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Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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With more than 40 kinds of snapdragon plants all over the world, the snapdragon is a gorgeous flower that not only has a beautiful appearance and a fun-to-say name, but also a lot of hidden meaning. 

The snapdragon flower is a beautiful flower that is often used in flower beds, wedding bouquets, and other settings. It has an upright growing habitat up to five inches tall and long stalks, growing best in full sun. 

Native to the Mediterranean region, it was once used to ward off evil spirits, but it has many meanings depending on how it is perceived by many cultures and settings.

Named many centuries ago, this flower is often used as a gift between friends and loved ones. Before you choose this flower in your next bouquet, consider its deep meaning and symbolism. Its flower symbol will help you give a gift that is not only lovely to look at, but meaningful, too. 

What Does the Snapdragon Flower Mean?

The common English name “snapdragon” is taken directly from the appearance of the snapdragon flower. The snapdragon flower looks just like a dragon’s head when it is squeezed. 

Although people don’t find amusement out of this kind of silly hobby nowadays, back when the flower was first named, the snapdragon was a source of great hilarity!

The scientific name for snapdragon is Antirrhinums. There are more than 40 species of snapdragons in this genus. The name is derived from the Greek word “antirrhinum,” which means “nose-like.”

Interestingly, the Greeks had two names for the snapdragon flower – the other one was ”kynokephelon,” which means “dog-headed.”

snapdragon flowers

What Do Snapdragons Symbolize?

Snapdragons have multiple meanings. They can represent strength, as they’re able to grow in rocky, typically uninhabitable areas, but they can also symbolize themes like deviousness and grace.

Snapdragons are sometimes used to guard against falsehood. They can also represent the idea of grace under pressure or in the internal strength that is necessary to overcome challenging situations.

With heavy petals and attractive blooms, this lovely flower can be found in many colors. Each of these various colors sends a clear meaning!

Orange Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Orange is not a common snapdragon flower color, so you won’t find a lot of information about its etymological meaning or its historical symbolism. It just wasn’t a fixture in medieval Europe like many of the other snapdragon flower colors below.

However, it still sends a strong message. It symbolizes a person’s ability to overcome obstacles with optimism and joy. It can also symbolize friendship and joy.

Meaning and Symbolism of a Purple Snapdragon

A purple snapdragon flower is usually associated with spirituality. This is a sharp contrast when you compare purple snapdragons to other types of purple flowers – usually, purple flowers are seen as a symbol of royalty.

Meaning and Symbolism of a Red Snapdragon

Red snapdragons are usually used to symbolize love, passion, and positive energy. The red snapdragon flower can also be used to symbolize deviousness and send a clear message of jealousy.

Meaning and Symbolism of a White Snapdragon

White snapdragons are usually used to symbolize purity, innocence, and grace, as is common with white flowers of other species, too. 

The white snapdragon flower generally does not have a meaning related to evil and bad luck, and instead was used to ward off evil spirits during the Victorian era (another fixture in a baby’s bed!).

Meaning and Symbolism of a Yellow Snapdragon

Yellow snapdragons symbolize happiness, positivity, and good luck. The yellow snapdragon flower meaning is generally one that is optimistic and happy.

snapdragon flower meaning

What is the Cultural Significance of a Snapdragon?

There has been symbolism surrounding the snapdragon since ancient times – even before the Roman Empire. These flowers were used as a charm to protect against falsehood.

In Victorian times, people used to send messages to each other using flowers. Snapdragons were used to symbolize truth-telling. 

Originally grown in southern Spain, America, and North Africa, the Romans spread snapdragon throughout much of Europe. 

They can vary greatly in size and are some of the most common ornamental plants. According to European folklore, stepping on a snapdragon has the power to break black magic spells, too.

What is the Symbolism of a Snapdragon Tattoo?

When you choose to get a tattoo of a snapdragon flower, you are making the decision to add a ton of symbolism to the artwork on your body.

This tattoo can have several meanings. First, a snapdragon can symbolize grace. However, it can also symbolize strength or even deviousness, since it has the ability to grow in rocky areas. 

When Should You Give Someone a Snapdragon?

Thinking about giving someone a snapdragon? There are plenty of occasions in which it is appropriate to do so. 

You could give a snapdragon as a gift to someone who has overcome a challenge in life – or perhaps to someone who needs to get through a bout of bad luck.

 It would be a great option on both occasions to send snapdragons with such a deep meaning/symbolism – so don’t be afraid to pick up a bunch today. 

And if you want to really add to the snapdragon flower meaning, why not give your loved ones some snapdragon seeds to plant themselves? Snapdragon flowers grow well in a variety of growing conditions, and there’s no better way to brighten up someone’s day!

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