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Freesia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Freesias captivate not only with their delicate grace but also with an intoxicating, citrusy perfume. In their native South African havens, they erupt in spring bloom, adding a joyous splash of color as the last frost whispers goodbye.

And while you might only encounter them in bouquets during colder months, to freesias, every season is spring!

The Freesia family has roughly 16 to 20 core species, but throughout the years, they’ve generated over 1,400 gorgeous new hybrids. You’ll find these flowers dotting the displays at most floral shops around the world. 

Did you know that freesias are not only widely available, but also incredibly symbolic? These beautiful blooms are filled with symbolism that you deserve to know about. 

What Does Freesia Mean?

Freesia was named after Friedrich H. T. Freese, a German physician. Freesias are regarded as zygomorphic in nature, which means their flowers only grow along one side of the stalk.

Freesias are one of the most popular gifts for friends and families across cultures because of its symbolic meanings. Some of the symbolic meanings of freesias include lasting friendship, faithfulness, and fidelity.

They are also a common gift for mothers on Mother’s Day.

What Do Freesias Symbolize? 

Freesia flowers have countless meanings, many of which make sense given the flower’s sweet, cloying appearance and scent. Freesias can be used to symbolize both trust and friendship. However, they can also symbolize sweetness and innocence, too. 

What Does a White Freesia Mean?

Most often used as a popular wedding flowers,  the white freesias symbolize purity and innocence, usually the purity and innocence of the bride. 

They can also be used to symbolize trust (in a wedding, that trust would be between the bride and groom). You may also find flower girls scattering petals of white freesias, too. 

What Does a Red Freesia Symbolize?

Like many other red flowers, a red freesia symbolizes deep and passionate love, conveying solid emotions and intense romantic feelings. The vibrant red hue of the freesia blossom adds a layer of symbolism, evoking desire, courage, and commitment.

Red freesias are often chosen to express profound affection and are popular choices in romantic floral arrangements, making them a meaningful and visually striking gift for someone special. Red freesias are often chosen to express profound affection and are popular choices in romantic floral arrangements, making them a meaningful and visually perfect gift for someone special.

What Does a Pink Freesia Mean?

Pink freesias generally represent motherly love. Like other flowers with pink shades, they may also symbolize femininity, making them a popular choice in bridal bouquets or gifts to aunts, sisters, daughters, or mothers.

What Does a Yellow Freesia Symbolize?

Yellow freesias symbolize joy and renewal. These dainty blooms can also be used to represent friendship and the trust shared between friends – a common meaning for yellow flowers. 

What is the Cultural Significance of a Freesia?

Freesias rose to popularity in the 1950s, having graced thousands of weddings and other special events ever since. 

In Victorian times, freesias were most often used to symbolize a secret message – that’s where the symbol of trust comes from with this beautiful flower. 

Today, as well as frequently in the past, freesia plants were used primarily for their fragrance. Therefore, freesies are often used to provide a citrusy aroma to soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, candles, and potpourri.

While the lovely scent of a freesia is reason enough to use it in a personal care product, it is also believed to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. 

What is the Symbolism of a Freesia Tattoo?

Freesia tattoos are hugely popular, in addition to a number of other flower tattoos. In the world of tattoos, this plant transcends its physical beauty to encompass a wealth of freesia meanings. A delicate bloom, the freeise typically symbolizes refreshing themes like innocence, wisdom, perseverance, friendship, trust, and adoration. 

As a versatile bloom, the freesia can be used to add meaning and symbolism to just about any tattoo. 

When Should You Give Someone a Freesia?

Freesias are often used as wedding flowers. They can add fragrance and color to any display, making them a good choice in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and in table centerpieces. 

They can also be used to symbolize your gratitude. Usually, they are given to say thank you to someone who has performed well under difficult circumstances.

In the United States, the freesia is the symbol for the seventh wedding anniversary, so it makes sense to give somebody a freesia on this occasion, too. 

Freesias can really be given on any occasion, since the meaning changes depending on the person and on the presentation. Give a freesia to a friend – it can symbolize the trust you share or as a symbol of your deep appreciation. 


Is freesia a birth flower?

No, Freesia is not typically associated with a specific birth month as a birth flower.

What do freesia flowers represent?

Freesia flowers often symbolize friendship, trust, innocence, and thoughtfulness. They convey positive sentiments and are commonly used to express genuine emotions in relationships.

What is the meaning of freesia fragrance?

The sweet fragrance of freesia is often associated with freshness, sweetness, and purity. The scent is delicate and pleasant, representing charm and elegance.

What is unique about freesia?

Freesia stands out with its enchanting fragrance, distinctive tubular blossoms, and a wide array of vibrant colors, making it uniquely captivating in both appearance and scent.

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