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Sweet Pea Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Whether you’re looking at a sweet pea flower in your garden or simply reciting its mellifluous name, there is nothing about the sweet pea flower that is remotely unattractive. Simply put, this flower is beautiful in real life.

However, besides its stunning outward appearance, did you know that the sweet pea flower has a ton of symbolic meanings attached to it, too?

Here’s what you need to know about Lathyrus odoratus, the elegant sweet pea flower. 

What Does Sweet Pea Mean?

Sweet pea is a native of the China family of Pulses. The two words in the flower’s scientific name, “Lathyrus odoratus,” mean “fragrant” and also “very attractive.” That meaning makes a lot of sense!

The plant was categorized by Linnaeus and was done in accordance with its branch nodules that bind nitrogen from the air. “Lathyros” means pea or pulse while “odoratus” means fragrant. 

When it comes to the plant’s common name, however, the poet Keats is the first person who used the name. During the time in which Keats was writing, sweet peas were popularly used in England. 

The flower was commonly cultivated for its sweet fragrance and quickly became a part of floral arrangements. 

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What Do Sweet Pea Flowers Symbolize?

Sweet peas are associated with the ideas of departures and goodbyes – as well as those of blissful pleasure. The flower can also be used to say thank you. The sweet pea is the official birth flower of April

What is the Cultural Significance of a Sweet Pea?

The sweet pea flower was first cultivated in the 18th century. It was brought by F. Kupani, a Sicilian monk, to England. 

The plant quickly became popular in England as it became a favorite of the king. Breeding programs quickly established multiple cultivars of this bloom. 

In fact, no major event – be it a wedding or a grand dinner party – was complete without the sweet pea! It was famous during the Victorian era, when it was often called the Queen of Annuals. 

Sweet pea flowers are often planted on Good Friday, so there is some spiritual significance to this plant, too. 

What is the Symbolism of a Sweet Pea Tattoo?

The sweet pea flower is entrenched in deep symbolism, so it only makes sense that this flower would be a popular choice for tattoos among women. 

It can mean a blissful goodbye or a bittersweet departure, usually used to symbolize a remembrance of fond memories of a loved one. 

When Should You Give Someone a Sweet Pea?

Sweet peas are often given at weddings. In France, in fact, these flowers are believed to be good omens for brides – giving a sweet pea to the bride is a way to encourage good luck. 

You could also give somebody sweet pea flowers as a way to say goodbye. The flower can say thank you for a wonderful time.

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