the actual morning glory flower does!

Getting inked with a morning glory tattoo can show that you are not only organized and observant but also that you plan well for various events. 

Usually, people put together several morning glory flowers (three or more) in a cluster of tattoos to make a gorgeous and realistic display on the skin. 

Again, the morning glory can also symbolize new beginnings, passionate love, and deeper spiritual purposes when used as a tattoo.

When Should You Give Someone Morning Glory Flowers?

The morning glory is the perfect flower to give someone if you want to provide them with the strength they need to pursue their dreams. 

Morning glory flowers follow every bump in the road (or trellis!) and just keep growing. Therefore, the morning glory is a good flower for someone who is going through a tough time or is graduating from high school and heading off into the world. 

You could also give this flower to somebody born in September, as it is the flower for September birth month.

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