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14 Flowers That Mean Loneliness and Being Alone

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Did you know that the language of flowers has been around for centuries? In Victorian times, people used flowers to express their feelings without actually having to say anything.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are certain flowers that symbolize loneliness and can become symbols of solitude.

From the plum blossom to the bleeding heart and daffodil, we’ll take a look at what flowers mean loneliness and how you can use them to express your feelings. 

Which Flowers that Represent Loneliness and Sadness?

Trying to display symbols for loneliness? Here are some of the most beautiful flowers that represent loneliness, solitude, and even sadness and regret. 

Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart

Bleeding heart is a flower that means lonely and you can probably tell by its name.

These flowers are sometimes seen as a sign of sorrow or despair; their drooping petals look like heart-shaped tears dripping down a face.

Plum Blossom

plum blossom

The plum blossom is another type of flower commonly used to express loneliness; the delicate petals of plum blossom reminds us of fragility and vulnerability in times of hardship or loss. 

Butterfly Weed

orange butterfly weed

The Butterfly Weed is steeped in symbolism as a flower that signifies joy and hope. The bright red and yellow petals signify the passing away of pain or loneliness, as though someone were willing away their sadness with a simple wave of their hand. 

Whether placed in a bouquet or enjoyed in its natural setting, the Butterfly Weed is sure to bring cheer and signify that even in seemingly dire situations, joy lies ahead.

Yellow Chrysanthemum

yellow single chrysanthemum

The yellow chrysanthemum is a flower that stands for deep love – but it also symbolizes loneliness. This incredible bloom has the power to create a sense of serenity, due to its muted hue.

In many cultures, yellow chrysanthemums are used to express emotions that cannot be spoken – making them perfect for difficult times and powerful messages of love. 

Whether used alone or in an arrangement with other flowers, these stunning chrysanthemum flowers speak volumes – no words needed.

Purple Hyacinth 

purple hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth is another popular flower associated with grief and solitude. The name “hyacinth” comes from Greek mythology; it was said that Apollo created the Hyacinth flower after his lover was killed by a discus throw gone wrong. 

White Lilies

white lily flower

White lilies are a flower associated with Virgin Mary and her purity, as well as being an iconic symbol of innocence and virginity. Although they have these clear associations, they may also be linked to sentiments of loneliness. 

Often found in a funeral setting where solitude and despair may reign, the solitary beauty of their petals transcends beyond religion to provide solace for those that are moving through grief. However, on happier occasions such as weddings, white lilies bring feelings of love and happiness. 

Looking at one single bloom too long evokes emotions of mystery and nostalgia, even when used as wedding flowers; after all, what could draw more emotions than such a stunning while lily flower?

White Rose

white rose plant

The rose is also quite common in bouquets intended to express feelings of aloneness. 

While white roses generally symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings, in this case, they are meant to evoke feelings of loss and despair. 

Red Roses

red garden roses

Red Roses also have an association with loneliness; their bright red color serves as an outward reminder of inner suffering or sorrow. 


white moth orchids
Photo by Wunderphotos1951/Pixabay

Orchids are another type of flower that are often associated with loneliness. The intricate beauty of an orchid is sometimes seen as a metaphor for the complexity of feeling alone—it’s both beautiful yet heartbreaking all at once. 

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley flowers

Lily of the Valley is a small white flower that often symbolizes sadness and loneliness. This is because its bell-shaped petals resemble tears falling down a cheek. 

The Black Rose is another popular flower for expressing loneliness and isolation. The black color stands for mourning, while the rose itself represents beauty that has been lost or forgotten. 

Black Roses

The black rose evokes a sense of loneliness and yearning that no other flower can match. By their very nature, these deep and mysterious blooms tantalize us with their beauty – inspiring us to contemplate our innermost thoughts. 

Even if we just take the time to gaze upon a single black rose, it gives us pause for reflection on how much emptiness we feel within ourselves. Though simple in design, these roses capture something intangible that stirs our soul.


purple lilac

Lilacs are a beautiful symbol of happiness for many people. With their pale purple blooms, these fragrant flowers have been associated with joy for centuries. They have even come to symbolize the opening of spring. 

Despite also being known to symbolize loneliness, lilacs really symbolize so much more – beauty, growth, and renewal. They’re a great flower to add to any garden as they provide texture, variety and amazing colors too. All in all, lilacs remain a symbol of beauty and love that everyone should enjoy!


pink cyclamen

The cyclamen is a good flower that can make anyone’s day brighter. While often associated with good wishes and joy, cyclamens can also represent sadness and loneliness. These plants can truly show the unique range of emotions that reflect the human experience. 

With their large petals and heightened beauty, cyclamens remind us of the ups and downs life throws our way. Even when we are feeling lonely, these flowers give us hope for the future and remind us that even the darkest moments make up an important part of our story.


yellow orange daffodils

Daffodils are flowers that are often associated with unrequited love, loneliness and a longing for something that cannot be obtained. They can also represent a reminder of someone who was lost or intimately connected to the individual. Though these flowers also symbolize happiness, they can also showcase deep regret and loneliness. 

Historically speaking, daffodils have been seen as signals of unrequited love, with the traditional verse “She loves him, but he fails to perceive it” having long been used in reference to the flower’s sentimentality. 

Acting as a symbol of unfulfilled hopes and unreciprocated affections, these beautiful yellow flowers give us wistful reminders of unrequited love without needing words.

Final Thoughts

Feeling lonely can be difficult, and it can sometimes seem like no one understands what you’re going through; however, if you know the language of flowers, you can use them to express your feelings without having to say anything out loud. 

Whether it’s chrysanthemums or lilies or even the plum blossom or orchid—each type of flower carries its own unique message about feeling lonely in this world. So don’t be afraid to show how you feel by giving someone special a bouquet of blooms!

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