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19 Flowers That Represent Sisterhood for Your Sisters

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your sister? If so, why not consider gifting her a flower that symbolizes your unique bond as siblings?

There are many flowers that represent sisters, and we’ve compiled a few of the most popular ones here.

Let’s take a closer look at these sister flowers!

Which Flowers That Symbolize Sisters?

Ancient Greeks celebrated sibling bonds and even had a special holiday, Adelphopoiesis, to honor sisters. As such, it is only natural that certain flowers have come to symbolize sisterhood. 

The Victorian era also saw the creation of a language of flowers in which different plants came to convey messages and emotions. According to the Victorian flower language, there were countless blooms that symbolized sisterhood.

While every flower carries different meanings depending on its variety and colors, these are some blooms that perfectly capture the beautiful bond between sisters. 

From roses to asters, here are some other flowers for sisters you may want to consider for the next time the occasion calls for it!

Yellow Rose

bright yellow rose

While red roses symbolize love, the yellow rose symbolizes friendship. The classic red rose has become a proud and well-known symbol of romantic love, but it’s not your only option if you want to give a rose to your sister.

While both roses are an expression of warmth and caring, the yellow rose is meant to celebrate strong relationships between women. While traditionally given to sisters or female friends, it can also be used to convey appreciation for all types of female bonds, whether between mothers and daughters, mentors and mentees, or close colleagues. 

Celebrate the strong relationships in your life with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses!


purple asters

Asters symbolize patience and elegance, which are certainly two qualities shared by many sisters! Giving your sister a bouquet of these delicate blooms will be sure to put a smile on her face. 


pink geranium

Geraniums come in a variety of colors and sizes, just like sisters! This flower is also known for its ability to thrive in any kind of environment, much like the steadfast bond between siblings. 


violet pansies

Violets symbolize faithfulness and devotion—important qualities in any good relationship. What better way to show your sister how much she means to you than with this beautiful bloom? 


yellow marigold flowers

Marigolds symbolize cheerfulness and enthusiasm—both qualities shared by many sisters! These blooms can also be seen as a sign of creativity, another trait often found among siblings. 

White Roses

white garden rose

Red and white rosebuds are often given to our beloved sisters as a symbol of passion and love. 

The white rose is particularly significant when it comes to giving flowers, as it’s often used to represent the bond between two sisters. It’s no coincidence that the shades of the flower match those of a passionate sister relationship—white and red intertwined like an unbreakable embrace. 

A seemingly simple gift of white rosebuds encapsulates the bond between siblings more powerfully than any words could describe. There is something incredibly special about a token of pure sisterly affection, for it carries the weight of a thousand words in its petals.

Pink Roses

light pink rose bush

There’s nothing like a bouquet of pink roses to express admiration and appreciation for your sister. Pink roses represent grace, elegance, admiration, joy, sweetness, innocence, and even shyness. They also symbolize caring and tenderness—perfect for expressing your love for your sister! 

Orange Blossom

When it comes to expressing admiration toward a special woman in your life, orange blossoms are an excellent choice. These fragrant blooms have been associated with both new beginnings and everlasting love since ancient times. Orange blossom bouquets will remind your sister that she is loved and appreciated no matter what.  

Calla Lily

white calla lily

The calla lily is a heavenly flower that has a very special place in many cultures and symbolizes the bond between sisters. It is one of the oldest known flowers, with its first appearance around 1560, and from then on it has had a special role in bridal bouquets and celebrations. 

Calla lilies are considered symbols of beauty and purity, making them perfect for expressing the sisterly bond that is so revered in many families. The contrast between their stark white color and bold yet delicate leaves adds to their significance, making them beautiful reminders of all that sisters can mean to each other.


white daisy

The daisy is the perfect flower to symbolize sisters – a loyal love that you can depend on. The delicate yet bright petals of a daisy represent the sunshine two sisters bring into each other’s lives, and its evergreen nature expresses friendship that will last through every season. 

Although there may be differences that divide siblings, the white and yellow colors of the daisy remind us of how much we appreciate and care for one another. The sight of this beautiful flower might just be a reminder to foster healthy relationships with your sisters, forever.

Queen Anne’s Lace

The Queen Anne’s Lace flower is a beautiful reminder of the special bond between sisters. This type of flower, also known as wild carrot, has historically been used for medicinal purposes and is believed to bring good health. 

It’s easy to see why this flower is so symbolic – after all, who else could an intricate interweaving of its many small parts represent but sisters? This helps explain why these flowers are often used in a wedding bouquet to honor the special connection between the bride and her bridesmaids or other family members. 

There’s something truly magical about the Queen Anne’s Lace that makes it such an ideal symbol for sisters – a reminder of the beauty, wonder and strength in their bond.

Yellow Goldenrod

A picture of goldenrod flowers

This bright yellow flower is a wonderful way to show your sister that she brings joy and happiness into your life. Yellow goldenrod is also associated with success and prosperity, so it’s the perfect gesture if you want to wish her well in whatever endeavor she pursues. 

Red Tulips

bright red tulips

Red tulips represent true love, so these blooms make an excellent choice if you want to let your sister know just how much she means to you. They are also associated with passion, so they are great if you want to tell her that no matter what might come between the two of you, nothing will ever come close to breaking the bond between sisters. 

Purple Hyacinth

purple hyacinth

The purple hyacinth stands for understanding and trust—two key elements in any successful sibling relationship. This lovely flower is also thought to bring peace of mind and serenity, making it the ideal gift for those times when things get stressful between siblings. 

Sweet William

Sweet William is a perfect gift to express sisterly love. The flower symbolizes many heartfelt emotions, making it an ideal way to honor the close bond between siblings. 

For generations, the study of flower meanings has been used to convey key emotions and feelings such as love, kindness, admiration and gratitude. Sweet William, with its unique beauty and delightful scent, embodies all these qualities, making it the perfect choice for those special sisters in our lives.

White Lily

White lilies are beautiful flowers that are often associated with sisters and symbolize the bond between them. 

As one of the many flowers that symbolize good luck, a white lily can often be seen in a bridal bouquet as a reminder for two sisters to stay close no matter where their paths may lead. Its sweet aroma and beauty make it a long-standing favorite of both floral designers and gift givers. 

Whether presented on its own or featured in an artistic arrangement, white lily is an excellent choice when you want to express your love and admiration while conveying that special bond between siblings.


Red carnations are a beautiful flower that symbolizes sisters. They have sturdy stems and perfect petals, each one individually crafted by nature’s hand.

Then there is the yellow carnation, another one of the most perfect flowers to represent sisterhood. Unlike the typical red carnation, the yellow variety is much more rare. A classic way to honor younger sisters on their special day is to offer a bouquet of yellow carnations with a single red carnation amongst them, symbolizing the unique bond between siblings.

White Carnations

The white carnation is the universal symbol for a mother’s undying love. It’s also the perfect flower to give to your sister if you want to show her how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you. 

White Tulips

white tulips

For those special moments when words can’t express how much you care about your sister, nothing says “I love you” like a bouquet of white tulips. These flowers represent purity and innocence, making them perfect for expressing the bond between siblings. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of flower of sisterhood you choose to give your sister as a gift, it will surely show her just how much you care about her. 

There is no wrong choice when it comes down to selecting flowers that represent sisters! Just remember that no matter which type of flower you decide on, it will still hold special meaning because it was given by someone who loves them very much – their brother or sister.

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